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Producer is the term used initially for composers that produced VOCALOID-related audiovisual material, generally original music or fanmade PVs. The term has expanded and can also be used to describe those who create high-quality covers, as well as parodies and spin-offs.

A list of encompassing terms used within the community are as followed:

  • Composer - a person who writes music; includes electronic artist, and DJs.
  • Musician‎ - a person who plays a musical instrument; includes electronic instruments.
  • Lyricist - a person who writes the words to a song; includes group collaborations.
  • Vocalist - a singer; includes those who sing with a synthesizer, and does self-covers.
  • Illustrator - a person who draws or creates pictures; includes animator, and video maker.
  • Engineer - a person who is skilled in adjusting sound sources (during group collaborations); includes synthesizer developer.
  • Developer - a person who builds and creates software and applications, such as during a VOCALOID's development.

What is "-P"?[]

The suffix of "-P" (short for "Producer title") originated in the Japanese fandom on niconico, a Japanese video sharing site, and was inspired by the game iDOLM@STER, which designates the player as a producer of a female idol group.[1]

It became common for dedicated listeners to give recognized producers their own title and thus was treated as an honor. However, this was treated as feasible within the Western fandom and those who used the VOCALOID or UTAU programs simply thought of it as one who uses them in general. Although this practice isn't quite as common anymore, some producers still use their producer title and some even make up their own.

Even if a creator, who does not own a "-P", wants to release their work under a name, they will not identify themselves using "-P". This partly comes from one of the common features of the Japanese, demonstrated in the proverb "能ある鷹は爪を隠す (nou aru taka wa tsume wo kakusu)"; "a shrewd hawk does not show off his talons". In other words, it means "someone with true ability does not need to show off" and modesty is often taken as one of the most valuable things in Japan.

It should be noted that when it comes to a producer's name most fans go by what the producer dubs their self-identity. In some cases this can be both the original name and the producer title (e.g. mothy aka. Akuno-P).