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Series title
  • " 終末史曲シリーズ "
  • Romaji: Shinseiki Shirizu
  • English: New Millennium Series
Published April 12, 2009


The New Millennium Series is set in a ruined future, where the remaining survivors had to dispose their flesh bodies and replace them with new artificial bodies, in order to survive the consequence of discarding their humanity in the process. The last humans now are hunted by the machines, however a hope still exists.

The story is in antichronic order, with the second chapter being the start of the whole story, followed by the third one and finally the first chapter being the epilogue of the series.

The TrilogyEdit

第一章「新世紀」 / Dai Is-shou: Shin Seiki (Chapter 1: The New Millennium)

Uploaded Apr. 12, 2009 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music Shuujin-P
Video Nazyo & Nazekorewo-P
In this song, Len portrays the role of a young man who is forced to watch the horrors and sadness of the world happened in the past from a glass elevator where Miku appears as the operator of the elevator. He asks her why he's going up, and she replies "There's really not much difference between that and your life".

In the first stop, he witness a poor country in middle of a war, where the people are dying of starvation. Soon after, in the second stops he sees a man wearing glasses in an industrialized city. The city is rich and seems to be successful however the squandering, the abuse, monotony and corruption rises. Then nuclear missiles are fired at the city.

Then, the young man in the elevator clings to the elevator girl's arm and ask her again why she is showing him those dreadful events. She repeats her previous answer, but this time she herself takes the form of the young man. Suddenly, the elevator door opens and starts to accelerate, revealing the elevator goes across the time itself. Then the operator keeps the door open for the young man could go out of the elevator.

After jumping out of it and falling a long way down across the time, the young man finds himself  in a different plane surrounded by the cosmos. Wondering to himself why humanity has doomed itself the way it has, he hardens his conviction that suffering and harming each other is not the way humanity should live. His wish then rewrites the history and shapes a new peaceful world.

At the end, Len appears in a city next to an older Len from the song "Unrelated Emergency".

第二章「理想郷」 / Dai Ni Shou: Risoukyou (Chapter 2: Utopia)

Uploaded Sep.12.2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Shuujin-P
Video various illustrators
Shuujin-P says this is the song of neo-futuristic science fiction. Utopia takes place futuristic Earth, where most of the population is wiped out from nuclear warfare. 50 years before the song's storyline, the United Nations proposed the Humanity Revival Project which was placed into action. It was established that the thing that definies a human is having a soul, thus they transferred the souls of humans into immortal androids, saying science would overcome all the problems such as hunger and physical pain.

In the present storyline, a girl (Rin) is feeling pain since she clashed with a boy and her lover (Len) the day before. But she thinks it would go away soon because both she and he are to be granted the privilege of new bodies of their own next day. Before the procedure, she requests that she wants to be similar-looking as him.

The pair goes through the procedure and the boy meets the girl in her new form. But, as he hears her voice and sees her, he realizes he can’t recognize her as the same person as before the procedure. Their human emotions quickly deteriorate, as they do not feel any pain whatsoever, whether it is physical or emotional.

Because of these traits, they do not understand physical sensations such as 'hot' and 'cold', and ideas such as 'love' and 'peace', and they lose sight of what it is like to 'live'. In the end, they lose their identities as 'humans'...

第三章「一縷の願い」 / Dai San Shou: Ichiru no Negai (Chapter 3: A Ray of Hope/ A Faint Wish)

Uploaded Oct.04.2009 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Shuujin-P
Video Nazyo & Nazekorewo-P
Picking up where Chapter 2: Utopia leaves off, A Ray of Hope occurs the original Humanity Revival Project was proposed by the United Nations and what happened in the episode of Utopia. The 'new humanity', who have android bodies, rapidly degrades into feeling-less machines that start to eliminate those who are not of their kind. This rapidly dwindles the remaining un-android human population and engulfs the world into chaos once more, which is contradictory to what the original project's aim was.

The remaining un-android humans are slaughtered, leaving twins (Rin and Len) as the last two of 'old humanity'. They traverse through the city infested of androids in an attempt a Transdimensional-Orbital Interface, which would allow them to travel through time to, and hopefully prevent this catastrophe from ever happening. Under attack by the 'new humanity', they activate the device in hurry and they are given visions of their past lives.

Both realizes that through the ages, regardless of circumstances, they've been together one way or another and it would be heart breaking if they were to lose each other. Rin states that regardless of what they were (lovers, twins, etc), they always loved each other and are destined to meet and love each other in every new life they live through.

She decides to not have her brother save her again and shoves him into the machine's chamber, quickly shutting the door and locking him in. She then starts up the machine, as he desperately tries to convince her and open the door. She, on the other hand is resolute in being a distraction until the machine is ready, as there is not enough time for both of them to escape and dies at the hands of an android (implied to be the Android boy from the previous song). The city is now solely filled with androids with his eliminated sister and he slipping through time through the use of the chamber.

At the end, he finds himself in an Elevator, and an Elevator Girl calls out: 「上へ参ります」 ("Ue e mairi masu"), translated as "This elevator goes to the upper floors." signaling the transition into Chapter 1:The New Millennium.


There is also an それでは皆様、よい終末を describing the whole series, which focuses on the different floors of the elevator.


  • About New Millenium:
    • Some fans consider the series to be a cycle, where the Len from The New Millennium is similar to the Len that narrates Utopia. There is some evidence that does debunk this: as Utopia’suggests, Rin and Len are a couple. In A Ray of Hope and The New Millennium, Rin and Len are siblings who are reincarnations of the Rin and Len in Utopia. Another possibility is that Len from The New Millennium had appeared before the timeline in Utopia due to his actions jumping out of the elevator and changing humanity's past. However, no official information has been released on the real ending and it is left to individual interpretation.
  • About a Faint Wish:
    • The past lifes of the twins are cameos or references to previous Shuujin-P's works. Those ones can be found on his (playlist). Among the mentioned songs and the roles of Rin and Len on them are:
Song Title Rin Len
囚人/Shuujin (Prisoner) & 紙飛行機/Kami Hikouki (Paper Plane) A sick person A prisoner
革命/Kakumei (Revolution) A waiting person A warrior
孤児/Koji (Orphan) An orphan who has a brother An orphan who has a sister
脱獄/Datsugoku (Jailbreak) A bird An owner
理想郷/Risoukyou (Utopia) A person transferred into android A person transferred into android
分断/Bundan (Separation/Division) A traveler A traveler
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