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Image of "Oxidation And Dream Monsters"
Song title
  • "Oxidation And Dream Monsters"
Published August 17, 2014, with 15,200+ YouTube views (reupload)


Oxidation And Dream Monsters is a song featuring YOHIOloid and GUMI by Ghostie. It's based off of the game .flow, a Yume Nikki fangame, created by lolrust.


A girl resides in many different forms
All alone in a horrifying daze
In a place where the talk is all the same
This is where all the stories come to end

"Take that frown and turn it upside-down"
The girl had said to monsters in her dreams
Every day the girl would waste away
On fantasies of corrupted irony

A smile of joy and tears along the face
Laughing inward with terrorizing euphoria
The nails that penetrate the mouth
Swaying the hammer and howling with delight

"Mark my words, girl, I'll see you again"
The boy had said with oxidized eyes
Motives unaccomplished by disease
And thoughts that plague the subconsciousness

The prices, the choices, the object she had found
She spent a lifetime making do with discord and demise
Pulsing, repulsive, she's tangled from within
Behind the prison walls, shadows dancing on the edge of death

The nightmare tore it out
Chaotic people in disguise
The monster hiding in the oxidation from her dreams
Now affecting in the cells
Biology has no response
Contagious spreading of the rotten flesh and reveries

A girl resides in tunnels and machines
Holding hands with the demon she's to be
Stars and lights and arrays of humming tones
Lost in a labyrinth of vertigo

Ah, now turn it upside down
The girl would hide in corners of her world
Maids in masks with services unknown
Would run the city of psychedelic glow

Poison flowers entangle with her mind
Made by the doctor with terrifying absurdity
The days of endless remedies
Tearing the hope from the future

Marching on, the children of the dead
Contained in cells within the white walls
Seeping blood between her stained teeth
She spat it out fell to the floor, oh

Corrupting, deleting the fragments of her dreams
She spent a lifetime making sure the demon won't reemerge
Calling and shouting, parades of misery
Behind the elevator, monsters dancing on the edge of


The nightmare tore it out
With every step she won't deny
The sickness spreading through the oxidation from her flow
Now the rusting will begin
She bares her teeth and fiendish claws
Contagious spreading of the rotten flesh and reveries

Here, she's bashing in her skull
An iron weapon of desire
The walls of flesh and echoed laughter of annihilation
She's the goddess of disease
The stains of ichor from the mouths
Of demons chanting in the oxidation from her dreams

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