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This article is about the VOCALOID2 software known as a voicebank. If you are looking for the VOCALOID character then click here.


Recording for Nekomura Iroha's voicebank occurred before the licensing of the character had been finalized. The vocal was not originally made for Iroha as a result, with it being approved by Sanrio after the licensing deals were finalized. Planning of the first three AH-Software Co. Ltd. vocals began in 2007.

Iroha was later introduced in 2009 for the Hello Kitty to Issho! Project. In May 2010, Iroha was first featured as a VOCALOID in DTM Magazine with only a concept sketch of her design.

In October 2010, Iroha was released for VOCALOID2 with two demo songs, her appearance, and her name. Her voice provider was initially unknown. However, it was said that the voice provider was a professional singer who passed the audition test set by AH-Software.[1]

Taiwan Release[]

Iroha is one of the VOCALOIDs set to be released by e-capsule.[2]

Final Retirement[]

At the end of 2015, it was announced that from March 31, 2016, VOCALOID2 was being retired and no new serial codes were be issued by Yamaha.[3]

AH-Software is planning how to deal with this.[4]

Product Information[]



Clepsydra Official Site (archived)
Wings / Tsubasa / 翼 Official Site (archived)

System Requirements[]

  • Computer;2000 + more than Pentium4 2 GHz/Athlon XP
    • recommended Pentium4 2.8 GHz/Athlon 64 2800 + or more
  • OS(Recommended in the case of stand-alone Vista / 7) Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Available only 32Bit OS version
  • required hard disk space
    • Nekomura Iroha; 2GB or more
  • RAM memory;(The 1GB recommended) 512MB or more
    • VOCALOID2 VST instrument when using Real-time recommended 2GB or more
  • Other;DVD-ROM drive / sound card / Internet connection environment (activation time)
  • Interface; VST, ReWire, stand-alone


Product Information
  Optimum Range: E2 ~ G4  Optimum Tempo: 70 ~ 170 BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 100 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 17, B ~ 11, Total ~ 28
  Trial/Demo Vers?: Yes  Starter Available?: Yes
Package details as noted:

Iroha's voice provider is a professional Japanese singer, and thus she is intended to have singing prowess. Iroha is an improvement over past AH-Software VOCALOIDs and has a deep, strong and powerful voice. She is a CV of her provider, Yoshitate Kyounosuke and is a "Ryouseirui"-type voice.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • She is capable of singing fast-paced songs, her vocals are stable and can switch between high and low notes easily. This is due to a strong bass and treble range. However, on very low notes she often produces flat or muffled results compared to the higher ones.
  • She has the ability to sing in falsetto.
  • She was also rated as one of the easiest VOCALOID2 vocals to repair the faults of tone with, along with the two Append packages from Crypton Future Media and VY1.[5]
  • Some users say editing her parameters and waveforms is much easier than with previous VOCALOIDs and she has much less glitches and issues with her vocals than many past VOCALOIDs.[6]
  • She joint holds the title of the second lowest optimum vocal range achievable by a female VOCALOID alongside SF-A2 miki in the VOCALOID 2 range.
  • She also has one of the largest optimum vocal ranges of the VOCALOID 2 era VOCALOIDs.
  • Iroha has the same tempo and range as fellow AH-Software vocal SF-A2 miki. This makes her both a good alternative to miki, as well as a suitable partner due to being able to cover the same genre of music.
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • She has clear, strong consonants and good, smooth Japanese pronunciations.[7]
Software issues as noted:
  • Due to the fact Iroha is very bold sounding, she lacks the ability to easily do soft or gentle vocals.[8]
Voicebank sample

Nekomura Iroha VOCALOID2

A trial version has been released of this product.

Demo Version[]

Her trial version did not have as many reported problems as Lily's had and turned out to be a closer representation of her final product than Lily's was. At this point in time, there are no known major bugs with her demo version. The demo version allowed 30 days usage for free so users can test out her vocals.

A 14 day trial version of the VOCALOID2 engine for this VOCALOID was made available to download in March 2012 from AH-Software's website. This does not allow .VSQ saving, but .Wav files can be saved.[9]


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