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Natsushiro Takaaki (夏代孝明), also known as Yuei (ゆーえい) and P-ch!, is mostly known as an utaite on the platforms Niconico and YouTube. Since 2016, he has started producing VOCALOID works on Niconico. Most of his songs are in the style of pop or rock.

He was born on February 25, 1992 in Shiga Prefecture.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[nn][yt] "ユニバース" GUMI December 16, 2016 music, lyrics
[nn][yt] "世界の真ん中を歩く" Hatsune Miku March 23, 2017 music, lyrics
[nn][bb] "ニア" Hatsune Miku June 29, 2017 music, lyrics
恋しているのさ (Koishite iru no sa) Hatsune Miku September 09, 2017 music, lyrics
月の妖怪 (Tsuki no Youkai) Hatsune Miku January 12, 2011 music, lyrics
[nn] "ジャガーノート" Hatsune Miku May 17, 2018 music, lyrics
[nn] "エンドロール" VY1 July 19, 2018 music, lyrics
プラネタリウムの真実 (Planetarium no Shinjitsu) Hatsune Miku August 23, 2018 music, lyrics
[yt] "フロムトーキョー" Hatsune Miku July 23, 2021 music, lyrics