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Paint out the invisible melodies with audible colors.

OTOIRO, short for OTOIRO Inc., is a Tokyo-based creative studio which is active in the production of music. It was established in October 2018 with DECO*27 as the president.

OTOIRO operates on the basis of two divisions of 'creators':

  • OTO (lit. sound): focuses on the production of sound.
  • IRO (lit. color): focuses on the production of artworks and movies.

OTOIRO's first major debut song is Otome Kaibou, released in January 2019.

OTOIRO does NOT permit unauthorized reprints of their videos.



  • DECO*27 (CEO / sound producer)
  • Rockwell (sound producer)
  • TeddyLoid (sound producer / DJ artist) - Business Alliance


  • akka (animation director)
  • Roduki (animator)
  • Yuma Saito (movie director)
  • DMYM / No.734 (art director / illustrator)
  • Hachisan (illustrator)
  • Awashima / Misuzu Nakamura (movie director / web director)
  • NNNuventus / keisuke numata (movie director / movie editor)

Past members[]

  • Akutagawa Hamu (animator / illustrator)
  • Inoue Mana (animator)


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[nn][yt][bb] "乙女解剖" Hatsune Miku January 18, 2019 production
[nn][yt][bb] "夜行性ハイズ" Hatsune Miku February 01, 2019 production
[nn][yt][bb] "スクランブル交際" Hatsune Miku March 22, 2019 production
[nn][yt][bb] "アンドロイドガール" Hatsune Miku May 3, 2019 production
人質交換 (Hitojichi Koukan) Hatsune Miku July 05, 2019 production
サイコグラム (Psychogram) Hatsune Miku May 22, 2019 production
シンセカイ案内所 (Shinsekai Annaisho) Hatsune Miku September 13, 2019 production
ネガティブ進化論 (Negative Shinkaron) Hatsune Miku September 13, 2019 production
[yt][bb] "乙女解剖 (TeddyLoid Alllies Remix)" Hatsune Miku April 16, 2020 production
[yt] "セカイ" Hatsune Miku July 31, 2020 production
勘違い性反希望症 (Kanchigai Seihan Kiboushou) Hatsune Miku September 04, 2020 production
ネオネオン (Neo-Neon) Hatsune Miku November 27, 2020 production
依存香炉 (Ison Kouro) Hatsune Miku December 18, 2020 production
[nn][yt][bb] "ヴァンパイア" Hatsune Miku March 9, 2021 production
[nn][yt][bb] "ヴァンパイア (TeddyLoid Remix)" Hatsune Miku March 26, 2021 production
アンダーカバー (Undercover) Hatsune Miku April 27, 2021 production
おじゃま虫 Ⅱ (Ojamamushi Ⅱ) Hatsune Miku June 25, 2021 production
[nn][yt][bb] "シンデレラ" Hatsune Miku August 06, 2021 production
リズム (Rhythm) Hatsune Miku September 26, 2021 production



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan アンデッドアリス (Undead Alice) (album) Hatsune Miku December 16, 2020 production