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Series title
  • "原罪物語"
  • Romaji: Genzai Monogatari
  • English: Original Sin Story
Published October 6, 2008


The Original Sin Story (原罪物語 Genzai Monogatari), formerly known as The Original Sin series or 始まりの罪シリーズ(Hajimari no Tsumi "First Sin/Crime series"), is a series of songs made by mothy, also known as Akuno-P. This series is composed by eight songs, with four of them being album exclusive releases.

The original trilogy was included in the album Aku no Oukoku 〜Evils Kingdom〜 which was released on December 22, 2010. Two mini-albums Genzai Monogatari - Dai 1-Maku - & Genzai Monogatari - Dai 2-Maku - were later released, containing exclusive information about the events behind it. The entire series was then released on Genzai Monogatari - Kanzen Ban -.

This series is strongly inspired by the Brothers Grimm's tale: "Hansel & Gretel" and in some aspect of the Book of Genesis, particularly the Original Sin and the Fall of Man.

Set in the Magical Kingdom Levianta and in the deep woods of the fictional country Elphegort, this series is the beginning of mothy's complex storyline: The Evillious Chronicles and the prequel to the Seven Deadly Sins series.

The Series[]

バリーゾールの子供は一人っ子 (Bariizooru no Kodomo wa Hitorikko)

Uploaded August 16, 2015 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music mothy Main article バリーゾールの子供は一人っ子 (Bariizooru no Kodomo wa Hitorikko)
Lyrics mothy
Video Genzai Monogatari - Kanzen Ban -
Before the beginning of everything, a child was born to Barisol. In one dimension, the child was a crossdressing boy and in another, a child genius. The boy grows up shunned, and ends up dumped by his girlfriend when he tells her of his crossdressing habits. When the daughter became infected with "Malice" she approached a researcher to help her and he told her to kill the son of Barisol in the other world. The son is left alone in his room that had his dolls scattering and an angry voice shouting outside. The boy saw a girl who looked like him in the mirror, that girl extended her hand to him and he took it, going into the girl's world. Proclaiming themselves twins, Levia and Behemo travelled across the universe in the ark, hoping to create a new humankind someday.

Queen Of The Glass

Uploaded August 16, 2015 Featuring Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music mothy Main article Queen Of The Glass
Lyrics mothy
Video Genzai Monogatari - Kanzen Ban -
In her youth, Maria Moonlit received a message from the twin gods, Levia and Behemo, believing them to be her parents. They told her to create vessels for them in the same way she created her son, Adam. Maria becomes anxious and states that being a doll, she can't comprehend what was happening.

「Ma」計画 ("Ma" Keikaku)

Uploaded August 11, 2012 Featuring Hatsune Miku, KAITO, Hiyama Kiyoteru
Music mothy Main article 「Ma」計画 ("Ma" Keikaku)
Lyrics mothy
Video Genzai Monogatari - Dai 1-Maku -
Maria Moonlit foretold that a great disaster will fall upon the country. The only way to avert this is to have one chosen individual give birth to the "Twin Gods". Then, the mother will become queen of Levianta. With this in mind, the Royal Institute searched for a suitable candidate, eventually making contact with the witch Eve Zvezda from the village of Nemu, was to become the first "Mem Aleph", mother of the gods.

The project is overseen by a man named Adam Moonlit. Adam apparently had other plans for Levianta after another scientist, Seth Twiright, with the support of the senate, had supposedly stolen his mother away. Using a brainwashing drug called "Venom" in order to make Eve love him, Adam believed that he will take control of Levianta. Unfortunately the twins, Cain and Abel, whom Eve gave birth to, were stillborn, thus the project failed. Grieved by this, Adam apologized for what he had done to her and asked Eve for her hand in marriage, which she agreed to. The two of them then fled the country to start a happy life together in Held's Forest.

Seth Twiright then took control of the project. To fulfill his own ambitions, he sought out another suitable candidate to be "Mem Aleph".

魔女ザルムホーファーの逃亡 (Majo Salmhofer no Toubou)

Uploaded July 30, 2012 Featuring MEIKO
Music mothy Main article 魔女ザルムホーファーの逃亡 (Majo Salmhofer no Toubou)
Lyrics mothy
Video Ichika (illust, video)
"And so people called me a 'Witch'"

This story happens after the events of the song "Project「MA」". It tells about a woman named Meta Salmhofer. When she was a child, she didn't know her parents, and at the age of 20, she fell in love with a murderer (Pale Noel). Because of this, she was called a witch. After the failure of the Project「MA」with Eve Zvezda, Meta was arrested because of her actions as a criminal. While waiting to be executed, Seth offered freedom to her in exchange for her becoming one of his lab experiments. In the laboratory, Hänsel and Gretel were being contained in two beakers. While Meta is watching them both, she remembers that she was also created in a beaker, which explains why she didn't know her parents. Thinking that the children would be used for greedy purposes, Meta ran away with the two to the neighboring country. On a full moon night in the Held Forest, Meta let both children down for a minute, and when she came back, both children were missing. This is where the events of Moonlit Bear begin.

moonlit bear

Uploaded June 22, 2009 Featuring Hatsune Miku, KAITO
Music mothy Main article moonlit bear
Lyrics mothy
Video Suzunosuke (illust)
“Because on this kind of dark Night, a frightful Bear comes out"

The song concerns Eve, now married to Adam, who finds two "apples" on the ground while she is walking through the forest. Thinking that they were some kind of gifts from God and Adam will be happy with the finding, she takes them and returns hastily to her home to avoid any wild animals that could appear. Her fear becomes true, and a "bear" begins to chase her, wanting to recover both "fruits". As the pursuit becomes more intense, the she begins to cry in despair. Oddly, the "fruits" and the "bear" began crying too. When the beast finally catches her in front the door of her home, she kills it in a panic. Finally in her home, she is received by Adam. As he glimpses at what she is carrying, his expression turns to a mixture of horror and sadness, and he asks her to "return those children to their mother". It is in that moment that it is revealed that the "fruits" were Hänsel and Gretel, and the "bear" was Meta Salmhofer who tried to recover her children. He tells her that she can still try to fix this, but she replies that it is already too late. Outside of the cabin lies the lifeless body of Meta, and next to her is a little glass bottle, the feeding bottle for her babies. The song ends with scene of forest and the Abandoned on a Moonlit Nights melody.

Maサバイバル (Ma Survival)

Uploaded August 12, 2013 (CD) Featuring SF-A2 miki, Lily, Megurine Luka, Nekomura Iroha
Music mothy Main article Maサバイバル (Ma Survival)
Lyrics mothy
Video Ichika (illust)
After the failure of Eve Zvezda and Meta Salmhofer, Project MA continued to pursue the birth of the twin gods. However, during several years, the efforts were fruitless.

For the 7th attempt, four candidates have been choosen: Milky Eights, Ly Li, Elluka Chirclatia, and Irina Clockworker. Eventually, the ambitions of the women overcame them, and they began to plot against each other. In the midst of these circumstances, Ly dies after falling over a cliff, and Milky hangs herself, raising suspicion about their deaths.

Seeing this, Irina approaches Elluka and asks that they stop fighting, stating to her sister-in-law that she has her support, as her brother, Kiril Clockworker, wants her to be the new Queen. Elluka thanks her and swears to protect her. However Irina takes the chance and stabs Elluka in the back. As Elluka agonizes, the last thing she witness is the crying expression of her sister-in-law.

With all the candidates eliminated, Irina is declared the new MA and crowned as queen, awaiting give birth to the twin gods. However, the new queen isn't safe, as Kiril is plotting get rid of her.

奇跡の行方 (Kiseki no Yukue)

Uploaded August 12, 2013 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music mothy Main article 奇跡の行方 (Kiseki no Yukue)
Lyrics mothy
Video Genzai Monogatari - Dai 2-Maku -
Heartbroken due Irina's betrayal, Kiril begins to doubt about his sister and the intention of the Project's overseer, Seth Twiright. In middle of this, Kiril notices despite his music box is broken, he still can hear its melody, along with a voice which seems to be Elluka's.

Following the voice instructions, Kiril sneaks in the Pantheon, looking for the 'Sin', an ancient ark-shaped artifact that could resurrect his fiancee. Kiril hurries up to use the ark, however due his haste, the spell backfires awfully causing a monstrous explosion that obliterates the whole country, and in middle of the disaster, Levia and Behemo's souls inhabit Elluka's body and lose memory of their past lives.

After the catastrophe, "Elluka" awakes in middle of Levianta's scorched ruins, noticing her revival also granted her the immortality. Seeing that she lost everything that she treasured, Elluka witness two faint lights descending into the Held's Forest.

追想のオルゴール (Tsuisou no Orugooru)

Mothy's greed album.jpg
Uploaded January 16, 2011 Featuring Megurine Luka (Original ver.); Hiyama Kiyoteru (Clockworker ver.)
Music mothy Main article 追想のオルゴール (Tsuisou no Orugooru)
Lyrics mothy
Video Akutoku no Judgment ~a court of greed~ and Genzai Monogatari - Dai 2-Maku -
Two versions, sung by Elluka and Kiril, about Kiril's life before and after Project 'Ma'.

どこかで聞いた唄 (Dokoka de Kiita Uta)

Uploaded August 16, 2015 Featuring Nekomura Iroha
Music mothy Main article どこかで聞いた唄 (Dokoka de Kiita Uta)
Lyrics mothy
Video Original Sin Story -Complete Edition-
The song is sung by Irina, talking about how she met her creator Seth, her becoming a red cat, hearing the Clockwork Lullaby and swearing revenge on Elluka.

置き去り月夜抄 (Okizari Tsukiyo Shou)

Uploaded October 6, 2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music mothy Main article 置き去り月夜抄 (Okizari Tsukiyo Shou)
Lyrics mothy
Video Ichika (illust, video)
“Let’s go meet our Mother and Father”

The song tells the tale of the two children raised by Eve and Adam Moonlit. Fourteen years after their birth, Hänsel and Gretel are abandoned by their foster parents during a famine. The children notice the sad expression of their parents and realize that they are going to be abandoned. After wandering through the woods for a while, they use a little glass bottle filled with the Moon's light as a lantern to find their path back home. They immediately recognize as the house of a "Witch". They kill their foster parents, believing that Eve Moonlit is "The Witch" and that Adam Moonlit is "her henchman". Feeling comfortable in the house, the children decide to settle down there, saying that soon they're going to see to their "real parents".

クロノ・ストーリー (Chrono Story)

Favicon-nn.pnguploaded by the illustrator
Uploaded December 22, 2010 (CD) Featuring Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music mothy (music), daishi (mastering) Main article クロノ・ストーリー (Chrono Story)
Lyrics mothy
Video Rgveta (illust, video)
"I have unlimited time anyway"

After killing their foster mother by pushing her into the oven, Hänsel and Gretel split the Original Sin into seven parts, each one becoming one of the Seven Deadly Sins, represented by an object. The Lust becomes a flower, the Gluttony becomes seeds, the Pride becomes a stone, the Envy becomes the spring (represented by a jar), the Sloth becomes the wind (represented along the clockwork doll from Hakoniwa no Shoujo), the Greed becomes the earth (represented inside of a sand clock) and finally, the Wrath becomes the forest itself (represented as the moon illuminating the woods). Then, the Seven Deadly Sins rise in the sky and are spread throughout the world. As this happens, the twins ask the world to cleanse the sin created by their "mother". Seeing the current situation, Held, the God of the forest, asks "Elluka" to retrieve the Seven Deadly Sins. Given that everything she loved is already gone, the witch begins this quest. She travels and eventually ends up at the Venomania mansion after the events of The Lunacy of Duke Venomania begin. Then the song ends with a faint "Lu Li La" sung by Hänsel and Gretel along the final piano melody.


Title Genzai Monogatari - Dai 1-Maku -
Genzai Monogatari - Dai 2-Maku -
Producer mothy mothy
Release Date August 11, 2012 August 12, 2013
Title Genzai Monogatari - Kanzen Ban -    
Producer mothy  
Release Date August 16, 2015  


  • In Moonlit Bear and Abandoned on a Moonlit Night, the main characters seem to become "moonstruck" in the obsolete meaning of the word. The Moon has a long association with insanity and irrationality, some philosophers such as Aristotle and Pliny the Elder argued that the full Moon induced insanity in susceptible individuals. Furthering its link with it, the words "loony" and "lunacy" derive from the Latin word Luna (Moon). Interestingly, both songs have an association to the Moon in their titles.
  • The "little glass bottle" that appears in Moonlit Bear and Abandoned on a Moonlit Night seems to be a reference to the song Regret Message. The bottle is also mentioned in the song Lu li la, Lu li la, the Resounding Song appearing along the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia, showing a deep link with the Kagamine's role through the The Evillious Chronicles.
  • About the song Moonlit Bear:
    • The song's name is intentionally in English. In a wordplay similar, the word "Bear" from the title can be interpreted as the animal species, or can be read as a verb synonymous to the word "carry", referring to the burden that the protagonist carries: The first crime/sin.
    • Eve's black cloaked attire resembles the stereotypical look of a witch. This is a reference to her end in the song Okizari Tsukiyosyou.
    • The song has some references to the Book of Genesis, particularly the Fall of Man. These references are:
      • The name of the protagonist: Eve Moonlit, and her husband Adam Moonlit. Adam and Eve were the first people made by God.
      • In Eve's delusion both babies are seen as "Fruits", particularly apples. This is a common representation of the Forbidden Fruit which caused the Fall of Man. In this song, like in the biblical story, this "Fruit" is what causes the First Crime or Sin.
  • About the song Abandoned on a Moonlit Night:
    • Many people thought that the twins committed suicide due the last phrase: "Let's go meet our "real" mother and father". However, this was discarded with the debut of Chrono Story.
  • About the song Chrono Story:
    • Rgveta, who illustrated the original PV, also put out the English PV on a specially made Youtube account. Rather than english subs and Japanese subs like most subbed PVs, this one had only English subs, due to the fact that Rgveta had access to the original, unsubbed PV.
    • The English PV on YouTube was featured on mothy's blog.
    • The other women that appears with Elluka Clockworker after the title's presentation are the "incarnations" of the sorceress through The Evillious Chronicles, specifically Elluka in Lukana Octo's body (pink haired woman) and MA (black haired woman). This is possible through a technique or spell called "Swap Technique" which allows the user to bodies with another individual. In the novel version of "The Tailor Shop of Enbizaka", it was explained that "Elluka Clockworker" (who is actually MA inside Elluka's body) used the technique to swap bodies with Kayo Sudou, resulting in her receiving and using Kayo's identity and looks in Capriccio Farce.
  • The character Elluka Clockworker is featured in many other songs, including the following:
    • Recollective Musicbox (she has been revealed to be the fiancee)
    • GIFT From the Princess Who Brought Sleep (at the end of the PV, she has a conversation with her apprentice Gumillia)
    • The Story of Evil (she is the court magician, unmentioned in the songs but mentioned in its novel version: "Clôture of Yellow")
    • Fifth Pierrot (she is the Seventh Magician, under the name Hanne Lorre)
  • Near the end of the PV, the silhouettes of 4 women with rose accented chokers appeared. They are four of the missing women who sang during "The Lunacy of Duke of Venomania". Those women are:
    • Maylis Belzenia, Age 22, 3rd Princess of the Belzenia's Empire. (MEIKO)
    • Gumina Glassred, Age 21 , Middle-class Aristocrat. (Gumi)
    • Mikulia Greeonio, Age 18, Peasant. (Miku)
    • Lukana Octo, Age 20, Tailor. (Luka)

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