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Series title
  • "囚人"
    Romaji: Shuujin
    English: Prisoner Series
Published August 08, 2009
  • Shuujin-P (music, lyrics)
    Carl (PV)
    And illustrated by various illustrators.


The Prisoner Series was first uploaded by Shuujin-P with Len narrating his life in his point of view (however the first "original" version was sung by Rin; later it was removed from Shuujin-P's mylist of VOCALOID song, however is still available to see in his channel), and later Paperplane was uploaded to tell Rin's side of the story. It tells about the world, and war at that time. Characters such as Rin's father is shown in this series.

Prisoner / Paperplane became relatively popular and the background of Prisoner (note: different with the novel) is more explained in detail (such as Rin's father being a soldier to one of the sides of the world war). For "Prisoner / Paperplane" read more on it's page (which covers Prisoner / Paperplane, and it's novel adaptation more) here.

Overall, there are no VOCALOID characters in this series; and they're all Shuujin-P's OCs. Although they may look alike, the main characters of each chapter is NOT Len. They share similar features and is voiced by said VOCALOID, however they are not the same person.


序節 「分断」 (Prologue; Separation)

Uploaded Aug.08.2009 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music Shuujin-P
Video Carl
The history from 1800's are mentioned in the song; a brief introduction on the kingdoms in that land. This song serves as a prologue and currently has no definite "plot".

It tells a story of two people (currently it's unknown who these people are; or whether they have connections with the other characters in the next few songs) who goes through every pain and sadness with a smile.

However; after a brief interval on the explanation of the wars in the kingdoms, the girl in the video was shot by a soldier while the two were trying to cross the river. The man mourned her, and the video fades away, ending it. The man was not shot unlike the woman shown in the video, however he stayed by her side.

According to the "interval" the timeline in here is on 1887; where the first World War, the fight of the three kingdoms, triggered by the Kingdom of Cake. It was first mentioned by the man on the video that rice, goods, and food were scarce (hinted).

第一節「英雄」 (Chapter 1; Heroes)

Uploaded April.17.2010 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music Shuujin-P
Video Carl
"Heroes" gives an introduction to the wars in the three kingdoms. The story begins with soldiers from the Kingdom of Cake; whom got bombed by the "heroes" (the main characters in the chapter) from the Empire of Crypt. After achieving a short victory, the song progresses with battle scenes and introduction to the other characters/soldiers of the Loid clan; Rafatel, Kaim, Anzaa, and Ruball.

Although there were obstacles, the battle was won in the side of Crypt. The main characters of the chapter, specifically Rafatel, returned to his family (more details on his sons / family in Chapter 2; Tomorrow).

第二節「明日」 (Chapter 2; Tomorrow)

Uploaded Sept.11.2010 Featuring Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka
Music Shuujin-P
Video Carl
The story centers the events after the war; (thus the title being "tomorrow"). Once the battle was won on the previous chapter, the story introduces the three characters Rax Milan, Rix Milan, Angeluka, and Ril. They were previously seen on the last chapter as "children" and it's shown how they're grown up in the chapter.

"Tomorrow" focuses more on introducing the characters, while Chapter 1 focuses more on the history. It also tells the story / intro to the PC game "Catayume" (which is the center of the Prisoner Series).

Note: Although Rax Milan is "voiced" by Len, this is not Len in Prisoner, and "Ril" is not Rin from Paper Plane. They're two different people despite the same features. (Though everyone from the Milan family have blonde hair and teal eyes.)

Additional informationEdit

The KingdomsEdit

Prisoner Series Map

The map of the kingdoms

Empire of CryptEdit

The empire of Crypt (帝国クリプト) is habitated mostly by the (ロイド) Loid race. It's also known as "Cryptonia" (クリプトニア). The Empire of Crypt is one of the three kingdoms which participated in the first World War along with the other two Kingdoms. Most of the main characters are from the Empire of CRYPT (e.g. Rix Milan, Kaimu, etc)

Federated States of SteinEdit

The Federated States of Stein (スタイン連邦) lies on the west of; where mountains rage. Like the Empire of CRYPT; it's one of the three kingdoms which participated in the first World War along with the other two kingdoms.

Kingdom of CakeEdit

The Kingdom of Cake (ケーク王国) is the kingdom which triggered the first World War. The Kingdom of Cake started the first World War against the Empire of Crypt and the Federated States of STEIN. "Currently" the three kingdoms are at war with each other, and it can be viewed that the Kingdom of Cake is the antagonist' kingdom / the villain of the Prisoner Series.

Judging from the uniform, Rin's father from Paperplane have a similar outfit to the soldiers from Kingdom of Cake. This might be where Prisoner / Paperplane takes place.


Catayume Symbol Logo

Catayume logo

"Catayume" (Catastrophe no Yume / Dream's Catastrophe) is a fully voiced visual novel (introduced in the official site as a "PC Game"). The music, scenario, and original story was written by Shuujin-P and developed by the circle "Shuujin Family". Catayume's story occurres after the song "Tomorrow", with the main character being Rax Milan; along with his brother (Rix), sister (Angeluka), and her childhood friend (Ril).

It's voiced by several notable utaites such as 96Neko, Kogeinu, ShounenT and several more. It's mainly illustrated by Nazyo (character illustration).

The game Catayume was available for purchase from Toranoana, however there is none currently in stock to date. However, the soundtrack of the game is still available for purchase in JOYSOUND. Those who have bought the game could also download patches to the game; the most recent patch being early February 2012; and can be found on the official site.

Story IntroductionEdit

Catayume Sample

Screenshot of Catayume

The story takes place during / after "Tomorrow" and centers on Rix Milan. It centers the Loid clan of the Empire of Crypt after the horrible war between the three kingdoms triggered by the Kingdom of Cake.

Rafatel, the leader / "hero" of the war whose troop bring glory to the war in the side of Crypt (more can be read in the song; Chapter 1: Heroes), has two rather ambitious sons; Rax Milan and Rix Milan whom tried to be just like their father; a hero, a warrior, a knight, someone they rather look up upon to very much. They were still very young (Rax Milan; 16 years old, Rix Milan; 13 years old).

A chance of a bad end for the two brothers and their childhood friend Ril; may happen and to not be able to see "tomorrow" is a possibility. Having to live in a castle for nobles; there may be things they've yet to discover about the world.

Game information and System requirementsEdit

  • Type: PC Game
  • Genre: Sound novel (fully voiced)
  • Price: 2,000 yen
  • Additional notes:
    • Contains violence
    • Please install the patch before playing the game
    • Read the "readme" file inside.
  • Specs:
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS
    • CPU: Pentium 4
    • Memory: 512 MB+


  • Rix Milan (CV: 96Neko)
  • Rax Milan (CV: ShounenT)
  • Angeluka (CV: Korosuke)
  • Ril (CV: *ageha)
  • Rafatel Milan (CV: Bafuri)
  • Ruulia Milan (CV: (V)・∀・(V))
  • Anzaa Falna (CV: Kogeinu)
  • Rubat Rans (CV: Kaito; utaite, not VOCALOID)
  • Arus Was (CV: RME Production, IOSYS)
  • Gal Cilwad (CV: Inochi)
  • Rauel Uzael (CV: Souma)
  • Marette Tores (CV: Tetsu x Neko)
  • Pakat Parudent (CV: Pokota)

Other media appearancesEdit


This series was also adapted as a game Catayume by Shuujin-P. The characters however does not involve the VOCALOIDs; (e.g. Rix Milan is voiced by the utaite 96Neko).

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