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Song title
Published May 27, 2017, with 70,400+ YouTube views and 53,900+ SoundCloud views
  • PC Music

Background[edit | edit source]

"POBBLES" is a song by the indie music label and project PC Music by A.G. Cook, who has worked with artists like Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tinashe, etc. This song seemingly features Vocaloid CYBER DIVA, although no actual official vocalist is credited.

Like most of PC Music tracks, the song has an upbeat electro-dance sound mixed with futuristic pop features.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

NOTE: No official lyrics are given for this song, therefore the lyrical quality may be inaccurate.

You could be anywhere and I
say and sing for you
you all
I could do anything
I wanted, if I want
bleep blup
I'm in your head
just like a tune
ddoowaa bla bla
age is like like our melodyyyy

soon is our time
in the end we'll persevere

put the force in the word
bring me you and my voice

it'll make low most
love it and be ready for it

to our faith
fame wont closer than your

head, clip clops

I'll bet what's good for me
could be good for us all. speak,
the truth and
preach like me,
not f▬cking the dream we share
is the dream we curate
not both be boooing
gee PC no no no nothing to see
to be or not to dream
more isn't life thought it was

under portrait skies
sleeping round like drift wood are
time my life with the moon
see spoon books guiding the light
bulb bla be see me youth

for some time
only you I know that could
something in the room
for two lovers to devour

help me to go
need forever love
to hurt speak
to her vp
well done for the mall.

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