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Soundation Release[]

Among the releases for Soundations loops and sounds for Christmas 2010 were some samples of Sweet ANN and Big AL. A contest was also included with a chance to win both VOCALOIDs.[1]

Taiwan Release[]

Sweet ANN, BIG AL and OLIVER were distributed by E-Capsule. ANN and AL received promoted designs by Taiwanese artists.



Song Competition[]

A competition for OLIVER was run by VocaTone, the prize being OLIVER himself. Details were found on the VocaTone website. An MMD model was supplied for the use of entries, though MMD is not required for entering the competition nor the use of these specific models. Those taking part must create a PV to accommodate the song "Birds". The competition expired on the 4th of December.

The overall winner was Porifra, with runners up Pikadude31451 and MagikSalem.[2]


An art related contest was held for YOHIOloid's cover art. The winning illustration became the cover art and official image of the YOHIOloid DVD; the artist received $300, a VOCALOID3 Editor and a signed copy of the DVD by YOHIO. Four runner-ups, chosen by PowerFX, received a finished copy of the DVD. The rules for entering are available on YOHIOloid's homepage.[3]

Announcement of the winner was meant to be held on the April 22nd, 2013. According to the report, the reason for the delay was because YOHIO wanted the artist to change one element about it to his favourite thing. On the 24th of April, the winner was revealed to be Sartika Nurhasanah. The runner-ups for the contest were later revealed to be Crealle, Noriko Hayashi, Celes Artemisatto and Camber Poon.


RUBY debut[]

RUBY's public debut was at a Anime Expo, along with her voice provider.


Sweet ANN appeared in a concert ( Vocalekt Visions x AniMiku x WVD01 at AOD 2012 ) alongside GUMI, Camui Gackpo, and Hatsune Miku. She sang Koda-P's "Headline Love". She appeared in her Taiwanese design.

"Vocalekt Visions x AniMiku x WVD01 at AOD 2012 -FULL- @43:38" by Vocalekt Visions ft. VOCALOIDs

Social Media[]

  • Sweet ANN was given a MySpace page in promotion of her software.
  • OLIVER also has a has an official FaceBook page, tumblr blog, and a Twitter account.
  • YOHIOloid has an official Twitter account.
  • RUBY has an official Twitter account and Facebook page.


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