MIRIAM: Simon Fowler

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Simon Fowler is the photographer of Miriam Stockley, who provided the voice for VOCALOID MIRIAM.

Fowler took photos of Stockley in 1999, one of the images ended up becoming the boxart for the voicebank.

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MEIKO: Shogo Washizu

Filoyo MEIKO

Shogo Washizu aka. Wasshi (わっしー) was the illustrator for VOCALOID1 MEIKO.

Wasshi was once a member of Crypton Future Media.


  • On his blog's profile, Wasshi asks for fans to continue to support MEIKO: "ボーカロイドMEIKOをよろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m" (Thank you for your continued support to the VOCALOID MEIKO.)

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KAITO: Takashi Kawasaki

Filoyo KAITO

Takashi Kawasaki (川崎 貴司) was the illustrator for VOCALOID1 KAITO.

Little about him is known so far, except that he is a member of Dorakue Kikaku (Project Dramatic Creation & Entertainment), a social network for the creators from various areas in Hokkaido.

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