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Adam-P (エダムP) used the UTAU and VOCALOID programs for 2 years before joining the community in late 2013, quickly gaining fans of his musical work. An album from him is rumored.
—NaniKerohii on his career

NaniKerohii was an Italian VOCALOID and UTAU producer from Venice who made electro songs. He most likely gave himself the producer name Adam-P (エダムP) around the time he made this very page on November 23, 2013. Adam-P comes from what seems to be his real name Adam Pinasco. He made a post on the Uta Forum some time around December 2013 announcing his hiatus but has yet to make a comeback. [1]

He is the creator of the UTAU Kero Atari.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[sc] "エ//クス" Kero Atari and Yuzuki Yukari November 21, 2013 music, lyrics
[sc] "欲望の握り" V3 GUMI Power November 30, 2013 music, lyrics


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