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Image of "One Thing I Regret"
Song title
  • "One Thing I Regret"
Published May 10, 2011, with 870+ YouTube views


This was Simeon Kang's first attempt of a song using VOCALOID2 SONiKA. The producer was open to having vocalists sing his original works.

The one other song he created using VOCALOID is "Calm Down Chill Out" featuring SONiKA and Sweet ANN.


Note: A set with this marker, (※) means repeat the whole set of lyrics before going onto the next set. Each set has its own marker style, so it doesn't mean repeat the amount of single markers seen.

One thing I regret is that I never said... goodbye
Do you think of me?
Or am I a fool?
Either way...

I just want you to know
That I'm thinking of you...
Bop bop bop bop baa
Aaa aaa~

Thinking of~
Thinking of~
Thinking of~

Repeat (※ 4x)

If you hate me...
I will understand...
Please just take my hand
One last time

I just want to remember
The times that we shared
and reminisce...

But I'm not so blessed
'Cuz my~
My life is a mess

One thing I regret
Is not saying goodbye to you (※※)

Repeat (※※ 2x)

One thing I regret, regret

Repeat (※※ 3x)

So this is my last goodbye...

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