Orochi Herman, also known as 'Oherman', is a Filipino Vocaloid producer. His earlier videos are also subtitled in traditional karaoke-style, and is known to be providing English translations for songs. Aside from covers, he also uploads remixes, gameplay footage and vlogs in his YouTube channel.

He created his own Vocaloid and UTAU brand, POLYGLOID, comprising of collaborated voicebanks and fanmade Vocaloids.

STATUS:June 2008 → Present
Orochi Herman
ASSOCIATIONS:Vocaloid Pilipinas
OFFICIAL:Website: Rotb
Channel: YouTube
Gallery: Deviantart
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Pumapatak Nanaman ang Ulan" ("Rain Falls Again") with Hatsune Miku. official
  2. "Estudyante Blues" ("Student Blues") with Hatsune Miku feat. Kagamine Rin and Len. official
  3. "Sayang" ("Too Bad") with Yowane Haku. official
  4. "Boy (I Love You)" with Hatsune Miku feat. Kagamine Rin and Len. official official, Japanese version
  5. "Harana" ("Courtship Song") with Kagamine Len. official
  6. "Closer You and I" with Hatsune Miku. official
  7. "Ipaglalaban Ko" ("I Will Defend It") with Camui Gackpo. official
  8. "Pagdating ng Panahon" ("When the Time Finally Comes") with Akita Neru. original, official official, Japanese version
  9. "Dahil Sa Iyo" ("Because of You") with Camui Gackpo. official
  10. "外音さん、頑張って!" ("Sotone-san Ganbatte!") with Sotone Riza. official NND broadcast official Youtube broadcast
  11. "T.L. Ako Sayo" ("You're My T.L.") with Kasane Teto. official
  12. "Maging Sino Ka Man" ("No Matter Who You Are") with MEIKO. official
  13. "Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang" ("If Only I Can Take It Back") with Yowane Haku. official
  14. "Refrain" with Megurine Luka. official
  15. "Nandito Ako" ("I'm Here") with Yokune Ruko. official
  16. "Lahing Pinoy" ("Pinoy Blood") with Sotone Riza and Chikune Kenta. preview only, official
  17. "Ang Boyfriend Kong Baduy" ("My Inelegant Boyfriend") with Hatsune Miku. official
  18. "Pangako Sa'yo" ("I Promise to You") with KAITO. official
  19. "My Love Will See You Through" with Camui Gackpo. official
  20. "Sana Ngayong Pasko" ("I Wish in Christmastime") with Yowane Haku and Dell Honne.official (Co-produced with Dualinline)
  21. "Tanging Yaman" ("Cherished Treasure") with GUMI. official
  22. "Muntik Nang Maabot ang Langit" ("I Almost Have Reached into Heaven") with Hiyama Kiyoteru. official
  23. "Star ng Pasko" ("Star of Christmas") with VOCALOID and UTAU Chorale. official
  24. "Iisa Pa Lamang" ("There is Only One") with Megurine Luka. official
  25. "The Warrior is a Child" with Camui Gackpo. official
  26. "Nandito Lang Ako" ("I Am Always Here") with Kaai Yuki. official
  27. "Mahiwaga ~ 100 Days to Heaven" with Sotone Riza and VOCALOID/UTAU Chorale. original, official official, Japanese version
  28. "Kailangan Kita - 2013 VOCALOID Edition" ("I need you right now") with Hiyama Kiyoteru and CUL. official
  29. "Ako'y Isang Pinoy" ("I'm a Filipino") with Sotone Riza official, Filipino only
  30. "Kahit Kaibigan Lang" ("Even Just As Friends") with Hatsune Miku. official
  31. "High School Life" with GUMI. official
  32. "Minamahal Ko" ("My Beloved") TV Size with Sotone Riza. official
  33. "Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko" ("Even If My Hair Has Turned White") with Yowane Haku. official
  34. "Kung Kailangan Mo Ako" ("Whenever You Need Me") with YOHIOloid. official
  35. "Thank You For The Love" with chorus of select VOCALOIDs. official
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