VY1 v3: Manbou no AneEdit

Filoyo VY1 kanzashi

Manbou no Ane (マンボウの姉) was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 VY1 v3.

Manbou no Ane won the 'VocaFes' contest for VY2, along with Rimiko, who won VY1's. As her name suggests, she is Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP's sister. She also designed a pin for VY1v3's boxart, and created the concept design for VY2, 66 (Roro).


  • Also a finalist for and Aoki Lapis's outfit contest.
  • And has did a promotional illustration for YAMAHA's ZOLA PROJECT.

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Main article: Manbou no Ane

Mew: Ryuji OtaniEdit

Filoyo Mew

Ryuji Otani was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 Mew.

Otani debuted in 2001 as an illustrator. His specialty is black-and-white artwork, and has various works produced in digital format. Many of his pieces are done in collaboration with products and apparel design, such as Adidas US. Sony, cards, SUZUKI of Resona Bank (France) Swift visual, and YAMAHA.

His clients are wide-ranging, such as his collaboration with BAG BARCOS.

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Kkuem SeeU

Ji-Yun Chae (aka. KKUEM (꾸엠)) was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 SeeU.

KKUEM is also a part time cosplayer and is married to one of the most famous game concept designers and illustrators in Korea, Kim Hyung-tae. She is well known in Korea for her design and illustrations, her recent illustrations of the card named ChunHyang (춘향) in mobile game called Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur Korean version.


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Tone Rion: Akio WatanabeEdit

Filoyo Tone Rion

Akio Watanabe ((渡辺明夫) aka. Poyoyon Rock) was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 Tone Rion.

Watanabe is a popular animator, character designer and animation director. His designs are widely known for being 'moe'. Some of his best-known works are The SoulTaker and Popotan.

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OLIVER: DapplebackEdit


Dappleback was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 OLIVER, they are also a member of VocaTone.

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Yuzuki Yukari: Juu AyakuraEdit

Filoyo Yuzuki Yukari vocaloid Vocaloid akari
Juu Ayakura (文倉十) was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 Yuzuki Yukari, and VOCALOID4 Yuzuki Yukari and Kizuna Akari.

Ayakura has done illustrated covers for popular series Spice and Wolf.


  • Also did a promotional illustration for YAMAHA's ZOLA PROJECT.

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Bruno and Clara: RumpleEdit

Filoyo Brunoclara-new-design

Rumple was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 Bruno and Clara.

Rumple entered VoctroLabs art contest and won top place, due to this their entry was chosen as the official boxart for their product. Recently, Rumple achieved some recognition ending as a runner-up in ALYS' contest.

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IA: Aka AkasakaEdit

Filoyo IA

Aka Akasaka was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 IA.

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Aoki Lapis and Merli: CARNELIANEdit

Filoyo Aoki lapis Merli char 600

CARNELIAN was the illustrator for VOCALOID3s Aoki Lapis and Merli.

CARNELIAN was born on September 21. She has established her own game company called 'Root', and is well-known for illustrating eroge and BL games.


  • And also did a promotional illustration for YAMAHA's ZOLA PROJECT.

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Luo Tianyi: ideoloEdit

Ideolo Luo Tianyi Yuezheng Ling
ideolo was the finalizing illustrator for VOCALOID3 releases for Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, and VOCALOID4's Xingchen and Yuezheng Longya. He was also the Vsinger illustrator for Mo Qingxian and Zhiyu Moke.

ideolo is known for drawing mostly Touhou artwork. In May 2015, the artist announced that he would cease using the name "ideolo" and the art style he had after he completed his final job. However, he continues to use the name as of current.


  • And has did a promotional illustration for YAMAHA's ZOLA PROJECT.

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galaco NEO: Tomioka JiroEdit

Filoyo Galaco chara

Tomioka Jiro was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 galaco NEO.

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Main article: Tomioka Jiro

MAYU: HidariEdit


Migi Hidari was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 Akikoloid-chan and MAYU.

Hidari has provided various illustrations for EXIT TUNES, especially album covers and crossfade albums of EXIT TUNES' VOCALOID albums.

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Main article: Hidari

AVANNA: Aki GlancyEdit

Akiglancy vp Avanna Official Cover Artwork

Aki Glancy (aka. EmpathP) was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 AVANNA.

Aki Glancy was commissioned by Zero-G and YAMAHA as the artist of AVANNA. The artist has stated that she had a difficult and frustrating experience. Her end result was to please her clients and not to please the fandom, but thanked other artists for their input and encouragement.

The companies had the final say on the finished design. VO comment AVANNA's design

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Main article: EmpathP

KAITO V3: iXimaEdit

Filoyo KAITO V3

iXima was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 KAITO V3, MEIKO V3, Megurine Luka V4X, Kagamine Rin & Len V4X, and Hatsune Miku V3 and V4X.

Fans consider her as the "next KEI." She drew her renditions of the other Crypton VOCALOIDs in an illustration book, as well as the cover art for Miku Flick/02. She also did a rendition of Miku's VOCALOID2 boxart by KEI, which was used by Volks M.O.E. for Dollfie Dream as a guide for their Hatsune Miku Dollfie.

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ZOLA PROJECT: Yoshitaka AmanoEdit

Filoyo ZolaProject

Yoshitaka Amano was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 ZOLA PROJECT's YUU, KYO, and WIL.

Amano is a prestigious illustrator famously known for his Final Fantasy illustrations.

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YANHE: mouseqiEdit

Mq Yanhe full

mouseqi (aka. MQ) was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 YANHE.

mouseqi entered the illustration contest by VOCALOID CHINA and won.

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Hatsune Miku V3 English: ZainEdit

Filoyo Img mikuv3en

Zain was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 Hatsune Miku V3 English.

Zain's illustrations were used for the website and by Toyota for the Corolla+Miku 2011 campaign( magazine illustrations). She was commissioned in 2011 to create an image of Hatsune Miku posing with a black Toyota Corolla for the month of June.

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YOHIOloid: Sartika3091Edit

Filoyo YOHIOloid

Sartika Nurhasanah (aka. Sartika3091) was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 YOHIOloid.

Sartika3091 entered the PowerFX design contest for their bilingual VOCALOID, YOHIOloid. The design was chosen by the voice provider, YOHIO.

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MAIKA: Noriko HayashiEdit

Filoyo MAIKA

Noriko Hayashi (aka. Noririn) was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 MAIKA.

Hayashi is an art student and also previously achieved some recognition as a semifinalist in YOHIOloid's contest.

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ONA: Inés CamposEdit

Filoyo ONA

Inés Campos was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 ONA.

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Macne Nana: Gomoku AkatsukiEdit

Filoyo Macne Nana vocaloid

Gomoku Akatsuki was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 Macne Nana, including the Macloid version as well as the whole Macne series.

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kokone: AkkeyJinEdit

Filoyo Kokone

AkkeyJin (あっきー人) was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 kokone.

AkkeyJin, being a well-known illustrator on Pixiv, has been one of the main artists behind the iOS/Android game Valkyrie Crusade.

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anon & kanon: HakuriEdit

Filoyo Anon&kanon

Hakuri was the illustrator for VOCALOID3s anon & kanon.

Hakuri is also known for creating fanart for the Kagerou Project series.

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flower: YamakoEdit

Filoyo V flower

Yamako was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 flower.

Yamako is part of HoneyWorks, formed by the composer and Nico Singer Fernando-P (Gomu), and the guitarist Choris-P (Shito☆Raji). Among her notable works are the songs "Suki Kirai" and "Karakuri Pierrot". Despite been part of HoneyWorks, she also collaborated in PVs outside her group.

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Main article: Yamako

Tohoku Zunko: Edomura NinicoEdit

Filoyo Tohoku Zunko vocaloid

Edomura Ninico was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 Tohoku Zunko.

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Rana: Shindo KamichiEdit

Filoyo Rana

Shindo Kamichi was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 Rana.

Kamichi has also contributed to Medarot 8's (メダロット8) character designs.

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Xin Hua: VOFANEdit

Vofan Xin hua wo text Sweet ANN ecapsule2

VOFAN (ヴォーハン) was the illustrator for Xin Hua V3 and Japanese, and Sweet ANN, Sweet ANN being for E-Capsule Co. Ltd.

VOFAN did illustrations for the Bakemonogatari series and is known to use pastel colors and barely creates outlines. He only uses different shades of color to create depth and to differentiate objects. He speaks Mandarin and English fluently, and can read Japanese.

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Ring Suzune and Hibiki Lui: 119Edit

Filoyo Ring Suzune Hibiki Lui

119 (pronounced Hikeshi) was the finalized illustrator for the cancelled VOCALOID3s, Ring Suzune and Hibiki Lui.

119 is known as the former illustrator of the music group Supercell, formed in 2007. His relationship with the group began when Ryo (the lead musician) used one of 119's Hatsune Miku illustrations as a placeholder for the song Melt (メルト) without permission, leading to an apology from Ryo. However, 119 responded positively to both Melt and working with the upcoming musician, thus forming Supercell.

In February 2011, a contest called "Everyone's VOCALOID project" (みんなのボカロ計画) was announced by VocaFes and Yamaha. The contest was to create an original VOCALOID character, which would eventually become the winning avatar for the VOCALOID3 engine. The winners were announced in May 2011 and the chosen designs were of Suzune Ringu and Lui Hibiki, a VOCALOID pair. However, the original designs by the submitter's artwork were completely revised by 119. Along with Ring and Lui's refinements he also did refinements for Manbo no Ane's VY2, 66. He also refined Rimiko's version of VY1, Kobushi Kiku, and all the VocaFesta mascots.

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Main article: 119

SeeU: Jisun SoEdit

Filoyo I=Fantasy

Jisun So was the 3D illustrator for VOCALOID3 SeeU.

Jisun So's SeeU model was featured in the I=Fantasy MV.

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Bruno and Clara: Raimon BenachEdit

Filoyo Illu RaimonBenach Vocaloid BrunoClara-img1

Raimon Benach was the illustrator for the initial design of VOCALOID3s Bruno and Clara.

Benach is an artists who specializing in collage compositions.

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ONA: David InlinesEdit

David Inlines ONA model

David Inlines was the 3D illustrator for VOCALOID3 ONA.

Inlines is the 3Dmodeler of ONA featured in the concert during Mercè of Barcelona in 2013.

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v flower: RocoruEdit

Filoyo Flowerboxy

Rocoru was the illustrator for VOCALOID3 v flower's box sleeve.

Rocoru joined HoneyWorks in April 2013 and was the newest member in the group.

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Main article: Rocoru

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Zhanyin Lorra: Da Nu LuoEdit

Da nu luo Zhanyin Lorra

Da Nu Luo (大怒罗) was the illustrator for the cancelled now VOCALOID3 Zhanyin Lorra.

Da Nu Luo lives in the Beijing Chaoyang District.She attended China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

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