Okame-P (オカメP), also known as Calvi Taro (かるび太郎), is a vocarock producer known for his sad, farewell lyrics. He uses sad melodies on the piano and transfers into harder tones. His song 'Our Fortia' is about the March 11, 2011 Tsunami in Japan.

He started using "Okame" (lit. "Cockatiel") in memorial of his cockatiel pet that had died in 2009. His songs are also sometimes associated with a white cockatiel, depicted in the names and images.

The vocaloids that he uses are Hatsune Miku, GUMI, Megurine Luka and IA, out of which he has thus far used Hatsune Miku the most, and GUMI the most after her.

As of 18th of June 2016, OkameP has created many works, out of which the majority are located on his digital-only albums. An important fact to note is that plenty of his works are NOT available on any of his albums.

On 9th of November 2020, OkameP informed the public that he has been suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer, and that his last track will most likely be "Last Light".

On 21 November 2020, Okame-P stated that his cancer was in fact not terminal and that he would be taking a break to rest due to physical and mental exhaustion.

STATUS:August 2010 → Active
GENRE:Rock , Metalcore
OFFICIAL:Website for music releases

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PLAYLIST(s):(YouTube account/ Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Kizuna" (Miku) (Aug.20.2010)
  2. "Labyrinth" (Miku) (Aug.23.2010)
  3. "Frail Fact" (Miku Dark) (Aug.30.2010)
  4. "Kyrie Eleison" (Miku Dark) (Sep.01.2010)
  5. "Ukande Mata Shizumu" (Miku Append) (Sep.04.2010)
  6. "Hysteria" (Miku Dark) (Sep.11.2010)
  7. "Dreams and Visions" (Miku Dark) (Sep.14.2010)
  8. "My Way" (Miku Dark) (Sep.20.2010)
  9. "Cockatiel" (Miku Dark) (Sep.26.2010)
  10. "Last Letter" (Miku Append) (Sep.26.2010)
  11. "Moonlight" (Miku Append) (Oct.08.2010)
  12. "Hollowly" (Miku Dark) (Oct.18.2010)
  13. "Fall into a Trance" (Miku Append) (Oct.25.2010)
  14. "F clef" (Miku Append) (Nov.19.2010)
  15. "Farewell Song" (Miku Dark) (Dec.16.2010)
  16. "you're not alone" (Miku Dark) (Feb.03.2011)
  17. "My worth is death" (Miku Append) (Feb.10.2011)
  18. "Enjo Kousai" (Miku Dark) (Feb.24.2011)
  19. "I'm a Fake" (Miku Dark) (Feb.26.2011)
  20. "Bokura no Furitia" (Miku Append) (Mar.22.2011)
  21. "Amaoto wa Wakare no Shirabe" (Miku Dark) (Mar.28.2011)
  22. "Emotive Issue" (Gumi) (Apr.15.2011)
  23. "Émotion de la peine" (Gumi) (Apr.20.2011)
  24. "Kaihou" (Gumi) (Apr.22.2011)
  25. "Toiki" (Miku) (May.25.2011)
  26. "Saihate no Kotoba" (Gumi) (June.01.2011)
  27. "Hana Kotoba" (Gumi) (Jul.08.2011)
  28. "Chair" (Gumi) (Aug.06.2011)
  29. "Re:Harmony" (Miku) (Sep.03.2011)
  30. "Rakuen he" (Miku Dark) (Sep.15.2011)
  31. "Seishin no shi o irodoru shukufuku ni" (Miku) (Sep.19.2011)
  32. "My Way" (Self-Cover) (Gumi Power) (Nov.11.2011)
  33. "Kenmun no ki" (Miku, Gumi) (Dec.02.2011)
  34. "Fuuta" (Gumi Power) (Dec.13.2011)
  35. "Yogoretsu Chimatsuta Kanashimi ni......" (Gumi) (Jan.05.2012)
  36. "stay away from me" (Gumi Power) (Jan.13.2012)
  37. "Vocalise" (Miku) (Feb.23.2012)
  38. "Yada Yo" (Gumi) (Jun.01.2012)
  39. "Ramunedo" (Gumi) (Jun.13.2012)
  40. "On My Own" (Gumi) (Oct.11.2012)
  41. "The 6th year" (Gumi) (Oct.13.2012)
  42. "panikhida" (Gumi Power) (Nov.18.2012)
  43. "Ameshisuto" (Gumi) (Dec.24.2012)
  44. "Evidence" (Gumi) (Jan.22.2013)
  45. "Souzou no Infinity" (IA) (Mar.04.2013)
  46. "Jii" (Gumi) (Mar.11.2013)
  47. "Y-H-V-H" (IA) (Mar.21.2013)
  48. "Shinon" (Miku) (Apr.12.2013)
  49. "Nanashi no Uta" (Miku) (Apr.13.2013)
  50. "Mimamoru Koto ga Tsurakute" (Gumi, Gumi English) (Apr.18.2013)
  51. "Tsumetai Yume" (Gumi) (Apr.20.2013)
  52. "Hikari no aru basho" (Gumi Power) (June.24.2013)
  53. "Chiisana Uta no Utsuwa" (Gumi) (June.24.2013)
  54. "Utakata no Kimi e" (Gumi) (Aug.12.2013)
  55. "EdelWeiss" (Miku) (Sep.23.2013)
  56. "Erica" (Miku Dark) (Oct.03.2013)
  57. "Gensou no Linaria" (Miku) (Oct.19.2013)
  58. "Aru Kaze ni Yosete" (Miku) (Nov.18.2013)
  59. "Higanbana no Kareru Koro ni" (Miku) (Dec.04.2013)
  60. "Kanashimi ga Boku ni Nareba" (Miku) (Dec.23.2013)
  61. "Synthesized Feelings" (Miku) (Jan.04.2014)
  62. "Sono Hikaru no Ao ni" (Miku) (Feb.10.2014)
  63. "Osero" (Gumi) (Feb.14.2014)
  64. "Hana Souka" (IA) (Mar.03.2014)
  65. "Ano Ko-tachi no Inai Sora" (Miku) (Mar.12.2014)
  66. "Kalmia no Doukoku" (Miku) (Mar.20.2014)
  67. "Rest In Peace" (Gumi) (Mar.27.2014)
  68. "Craspedia no Yuu-utsu" (Miku Dark) (May.02.2014)
  69. "Kokoro no uta" (Miku Dark) (May.08.2014)
  70. "Ecclesia" (Miku) (May.15.2014)
  71. "heart's cry" (Miku Dark) (Jun.26.2014)
  72. "The Atonement Я" (Miku) (Aug.02.2014)
  73. "Des mélodies entrecroisées" (Miku) (Sep.17.2014)
  74. "Seigen no Serenade" (Miku) (Sep.25.2014) Original upload unavailable
  75. "Kaihou" (Self-Cover) (Miku) (Oct.03.2014)
  76. "Hanauta" (Miku) (Oct.03.2014)
  77. "acedia" (Miku) (Nov.06.2014)
  78. "Yuuen no Hikari" (Miku) (Jan.15.2015)
  79. "Miserere Novice" (Miku) (Jan.15.2015)
  80. "Toki no Kakera" (Miku) (Feb.09.2015)
  81. "Naraku no Sekai" (Gumi) (Feb.16.2015)
  82. "Doro no Naka no Hana" (Miku) (Mar.11.2015)
  83. "Namida no Shoumei" (Luka V4X Hard) (Mar.31.2015)
  84. "Silent Heaven" (Luka V4X) (Apr.07.2015)
  85. "kyrie eleison 2015" (Self-Cover Remix) (Miku V3 Dark) (Apr.13.2015)
  86. "Kokoro, Yurayura" (Luka V4X Hard) (May.01.2015)
  87. "Ame no Hi no Ciel" (Miku) (May.20.2015)
  88. "Self Noise" (Luka V4X) (Jun.14.2015)
  89. "Emotional disorder" (Miku) (Jun.18.2015)
  90. "Voice" (Miku) (Jun.23.2015)
  91. "Itsuwari no Joukei" (Gumi) (Jul.14.2015)
  92. "So Far Away" (Miku) (Aug.02.2015)
  93. "Himawari-iro no Soleil" (Miku) (Aug.11.2015)
  94. "Nothing I can't do" (Miku) (Aug.16.2015)
  95. "Heath" (Miku) (Sept.18.2015)
  96. "Naze, sekai wa boku o eranda no ka" (Miku) (Sept.28.2015)
  97. "Yuukyuu no Gekkou" (Miku) (Oct.01.2015) Original upload unavailable
  98. "COLOR" (Miku) (Nov.09.2015)
  99. "My worth is death 2015" (Remake) (Miku V3 Sweet) (Dec.23.2015)
  100. "Heart" (Miku) (Jan.13.2016)
  101. "Hold hands with you" (Luka) (Jan.19.2016)
  102. "Shikyoku" (Miku V3 Dark) (Jan.20.2016)
  103. "Mizeraburu" (Luka) (Jan.30.2016)
  104. "Kanaderu Inochi no Neiro" (Miku) (Feb.25.2016)
  105. "Ishiki wa Toumei" (Miku V3 Dark) (Mar.02.2016)
  106. "Kono Te ga Kimi ni Todoku nara" (Miku) (Mar.07.2016)
  107. "Kokoro ni Nokoshite" (Luka) (Mar.13.2016)
  108. "Haruiro Sepia" (Miku) (Mar.28.2016)
  109. "Kimi no Yume to Boku" (Miku) (Apr.24.2016)
  110. "Harujion" (Miku, Gumi) (Apr.28.2016)
  111. "Ai no Hohoemi" (Miku) (May.31.2016)
  112. "Kisoukyou" (Miku) (Jun.15.2016)
  113. "Funeral of my heart" (Miku) (Jun.29.2016)
  114. "Shisha no Hi" (Luka) (Jul.10.2016)
  115. "Sore ga Kimi no Michi" (Remake) (Miku) (Jul.22.2016)
  116. "If you were here" (Miku) (Aug.09.2016)
  117. "Cry Cry Cry" (Miku V3 Dark) (Aug.23.2016)
  118. "Tearful Music Sheet" (Miku V4X) (Sep.08.2016)
  119. "Kimi to Boku no Sanctuary" (Miku) (Oct.25.2016)
  120. "Nuko to Okusuritechou" (Miku V4X Original) (Nov.20.2016)
  121. "Die For You" (Miku) (Dec.06.2016)
  122. "The Ivy" (Miku) (Dec.24.2016)
  123. "Cistus Albidus" (Miku) (Dec.27.2016)
  124. "Kareta Rubinas no Hana wa" (Gumi) (Jan.03.2017)
  125. "Inochi no saigo ni utau namida" (Miku) (Feb.23.2017)
  126. "Oite yuku toki to kimi no yume" (Miku) (Mar.07.2017)
  127. "Yume no ato" (Miku) (Mar.18.2017)
  128. "Shinshia no kaori" (Miku) (Jun.18.2017)
  129. "Kimi to iu na no hana" (Miku) (Jun.26.2017)
  130. "Abstract Innocence" (Miku) (Jul.01.2017)
  131. "Sinner" (Luka) (Jul.12.2017)
  132. "Himawari no hizashi" (Miku) (Aug.16.2017)
  133. "Sono na wa dodo" (Miku) (Sep.19.2017)
  134. "Awakening" (Miku) (Nov.01.2017)
  135. "I Loved" (Miku) (Nov.12.2017)
  136. "Only one pain" (Miku x GUMI) (Dez.23.2017)
  137. "Manamu" (Luka) (Jan.25.2018)
  138. "Saigo no sōgaku" (Miku) (Jan.25.2018)
  139. "2.14" (Rin) (Feb.17.2018)
  140. "Wasurenagusa" (Miku) (Apr.04.2018)
  141. "Re-EdelWeiss" (Miku) (May.29.2018)
  142. "Sugisarishi sekai" (Miku) (Jul.04.2018)
  143. "Kimi ni aitai na" (Miku) (Oct.12.2018)
  144. "White egret" (Miku) (Oct.30.2018)
  145. "Reply to Gerbera" (Miku) (Dez.29.2018)
  146. "Move Forward" (Rin) (May.09.2019)
  147. "You, Me, and the Phantom World" (Miku) (May.26.2019)
  148. "Until My Life is Over" (Miku) (Jun.17.2019)
  149. "I Feel You" (Miku) (Sep.18.2019)
  150. "Happiness is a Sad Poem" (Miku) (Dec.29.2019)
  151. "Bipolar Life-Bottom" (Miku) (Jan.18.2020)
  152. "Bipolar Life-Top" (Megurine) (Jan.20.2020)
  153. "Last Hope" (Kiritan) (Apr.05.2020)
  154. "With the wind, with the flowers" (Miku) (Apr.17.2020)
  155. "Frail" (Miku) (May.25.2020)
  156. "Last Light" (Miku) (Nov.09.2020)

Songs / Featured Works[edit | edit source]


Uploaded Sep.26.2010 Featuring Hatsune Miku Append
Music Okame-P Main article Cockatiel
Video Mikippa
This song was made in memory of Calvi's pet Cockatiel.


Uploaded Nov.06.2014 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Okame-P Main article Acedia
Video Ruuya

Discography[edit | edit source]

Cockatiel album.png
Title Cockatiel
Producer Okame-P Okame-P
Release Date April 10, 2013 January 15, 2015
Dreaming colors.png
Title Dreaming Colors
A peaceful death.jpg
A peaceful death
Producer Okame-P Okame-P
Release Date October 10, 2015 April 24, 2016
Sanctuary EP.jpg
Title Sanctuary    
Producer Okame-P  
Release Date November 16, 2016  
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