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This article is about the eVocaloid hardware known as a module. If you are looking for the VOCALOID character then click here.


The prototype of this device was seen in the "YAMAHA VOCALOID LSI "NSX-1" based Singing Keyboard" demo. This device used the voice of VY1 and initially this was the voice that was going to be inside the device. After some negotiations, Miku became the voice and was built using VY1's base as the developers argued that only Miku's voice would do.[1]

The gadget consists of a Stylophone-like keyboard which when touched with stylus , reproduces Hatsune Miku's singing voice. The device also contains some buttons that allows changing the syllables' pronunciation, in similar fashion to the Vocaloid Keyboard, or to add some expression like vibrato.[2][3]

In April, it was noted that the device was supported by the "MIDI cord helper".[4]

It was released on April 3, 2014.[5] Hatsune Miku resulted in a change to the final price.[6]

Amazon also has a special offer for this device which includes the Sakura Miku figurine.[7]

Product Information[]



HatsuneMiku-no-Uta SoundCloud

Device Capabilities[]

Product Information (Hardware)
Package details as noted:

The Pocket Miku is powered by the eVocaloid chip and contains a built in Hatsune Miku vocal. It is designed with those in mind who find using the normal VOCALOID™ software more difficult and can be held in one hand.

Functions as noted:
  • The device offers a keyboard input method, by inputting information the device will play back the sound in that particular key.
  • It allows for Hatsune Miku to be used in real-time.
  • Users can use Hatsune Miku's voice without a personal computer.
Additional as noted:
  • The device supported by "MIDI cord helper" function, which allows input to be sent to the device to play back.[8]
  • The device is fairly easy to use even in default settings, making it possible to master the device quickly.[9]


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