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VY1 v4: Himemi Sakamoto[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Pimage vy1v4 full.png

Himemi Sakamoto was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 VY1 v4's illustration.

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v4 flower: △○□×[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg V4flower.png Meika transparent.png

△○□× (aka. Miwasiba (みわしいば)) was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 v4 flower and VOCALOID5 MEIKA Hime & Mikoto.

Miwasiba has provided many illustrators for various producers.

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Main article: △○□×

Sachiko: Midori Fuu[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Sachiko.png

Midori Fuu was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 Sachiko.

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RUBY: Natasha Allegri[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Ruby hq.jpg

Natasha Allegri was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 RUBY's final design.

Allegri is an artist, storyboard revisionist, writer, and illustrator. She is known for working on cartoons such as Adventure Time and Bee and Puppycat.

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DEX and DAINA: EmissarySteel[edit | edit source]

Emissarysteel.jpg Dex ditto.png Daina.png

EmissarySteel was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 DEX and DAINA, this includes their kemonomimi and headphone versions.

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Otori Kohaku and AKAZA: ntny[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Unitychan boxart.png AKAZA and VOCALOID logo.png

ntny was the illustrator for VOCALOID4's Otori Kohaku and AKAZA.

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Fukase: mikuma[edit | edit source]


mikuma was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 Fukase.

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UNI: OSUK2[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Final Design UNI.png

OSUK2 was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 UNI's finalized design.

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Yumemi Nemu: Yukiko Horiguchi[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg NemuCharacterArt.png Tone rion v4.png

Yukiko Horiguchi (堀口悠紀子) was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 Yumemi Nemu and Tone Rion V4.

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LUMi: Hugin Miyama[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg LUMi.png

Hugin Miyama (深山 フギン) was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 LUMi.

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Xin Hua V4: ZARD[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Xin hua v4.png

ZARD was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 Xin Hua.

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Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese: Mamenomoto[edit | edit source]

Mamenomoto.jpg Miku Chinese.png

Mamenomoto was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 Hatsune Miku Chinese.

She is also known for illustrating Snow Miku 2016.

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Luo Tianyi V4: TID[edit | edit source]

Tid.png Luo tianyi v4 no bg.png Moke full transparent.png

TID was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 Luo Tianyi and her V4 Japanese package, Zhiyu Moke, and Mo Qingxian.

He provided illustrations for various producers and produced numerous pieces of VOCALOID fanart on Pixiv.

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Mirai Komachi: Visual Arts Team[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg "Mirai Komachi".png

BANDAI NAMCO’s Visual Arts Team were the concept illustrators for VOCALOID4 Mirai Komachi.

The name(s) of the contributors have not been revealed but their artworks are available for usage on the official "Miraikomachi" website.

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RUBY: d_Artemi[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Ruby Vocaloid-1.jpg

d_Artemi was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 RUBY's installer illustration.

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Xingchen: November[edit | edit source]

November.png Stardust november concept.jpg

November (aka. November Tòumíng Xīng (November透明星)) was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 Xingchen's concept art.

November lives in the Beijing Dongcheng District and was born on November 23, 1985. He attended the Beijing Film Academy.

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UNI: K170[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Uni full design reveal.png

K170 was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 UNI's early concept. This design was used for VOCALOID EMPIRE's site banner.

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Yuecheng: CleverCool[edit | edit source]

Clevercool.jpg Yuecheng transparent.png

CleverCool was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 Yuecheng and was also the author of his manhua: "Mànhuà Jiā yǔ Dà Míngxīng: Yuèróng yǔ Yuèchéng" (2014).

CleverCool is a well known cosplayer, manhua artist, and the leader of the Chengdu Drawingsoul Studio (成都繪靈工作室). She is from Chengdu, Sichuan Province and she has been drawing since she was a child. According to an interview, she favors Yuecheng, but believes his twin sister, Yuerong, is closer to her in personality.[1]

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COCOROBO: Kinusa Shimotsuki[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg COCOROBO concept.jpg

Kinusa Shimotsuki was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 COCOROBO.

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Zing: DomotoLain[edit | edit source]

Domatolain.jpg Zing vocaloid debut.jpg

DomotoLain was the illustrator for VOCALOID4 Zing. She also drew the illustrations for Zing in the Zion mobile game and her general promotional artwork.

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Mirai Komachi: Hiroshi Ono[edit | edit source]

Hiroshi Ono.jpg Miraikomachi by Dotman.jpg

Hiroshi Ono (小野浩) (aka. Mr. Dotman (Mr.ドットマン)) was the pixel sprite illustrator for VOCALOID4 Mirai Komachi.

Considered a legendary pixel ("dot") artist, Hiroshi is a graphic and logo designer who created sprites in the 80s during his time with Namco.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Some of his works included the Pac-Man series.

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