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Song title
  • "Nightdriver's Lullaby"
Published September 20, 2019, with 3,600+ YouTube views and 150+ SoundCloud views
  • Lauren Estes (music, lyrics)
  • st★rapture (illustration)


"Nightdriver's Lullaby" is an original song by Lauren Estes featuring AVANNA.


I carefully choose
Words that will reach you
So you'll understand
This wasn't my plan

If I lose my way during the night
Will you free me?
If I change the frame to feel alright
Will you see me?
If I stay in the story you write
Will you read me?
If I follow you into the fight
Will you lead me?

Regarding our love
No longer thought of
I won't complicate
Signs on your highway
The way that we were
It doesn't matter
I wished it away
But I still want to stay

If I call your name into the night
Will you hear me?
If you feel the same and it's alright
Are you near me?
Will you drive with me until it's light
Without sleeping?
If the words I say could make things right
Will you need me?

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