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Published February 25, 2017, with 200+ YouTube views


nero be like "why am i in every song"
—author's comment
OUR GALAXY is an original song by Zion XYZ featuring AVANNA and DEX. It is part two of a three part series, though was the first part made. The story is about Solaris, a God, who creates the universe, the stars, suns, planets, and life on them. She eventually feels lonely and creates another "god" named Nero. Nero feels like humans are greedy and says to get rid of them. Solaris sees them as perfect beings. Nero disagrees and destroys the solar system.


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Galaxies and stars are fading away,
This is not the world I used to know, created by my hands.
(The sky goes black a dark atmosphere,
I thought i had all the power in the world i suppose not.)

I wish this is a faux reality,
Watching the sky disappear in front of me .
Their poor unfortunate world is gonna end,
The stars collided creating discord

I can't believe I created a monster,
He destroyed the nebula and the space we know!

(And now you hurt me in such horrible ways! Horrible ways...)

This is the reality I was looking for!
They're crying "Oh Lord have mercy on us!"
This is my grandest display!
Now she's gone this place won't be the same!
This is my very own space right now!
No one not even her gets to run me!
Eternal solitude a lonely party!
I am the God creating discord...!

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