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Song title
  • "Poe"
Published Feb 24, 2015, with 12,200+ YouTube views
  • EmpathP (music, lyrics)
  • Kenji-B (mastering)
  • Nonki Amano (illustration)


The song is inspired by imagery from Edgar Allen Poe's poetry and short stories. I was inspired to write the song after having recently re-read one of his shorter poems. The goal was to create something that sounded dark, but not foreboding; Melodramatic, but not sad. I feel like I succeeded
—Author's comment

"Poe" is an original song composed by EmpathP with BIG AL and SONiKA. The song is featured in ASDR Labels' compilation, Wavelength.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Aelita's Cover
A Certain Path
EmpathP (chorus)
Categories Succeeding version
This version is featured in EmpathP's album A Certain Path.


A spotlight hits the gloom
Of a cold and empty room
Where I sat
Five hundred years
Humming an ancient tune

And the voice inside my head
Conscience faded,
Long since dead
Black and blue ink splatter smeared
Letters still left unread

Fleeting heartbeats of ones I'll never meet
Wander on a cobbled street
Where the moon flies higher than
The gods above

Evening hour strikes
A shot of spirit might
Quiet the demons in their rite
'Til the tale goes back to you
The memory of the girl I loved...

And I never had a doubt
Of what the story was about
But I had to decide to let you in
Or let you out

When the clock chimes ten
I'll be lost again
Still more castles to defend
Where the ocean breeze smells like a sweet perfume

But if you should applaud
My last epilogue
I'll be waiting in the fog
Where my body sleeps and dreams

Only of you...

And you'll never have a doubt
Of what the story is about
Now you have to decide to let me in
Or let me out

Let me out

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