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  • "Now Or Never"
Published June 14, 2019, with 340+ YouTube views


Here's a song about getting over our differences to find a solution.
—Author's comment
"Now Or Never" is a song featuring Amy and Chris by Spaz Panda. No further details about this song were given.


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Standing in the wasteland
Of a mess that we can't seem to fix
Staring down the barrel
Of the empty cannon we just lit

I'll say it now, I'll say it here
We messed this one up, that much is clear

Tell me where we went wrong
Where it all began to fall apart
Can we rise above this
Can we take it back and then restart?

Help me rebuild, it's what we must do
To make this right, I know I'll need you

It's now or never
You've got to make a choice
Stand up and sing it loud
You've got to use your voice

I can't, I can't keep on playing
This game that you keep on changing
Can't you see I'm suffocating
Why do you keep hesitating?

It doesn't matter
Who's wrong and who is right
Let's put our weapons down
It's time to end the fight

We can't, we can't keep on playing
This game that we keep on changing
I can see we're suffocating
Why do we keep hesitating?

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