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Image of "Mysterious"
Song title
  • "Mysterious"
Published August 22, 2012, with 155,900+ bilibili views, 21,900+ YouTube views and 10,100+ Niconico views


"Mysterious" is an original Luo Tianyi song. The lyrics have no specific meaning as it is meant to be a song for people to dance to, thus leaving it open for interpretation. A Japanese version of the song was presented at a Voca Nico Night performance and used Tianyi's unreleased VOCALOID3 Japanese voicebank.

The full version of the song was featured in the album Dual Sight. It should be noted that it has been uploaded on NicoNico by the official VOCALOID store channel instead of Hachioji-P or wakamura's channels. Flexin's MMD PV was used to promote the Dual Sight album.

This song exceeded 100,000 views on bilibili.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Flexin's MMD PV
Niconico logo
Luo Tianyi
Categories Fanmade MMD PV
Officially uploaded by Vanguard Sound staff members. Used to promote the Dual Sight album.
Japanese Version
Luo Tianyi Japanese
Uses the unreleased Luo Tianyi Japanese voicebank for the VOCALOID3 engine


Chinese (中文歌词) Pinyin (拼音)
装什么 逃什么 都骗不过我 zhuang shenme tao shenme dou pianbuguo wo
想入非非的你 早就被看透 xiangrufeifei de ni zao jiu bei kantou
好奇吗 可这样 还做得不够 haoqi ma ke zheyang hai zuo de bugou
最真实的你 才有资格了解我更多 zui zhenshi de ni cai you zige liaojie wo geng duo

占据所有让你的视线 害怕离开我 zhanju suoyou rang ni de shixian haipa likai wo
为了这成目标 千方百计去魅惑 weile zhe cheng mubiao qianfangbaiji qu meihuo
使用哪种手段 我都可以不在乎 shiyong na zhong shouduan wo du keyi buzaihu

只配宠爱的感情 没什么意思呢 zhi pei chong'ai de ganqing meishenme yisi ne
要不要加些刺激 纯可可风味如何 yao bu yao jia xie ciji chun keke fengwei ruhe
一点点小秘密有 令人着迷的效果 yi diandian xiao mimi you ling ren zhaomi de xiaoguo
要明白神秘是种魅力 能把你俘获 yao mingbai shenmi shi zhong meili neng ba ni fuhuo

一味害羞的感情 没什么意思呢 yiwei haixiu de ganqing meishenme yisi ne
要不要加些刺激 来杯鸡尾酒如何 yao bu yao jia xie ciji lai bei jiweijiu ruhe
少许的口是心非 做试探彼此的借口 shaoxu de koushixinfei zuo shitan bici de jiekou
能不能大胆地 包容沉醉的我 neng bu neng dadan de baorong chenzui de wo

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This song was used in the Dual Sight album.

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