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  • "Power Supply"
Published July 21, 2010, with 1,500+ YouTube views


The song appears to be about a break up. It goes back and forth between the main person still being in love yet also expressing a bit of bitterness about it. Iwashi's (いわしさん) illustration for a "Samsara" cover, is used as place holder for "Power Supply".

Second song on The Sonika Album (2010).


My power supply
You will always be my power supply

You've been breaking my heart
Which is why baby I'm upgrading my parts
I'm a lady @heart
My, oh my identity is breaking apart

Your insidious heart
Breaking up with me in a video card[1]
Oh my meaningless heart
Even though I know that your devious, you are...

My power supply
You will always be my power supply (2x)

Just a protocol droid
Baby, I request a Video VoIP[2]
I'm a little annoyed
Maybe our friendships really destroyed

No such files have been found
I compiled archives of your audio sound
This program has preformed an
Illegal operation and will be shut down

mech.amore you see, isn't all that love is cracked up to be[3]
I don't know why but you belong to me

My power supply
You will always be my power supply (3x)



  1. Video Card - while a piece of hardware on a personal computer to allow video signals to an external output device; the use of the word here is a play on the technical term and a personal card one would send to a friend or lover.
  2. Voice over Internet Protocol - is the routing of voice calls over the Internet or through any other IP-based network.
  3. Machine Love (Love Machine) - it is also the title of another song written by the producer; (see) YT: mech.amore

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