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Published January 18, 2008

The Putin-P series (プーチンP シリーズ) is a 4-part series made by Putin-P and mainly illustrated by Shiuka.

In total, there are 34 songs in the series:

Excluding bonus songs from Putin-P's Part 1, 2, and 2.5 albums.


Series Introduction[edit | edit source]

Machine Gun.png

The Putin-P series is a 4-part series composed by numtack05, starring Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, and Camui Gackpo.

In the series, Miku, Rin and Len are Vocaloids, Luka is a human named Elena, and Camui Gackpo is also a Vocaloid.

Other things to keep in mind, Russia and America's relationship is crucial to the series. One of the most likely reason they were chosen is because Ronald is an icon of American culture while Putin is the leader and represents Russia.

There are two types of characters: the ones who were present in the Russian Era, and ones mostly present in the Vocaloid Era. The Vocaloid Era happens in the modern day, though some characters were alive in both, like Putin and Teppannov, who are involved with both eras.

This page mainly covers interpretations and common FAQs, as well as general information. Separate parts have been made for each part of the series.

History[edit | edit source]

1947 Cold war begins.

Elena and Teppannov became Russian agents.

1990 End of Cold war: Peace between America and Russia, McDonald made it's first branch in Moscow.
199# Russian Era begins: Irina recruited as a child soldier.
199# Irina found her dog.

The "scarf incident": Irina's comrade shot Len, Irina killed her colleagues, Irina committed suicide.

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku is separated from Teppannov.

2000 End of the Russian Era: Vladimir Putin became president.
2007 Vocaloid Era begins: Vocaloids Kagamine Rin/Len born.
2008 Putin-P Series begins.

(Further timeline in each part)

McDonald's History[edit | edit source]

With more than 230 outlets across Russia, McDonald’s now controls about two thirds of Russia’s fast food industry.

It all started in 1976, at the heart of the Cold War, and it took 14 years to bring McDonald’s to Moscow. After 14 years of intense negotiations with Communist Party politicians to open its first outlet in the Soviet Union, a quote from Loshak was:

"McDonald’s was not so much a fast-food chain but rather a symbol of freedom. A symbol of Western values coming to Russia. No wonder the Communist Party objected so fiercely, but at the end it didn’t have a choice."

McDonald then set up a branch in Russia on January 31, 1990; not too long after the Cold War between America and Russia ended.

Soviet Union's History[edit | edit source]

Vladimir Putin became head of the Committee for External Relations in 1991 and became president in the year 2000. He was re-elected president of Russia in 2012, and will hold office until 2020. The collapse of the Soviet Union happened around 1991, at that time, Russia was at great turbulence. Oddly at the same time, McDonald's restaurant too was suffering in an economical peril during the late 1990s.

The child-soldier named Irina lived with her dog in this era.

Vocaloid's History[edit | edit source]

Rin and Len were released on December 2007 by Crypton (or in this series, it's just 'the factory') who set their ages as 14 year old. Do note that they're Vocaloids and not exactly humans; so they might not be effected by age.

Rin and Len from the Vocaloid Era were previously programs made by Elena that were made with the memories of Irina and her dog from the Russian Era; at some point, their "memories" of the Russian Era were erased and stored in disks kept by their producers. Miku, on the other hand, was a Vocaloid in the Russian Era that was utilized by Urusei Teppannov before she separated from him and became an idol in Japan. When the subtitles in the videos change from yellow to red, it usually means the Vocaloid is speaking under their former programming.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Vocaloid Characters[edit | edit source]

These are the main Vocaloid characters in the Putin-P series.

Kagamine Rin[edit | edit source]

First seen on: It's the End! Voice / Vocaloid: Kagamine Rin
Role: Main character

Kagamine Rin is the main character of the Putin-P Series.

Russian Era:

  • She contains the data file of "Irina".
  • She is the "Pure Machine Gun" and worked for Putin's sake in Russia
  • The human whose memories she was given, Irina, was the master of the dog whom Len was programmed as and had a comrade (whom Camui is programmed as) that shot him.
  • Irina also killed her comrade in the end and committed suicide, something else Rin remembers.

Vocaloid Era:

  • Kagamine Rin is a Vocaloid.
  • She has an uploader, (Teihen-P), and often fantasizes about Russia.
  • Rin is in love with Len and envies Miku for being too popular.
  • As well as having the programming of Irina from the Russian Era, Rin contains a virus that manifests as her alternate self, "red Rin".

Other names:

  • Kagamine Rin
  • Irina
  • Pig
  • The World's Most Pure Machine Gun

Kagamine Len[edit | edit source]

First seen on: Don't Leave me Alone. Voice / Vocaloid: Kagamine Len
Role: Protagonist character

Kagamine Len is one the main characters of the Putin-P Series.

Russian Era:

  • He contains the data file of Irina's dog, whom Irina claimed in an alley.
  • He stole Human Len's yellow scarf and was killed because of it.
  • Note that Dog Len has no connections with Human Len aside from his appearance as a Vocaloid.

Vocaloid Era:

  • Kagamine Len is a Vocaloid.
  • He has the same uploader (Teihen-P) as Rin.
  • Len had the programming of the dog from the Russian Era, while being more sentient than the dog.
  • Len's memories were restored in "Gimme the Handcuffs!".

Other Names:

  • Kagamine Len
  • Dog
  • The One Who Steals

Hatsune Miku[edit | edit source]

First seen on: I'll Give you Chocolate! Voice / Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku
Role: Protagonist character

Hatsune Miku is one of the main characters in the Putin-P series.

Russian Era:

  • In the Russian Era, Miku was a Vocaloid with Teppannov as her producer.
  • She was loved by many including Irina, her dog, and Elena who listened to her songs on the radio.
  • It's unknown what caused her to separate from Teppannov or when.

Vocaloid Era:

  • She has an uploader apart from Teppannov and loves America.
  • Miku is Ronald McDonald's girlfriend.
  • She is once again an idol loved by all and is even envied by Rin.
  • Out of all the Vocaloids, Miku had the least scenes of her Russian self.
  • Miku and Mcdonald are both called "the one who is nothing".

Other names:

  • Pig
  • The One Who's Nothing

Elena[edit | edit source]

First seen on: Yet I want to Sleep! Voice / Vocaloid: Megurine Luka
Role: Neutral Character

Elena (her family name never mentioned) is one of the main characters in the Putin-P Series.

Russian Era:

  • In the Russian Era, Elena was a young Russian girl who grew up in Teppannov's orphanage.
  • She was once a close childhood friend of Teppannov's.
  • Like Rin, she too works for Putin and even loved him romantically; it's unknown if her love was reciprocated
  • Elena was aware of Miku, Rin and Len's presence in the Russian Era.
  • She worked as a Russian officer, seen by her uniform.
  • It's unknown what her age is, although she was an adult by the time Irina was a child soldier.
  • Elena commits suicide before the start of the Vocaloid era, but her story is told in flashbacks.
  • Elena is responsible for the story of Irina's death spreading everywhere and for the "reincarnations" of Len, Rin, and Camui.

Camui Gackpo[edit | edit source]

First seen on: So we Meet Again Voice / Vocaloid: Camui Gackpo
Role: Antagonist character

Camui Gackpo is one of the main characters of the Putin-P Series. (Note that his full name was only listed in the final song of the series)

Russian Era:

  • He contains the data file of Irina's comrade, the boy who resembles Len.
  • The boy whose memories he has, wore a red scarf under a yellow one, the yellow scarf shared by his comrades.
  • He shot dog Len for stealing his scarf and was killed by Irina because of it.

Vocaloid Era:

  • Camui is another Vocaloid but appears to be Russian-aligned.
  • He is the only Vocaloid character that has black hair instead of his representative Vocaloid's natural hair color - purple
  • Judging by the Soviet mark on his forehead, he was made before / during the cold war.
  • Given his red eyes and how Red Rin is a virus made by Teppannov, Camui might also be a virus and his appearance as Camui Gackpo may be a disguise.
  • Camui has the programming of the comrade who shot the do in the Russian era.
  • The data file was intended to be Kagamine Len before he was replaced by the data file of the dog (the current Kagamine Len.)

Other Names:

  • Baldy
  • The Red Demon
  • The One Who Reports

Real Characters[edit | edit source]

These are the main characters based on people in real life.

Vladimir Putin[edit | edit source]

Putin Icon.png
First seen on: It's the End! Voice / Vocaloid: None
Role: Neutral character

Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia and plays a vital role in the Putin-P series. Like Ronald, he's present in both the Russian Era and the Vocaloid Era. Not much is known about him, other than the fact that he is either highly admired or well resented by many.

Putin is confirmed to have never met Irina during the Russian era, although Vocaloid!Rin said he was her idol and worked for him nonetheless. Elena also seems to care deeply for him and worked for him more closely before defecting, although it's made clear he didn't care about Elena. However, at the end of the series, he was almost assassinated by Teppannov before he commanded 2 men to shoot him, which just goes to show that Putin isn't particularly adored by everyone.

Please note that Vladimir Putin and Putin-P are two different people.

(Physical) Appearances:

  • The Voice in My Heart.
  • Goodbye!

Ronald McDonald[edit | edit source]

Ronald Icon.png
First seen on: From a Dream's Point of View Voice / Vocaloid: McDonald advertisement
Role: Neutral character

Ronald McDonald is a drug dealer who sold drugs in both the Russian and Vocaloid era. He's a very crucial character; and should not be underestimated. Ronald is Miku's boyfriend, before he disappeared after his normalization process was completed in the song In the Night that Can't Be Seen..

Ronald's voices came from Japan's McDonald's advertisements and had appeared in many songs in the series. Other than that, he, like Putin, are present in both the Russian Era and the Vocaloid Era (McDonald's was created in 1956, they set up a branch in Moscow on 1990 after the Cold War).

Ronald possesses good survival skills, shown in Under the Cherry Blossoms, where Rin buried Ronald alive and he escaped.

(Physical) Appearances:

  • Let's Dream.
  • Under the Cherry Blossoms
  • I'm Happy!
  • Stealing is Wrong?
  • In the Night that Can't Be Seen
  • With the You I Can't See

ウルセイ・テッパンノフ (Urusei Teppannov)[edit | edit source]

Unknown Hawaiian T-Shirt Guy Icon.png
First seen on: Yet I want to Sleep! Voice / Vocaloid: None
Role: Neutral character

Teppannov made his first appearance in Part 3 in Although I want to Sleep!. He is a hitman working for Putin, who also was Elena's childhood friend in the Russian Era. He eventually defects because of this, as seen in the second The Voice in My Heart..

He's proven to have athletic skills as a hitman and was able to hunt down Elena repeatedly. He could also tell it was Elena despite the fact that she was in disguise in Let's Take A Trip!).

Teppannov is seen wearing a Russian soldier uniform (see Although I Want to Sleep! and With the You I Can't See) meaning he is indeed Russian. Although Elena didn't seem to recognize him in Let's Take A Trip!.

In the song Muku china Hito, Numtack05 mentioned Teppanov as the person who created it, making him a composer--in reality, he's Miku's previous owner from the Russian era. In The Voice in My Heart, a retired producer named "Tetsufu-P" made an "appearance".


  • Although I Want to Sleep!
  • Let's Take A Trip!
  • The Voice in My Heart.
  • The Voice in My Heart O
  • With the You I Can't See.
  • Goodbye!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)[edit | edit source]

Who's that guy in the beginning of each video?[edit | edit source]

He is Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia. Not to be mistaken with the composer of the series Putin-P / Numtack05.

Read more in his section of the page .

Why does Rin say "nya"?[edit | edit source]

It is confirmed by Numtack05 on his blog that Rin says "nya" as an a way to look cuter by an association with cats, as also shown when Rin wore a cat outfit while singing Assassin!. Rin in particular tries to associate herself with kittens by replacing the word "nya" with certain particles.

Why is Miku dating Ronald McDonald?[edit | edit source]

The two fell in love anywhere after Rin and Len began attending Miku's school, as she begins changing her outfit and eating fries after Magic is Heresy. The two have an increasingly deeper relationship and is regarded as true love that affects Miku for the entirety of the series. Ronald himself is a joke character, as the original premise of the Putin-P series in fact was to make funny videos involving Ronald McDonald. Despite this, Ronald in the series itself is a real character with a physical presence, not metaphorical. Subsequently, he leaves an impact on the story and other characters.

What is "LaLaLaLa Happy"?[edit | edit source]

Lalalala Happy had appeared in the following songs:

  • Let's Dream. (Rin)
  • Not Together (Len)
  • The Eyes that Don't Vanish. (Miku)
  • The Voice in My Heart. (Luka)
  • The Broken Mirror (Camui)
  • With the You I Can't See (Miku)

Lalalala Happy is sung whenever the characters are on drugs or denying reality.

Why doesn't Part 1 have any pretty pictures / videos!!?[edit | edit source]

Lineup CV02 Rin's first illust.jpeg

It is explained in Track 0; It's the End! that Rin had arrived on the internet. Not too long after Hatsune Miku's release; Crypton announced a new Vocaloid "Kagamine Rin" back in November 8, 2007.

The very first illustration of Kagamine Rin on the internet (not counting the silhouette Rin in Crypton's blog) was the illustration in Part 1; which represents that "Rin had just reached the internet"

The reason why Len isn't there even though he sang in Part 1 is because at first Crypton only wanted to make Rin, while the only available pictures of the Kagamines at the time were their silhouettes, their chibi versions, and a picture of them together.

The changing subtitle colors?[edit | edit source]

Each Vocaloid has a default subtitle color which include the following:

  • Rin = Yellow
  • Irina = White
  • Len = Blue (Part 1) Yellow (Part 3)
  • Miku = Blue
  • Luka = Pink
  • Camui = Black/dark blue/white

The subtitle color changes whenever their former programming is speaking. Sometimes due to the PVs the subtitle colors are white (Example: The Eyes that Don't Vanish.). In special cases, such as Under the Cherry Blossoms, Rin's subtitles are completely pink.

Who is "Human Len" in the Russian Era?[edit | edit source]

The "Human Len", a separate character from the Vocaloid Kagamine Len, is an unknown boy who lived in the Russian era. He's known for wearing two scarves, one red and one yellow. In Farewell to You he's shown wearing the yellow scarf over the red, while in Stealing is Wrong? he only wears red because the yellow was stolen, as shown in No Need to Worryy!!. Because of the theft of his yellow scarf, the boy shot the dog. The timeline is like this:

  • The dog stole the yellow scarf, leaving the boy with only the red scarf.
  • The dog brought the yellow scarf to Irina.
  • The dog got shot by Irina's comrade with the red scarf
  • Irina killed her comrade, and then herself.

Note that this boy isn't Rin's brother. (同胞) written means comrade, college, companion, and not actual blood relations.

Numtack05 = Teihen-P = Putin-P?[edit | edit source]

In 2008 Putin-P's "P" name was Teihen-P. He introduces himself as "Numtack05" at first, which is his NND and YT account name. In the song "Under the Cherry Blossoms" fans gave him the name "Teihen-P", and so from then on, he introduces himself as Teihen-P in his video descriptions (however it's still written Numtack05 in the videos.)

Numtack05's nickname of Putin-P and Teihen-P are not to be confused with the actual characters in the story of the same name, identified in a January character poll. Teihen-P is identified as Rin and Len's producer, with Putin-P's role in the story not specified.

A mini trivia on Teihen-P's name: teihen is a "base" on the bottom of a triangle, and the term "base" in the series is used typically as an insult.

Fiction VS Reality; I can't tell the difference![edit | edit source]

There are various references to the real world and real historical events and concepts; additionally, real people are used as characters in the story, like Vladimir Putin. Numtack05 has joked for people to not get confused about what is just part of his crazy story and what really happened. He at one point clarified that the story itself takes place on computers, hence the ability for media characters like Ronald to make physical appearances alongside computer programs like the Vocaloids.

Sections[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

2008 Part 1 begins.
2008 Rin reached the internet, Len and Miku are introduced to the story.
2008 Rin and Len purchased drugs from Ronald.
2008 Valentine's day, Rin gave Len chocolate.
2008 Rin buried Ronald alive, Len's memories got reset.
2008 Len found a "Backup disc" which actually had his memories in it
2008 Ronald proven still alive, Rin and Len got arrested and later attended Miku's school.
2008 End of Part 1.

See songs in Part 1 here.

Putin-P's first album

Like a somewhat repeating loop; Part 1 begins with It's the End!, and finishes with It's the Start. Rin was first introduced by Crypton in November 2007, or "Reaching the internet".

Then in the song Don't Leave me Alone. Len came in the picture. At this point the series starts to get what people would call "abnormal". Starting out with Putin, Zangeif, Ronald McDonald, and other uploaders/producers.

Part 1 introduces the viewers to drugs, murders, and the basics of the Putin-P series.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

2008 Part 2 begins.
2008 Rin and Len in their new school, Miku first sang in the series.
2008 Rin tries to get Len's love, rejected by Len.
2008 Len inserted a USB into Rin, all of her memories from the Russian Era recovered.
199# Len's flashback of being a "dog".
199# Rin's flashback of being a "human".
2008 Miku's last date with Ronald McDonald, afterwards Ronald disappears.
2008 Rin and Len start a new relationship.
2008 End of Part 2.

See songs in Part 2 here.

Putin-P's second album

Part 2 introduces Hatsune Miku, and more about her boyfriend Ronald McDonald. It also introduces the "Scarf Incident" in which the dog stole the scarf which triggered his, Irina's, and Irina's Comrade's death.

Several other confirmed facts in this Part are how Len has the memories of the dog in the Russian Era, and how it all started. While Part 1 introduces more about Putin and the "Vocaloids", Part 2 focuses on the history of the cold war.

This Part also has the song "The Eyes that Don't Vanish.", the most popular song in the Putin-P Series.

Part 3[edit | edit source]

2008 Part 3 Begins
2008 Rin sang at a concert on Christmas eve
2009 Camui Gackpo's first appearance in the series, he confronts Rin
2009 Elena first introduced to the series, along with Teppannov who made a cameo appearance
2009 Len and Camui's fight; Rin ran away
2009 Elena's continued escape from Russia, but was later cornered by Teppannov
2010 Rin entered the Data world. Red!Rin's first appearance in the series
2010 Miku shot the USB into Len's head
2010 Elena's suicide
2010 End of Part 3

See songs in Part 3 here

Putin-P's third album

Part 3 introduces Camui Gackpo and Megurine Luka, named Elena in the story. Putin-P described "The Voice in My Heart O" and subsequent songs as the climax of the series. The incidents in Russia are described in more detail in Part 3, rather than Part 2 which only described Len and Rin's flashback. Elena's identity and role, as well as Teppannov, are revealed, clarified by Numtack05 to also be flashbacks into the Russian era.

This is also the Part where all of the main characters enter the data world. While the final "battle" and ending takes place in Part 4.

Out of all the sections, Part 3 has the most songs.

Part 4[edit | edit source]

2010 Part 4 begins
2010 Len and Miku entered the Data world by the USBs in search of Rin and Camui
2010 Len and Camui fought; Len won
2010 Rin's eyes go blank
2011 Miku and Ronald meet, Miku stayed in the Data world
2011 Len and Rin awoke from the Data world
2012 Len confesses his love to Rin.
2012 Teppannov shot and killed by Putin's men
2012 End of Part 4

See songs in Part 4 here

Putin-P's final song of the series

The final Part of the series, It tells of what Camui, Len, Rin, and Miku did in the Data World.

Len wanted to reach Rin but Camui stopped him; the two had a verbal confrontation before they started to wrestle, but Camui was defeated by Len.

Rin reminisces on her entire history before saying her farewells and resolving to go out on a high note. Her eyes go completely blank and alternatively erasing Rin's entire memory.

Miku met Ronald and, seeing him as reticent and with a "sleeping heart" and decided to remain in the Data World with him while nonetheless leaving Rin's interior. Consequently, Len is now the only one left, not counting a blank Rin.

Len and the blank slate Rin both went sight-seeing around Tokyo and after reminiscing on the past, Len finally confesses his love to Rin.

In the credits a final song is sung by Miku, representing Teppannov, showing a little comic of Teppannov trying to assassinate Putin. After wishing for a better future with himself and Elena, he is shot by 2 men under Putin's command.

Albums[edit | edit source]

There are 'Extra' songs that are available in Putin-P's albums:

2 Songs in Putin-P Part 1 "Don't Leave me Alone." which weren't uploaded are:

  • Tippy-Toe Type - Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
  • Big Rush - Kagamine Rin

3 Songs in Putin-P Part 2 "The Night that Can't Be Seen, the Eyes that Don't Vanish" which weren't uploaded are:

  • Sunny Spot! - Hatsune Miku
  • Eat it, I Suppose? - Hatsune Miku
  • Unseen Heart - Kagamine Rin

4 Songs in Putin-P Part 2.5 (consisting of songs in between Part 2 and Part 3) which weren't uploaded are:

  • A Sheep is One Small Animal! - Hatsune Miku
  • Anchor -  Hatsune Miku
  • Flourishing Scent -  Kagamine Len
  • My Heart is Throbbing ♥ - Megurine Luka

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The original "Rin" picture shown throughout the Part 1 videos (an exception for I'll Give you Chocolate!) can be seen here
  • The original "Putin" picture shown most of the beginning of the videos can be seen here . It can be easily found in Google image by typing in プーチン (Putin)
  • Putin-P stated he wanted to use Kaito and Meiko as the role of Camui and Luka in the series, but later on changed his mind.
  • The 'voices' of Ronald McDonald in the songs are taken from Japan's McDonald's advertisement. (For example: I'll take one burger please, I like it, LAN LAN LUU, etc) the dog's barking also came from the McDonald's advertisements.
  • All the titles in Part 4 (excluding the bonus song "The Endless Survivor) has seven syllables. "Ko-wa-re-ta Ka-ga-mi", "Ki-mi-ni Sa-yo-na-ra", "Mi-e-na-i Ki-mi-to", and "Ki-mi-no hi-to-mi-ni"

Gallery[edit | edit source]

PuRin Concept Art.jpg
PuuRin's concept art (Vocaloid Rin, not Irina)
Anasatsusha Rin Concept Art.jpg
Rin's concept art from the song Assassin!
Putin-P unofficial diagram.png
Fanmade Putin-P series diagram

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