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  • "Putin-P Series Part 1"
Published Jan.18.2008

Part 1 of the Putin-P series is the first part of the series, with 9 songs.


2008 Part 1 begins.
2008 Rin, Len and Miku are introduced to the story.
2008 Rin and Len started purchasing drugs from Ronald.
2008 Valentine, Rin gave Len chocolate.
2008 Rin buried Ronald alive, Len's memories got reset.
2008 Len found a "Backup disc"
2008 Ronald proven still alive, Rin and Len got arrested, were transferred to Miku's school.
2008 End of Part 1.

(Further timeline on each parts)


おしまいだぜ! [Oshimai Daze!] - It's the End!

Uploaded Jan.18.2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music Putin-P
Video Putin-P
In the song a Rin with white subtitles mentions delivering records to Putin after she finally reached the internet, while listing off other bizarre things. In the chorus she says the moniker "The world's most pure machine gun" and decries war and drugs in comparison to weed.

The song then switches to a red subtitled Rin, who wishes to be erased or saved after seeing too much. A yellow subtitled Rin ends the song celebrating New Year's, before a repetition of the chorus.


  • This is track 0 of Part 1, while Don't Leave Me Alone. is track 1.
  • The phrase "The world's most pure machine gun" references the data file version of Irina.
  • The phrase "I've seen various worlds" may refer to the internet, Irina's history, or the red Rin's history.
  • The illustrations shown is a machine gun with a yellow scarf, which will later be replaced with a red one, symbolizing Human Len.
  • There are three 'types' of Rin singing in this song, shown by the color of the subtitles:
    • The white subtitled Rin is "Irina", the data file uploaded into Rin.
    • The Red!Rin is the virus that had been sent out to destroy Irina by the Russian side.
    • The Vocaloid!Rin is the Vocaloid, the normal Rin that came from the two merging.

ひとりにしないで。 [Hitori ni Shinaide.] - Don't Leave Me Alone.

Uploaded Jan.17.2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music Putin-P
Video Putin-P
The song features the first appearance of Ronald McDonald's "LAN LAN LUU" and Len as a character. The song talks about how Rin doesn't want to be alone, referencing how she wants to be with Len. She's shown upset because Len made the lame excuse of not wanting to answer his phone when she called him.

The song mostly dealing with their relationship, Len talked about the two of them fighting in Russia before then mentioning a few wrestling moves. For the last minute of the song, Rin keeps on singing 'don't leave me alone', along with Ronald's "LAN LAN LUU".

Main article: ひとりにしないで。 (Hitori ni Shinaide.)


  • This is possibly the former Len speaking/singing, singing about wrestling moves while he was with Red!Rin in Russia.
  • It is unknown how Rin got Putin's phone number or if she actually has it and isn't just making threats.
  • Rin's admiration of Putin may be leftover feelings of dedication from the Irina data file, who remembers dedicating her life to serving him.
  • The phrase "Don't stagger" likely refers to Len, who "staggers" in his relationship with Rin as he hesitates or chases Miku instead.

いっしょにね! [Isshoni ne!] - Together!

Uploaded Jan.26.2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Ronald McDonald
Music Putin-P
Video Putin-P
The other Vocaloids are finally mentioned in the series. Rin says that she wants to be with Len, and that she'll shine brighter than Kaito, Meiko, and that pig (Miku).

Through the song Rin vents her annoyance at how popular Miku is in comparison to her, while singing about various things like how hard Zangief is to use. She even points out that she makes more than Miku on the stock market. For the last minute of the song, a red Rin repeatedly sings "I hate children."


  • One of the tags from Isshoni ne! is "ミク=メス豚" (Miku=Pig), showing Rin's hatred for Miku.
  • Zangief is a fictional character in the Street Fighter series who's birth and nationality is Russian.
  • The phrase "I hate children" in the video is repeated in red, rather than yellow. It's possible that just Red!Rin hates children because
    • Ronald made use of children in some way.
    • Some of Irina's opponents during the Cold War could have been children, as orphans as young as 6 could be drafted by the USSR government.
    • Irina's comrades, also children, urged for the "Human" Len to shoot her dog.

ゆめをみようよ。 [Yume wo Miyou yo.] - Let's Dream.

Uploaded Feb.02.2008 Featuring Kagamine RinLen, Ronald McDonald
Music Putin-P
Video Putin-P
In this song, Rin finally sings "LaLaLaLa Happy" (which every Vocaloid in the series will sing). Rin purchased some drugs from a drug dealer and wondered what kind of dreams she'll have.

She then talked about how she's always "second" in Vocaloid. Len then came in and said that his hobby was still pickpocketing, before mentioning that he tried to move on from Miku with a "young man." He then admits that Miku still has his heart.

He also mentions that Rin's house was full of pidan and she's a big fan of Putin. Afterwards Rin says that she'll do anything for Len, and so he should never give up. For the last minute of the song, Rin keeps singing "LaLaLaLa Happy".


  • This is the first song to have LaLaLaLa Happy. It's likely that now Rin and Len are finally doing weed, talked about it "It's the End!"
  • Ronald is the drug dealer. This is more or less Ronald's first appearance in the series.

ちょこあげる! [Choko Ageru!] - I'll Give You Chocolate!

Uploaded Feb.11.2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Abe-san
Music Putin-P
Video Euphoria
In the longer version of this song, Euphoria makes the illustrations. The day before Valentine's day, Rin prepared a chocolate for Len.

She wants Len to show her his feelings for her, because Rin worked all night on the chocolate. When Rin gave Len the chocolate, she keeps giving him threats on what she would do if Len didn't hurry and eat all of it (her subtitles turned red in the original version). She'd chop Len up, call Putin, and arrest him.

It's commonly interpreted that Rin caused Len to malfunction or lose some of his memories with the chocolate. For the last minute of the song, Len keeps on screaming "aaaa" (written atsuuuuu!) along with Abe Takakazu's 'yaranaika' and Ronald McDonald's 'of course!'.


  • The subtitles changed from yellow to pink. It's usually yellow. For more information, see the subtitles color change?
  • It's interpreted that Len had forgotten some of his memories due to Rin's chocolate.
  • Ronald was possibly present at the end because he's a drug dealer, meaning drugs could have been involved.

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Video opening.
  • The day before Valintine's day - Febuary 13
  • Rin making chocolate.
  • A better look at Len's uniform
  • Len wearing his Vocaloid costume
  • The Chocolate.
  • Rin's "Present"
  • Rin's Red eyes.
  • The gun powder ingredient.
  • The Russian flag.
  • Unknown scene.
  • Rin with her Machine Gun.
  • Rin cuffing Len.
  • Len - getting chased by Ronald and Abe.

This is the first full PV uploaded for this series; unlike any single-illust PVs in Part 2 or 3; thus making it harder to decipher. The first shows the usual video opening, the only difference is only Rin and Len are there instead of Putin. However, notice Rin's uniform. It's white; unlike the others, while Len was wearing his usual Vocaloid costume.

Next shows Rin in her kitchen, making chocolate for Len. On the shelves you can see pidan, and vodka (references to Russia). On the counter next to Rin there's a bottle of poison (?), chili peppers, and someone with red shining eyes in the fridge.

Speed forward; Miku's finally shown in the series (though just for a second). Pay attention to their uniforms. Miku is still using her usual school uniform (as seen on Part 2) Rin wears a different darker uniform (than the one shown on the opening) and Len was wearing; not his Vocaloid costume, but a different uniform; similar to Rin. Considering they went to the same Junior High in Part 2, there's a possibility that Rin and Len transferred school for unknown reasons to Miku's school. Thus explaining the new uniforms. Interpretations are still open.

Next shows Rin daydreaming on her bed about Len. Take a better look at Len's front uniform. From the looks of it, he's just wearing a vest to cover his Vocaloid costume; (however, his pants are different than his usual Vocaloid costume.)

Next; Len is in school, wearing his usual Vocaloid costume. He didn't seem so pleased to see Rin on Valentine's Day.

After Len ate Rin's chocolate he began striping off his shirt. Though it could be an illusion, real buildings and people could be seen there, it's probably a city somewhere in Tokyo.

Notice the red subtitles along with Rin's red eyes it (changes from pink to red). Throughout the series Rin's eyes never changed to red (except in The Broken Mirror) whenever she changes her personality to Red!Rin.

In the finally scene - Len ran away screaming from Ronald and Abe.

さくらのしたで☆ [Sakura no Shita de☆] - Under the Cherry Blossoms☆

Uploaded Feb.22.2008 Featuring Kagamine RinLen, Ronald McDonald
Music Putin-P
Video Putin-P
In this song, Rin insults her "base" uploader and sings about doing things in the season of cherry blossoms. Rin also mentions that she wants to go to Russia. She then calls up Len and he agrees to go on a date with her just because he couldn't get Miku.

After that, Rin buries Ronald McDonald alive under the cherry blossom trees with her brand new shovel. In the last minute of the song, there are sounds of gun shots and police cars.


  • SE stands for Sound Effects. Throughout the song, (especially the ending) there were gunshots, a police car's siren, etc. All in Rin's plan to destroy Ronald McDonald.
  • The uploader section is rather confusing. Technically, until right now, the video description on Sakura no Shita de is Teihen-P. For more information please read Numtack05 = Putin-P = Teihen-P.
  • Rin buried Ronald alive in this song, but Ronald survived in the next song, I'm Happy!

しあわせなの! [Shiawase na no!] - I'm Happy!

Uploaded Mar.01.2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Ronald McDonald
Music Putin-P
Video Putin-P (Short ver.) Mochoko (Long ver.)
Rin is in a good mood because they had buried Ronald alive in the previous song. Rin talks about how she's number one and Len is hers. She starts giving Len some basic "lessons" on survival, like how to cut, kick, and brush his teeth.

Rin remembered the days when she fought in Russia, and thought the day to return was close. Rin told Len to get her some red beans. So she was waiting for him to return, and when she got to the door, Ronald appeared still alive and came to Rin's house with a gun in his hand (as seen in the PV).


  • Ronald is shown to have escaped being buried.
  • The phrase "Len's initialization ceremony went well" most likely means restarting Len's memories.

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Rin awaiting Len's return.
  • Rin - brushing Len's teeth.
  • Rin - slashing Len's shirt.
  • Rin - kicking Len's head.
  • Red Rin's appearance.
  • Rin's second appearence with a few changes.
  • Comic (1)
  • Comic (2)
  • Comic (3)
  • Ronald proven still alive.

The first illustration shows Rin, waiting for Len. She was wearing free normal clothes (not her Vocaloid costume). In the background it can be seen, her usual Putin-P costume in the series (she starts wearing it in Part 2). On the table were her tea, jelly and salt. Along the way, Mochoko's doujin of the Putin-P series are there (which can be read in her pixiv account here.

The second illust shown, before everything went blurry, was the same Rin; a bit of jelly on her tounge, and her tea has a large amount of salt in it (so large it doesn't even sink to the bottom).

Next comes Ronald with a gun - ready to shoot Rin.

おなわをちょーだいっ![Onawa wo Choudai!] - Gimme the Handcuffs

Uploaded Mar.14.2008 Featuring Kagamine RinLen, Big Mac Police
Music Putin-P
Video Putin-P
Len stole a disc from Rin's bag (and it will be revealed later on that the disc is his and Rin's memories of Russia.) Len requires a backup disc as a result of I'll Give You Chocolate!. As he goes, he keeps on singing about how he wants weed.

Len says it was all a trick, and he wonders whether he should go back to Russia or not. Later on Rin, having lost the battle with Ronald, is arrested. She keeps on telling the police to arrest Ronald, but it was no use.


  • Len recovers his memories that he lost from the song "I'll Give You Chocolate!"
  • Coincidentally, Len got arrested sometime after Rin, as he's later also shown being released in It's the Start.
  • "Octopus in a mini skirt" is a pun on the saying 耳にタコができる (mimi ni tako ga dekiru) I'm sick of hearing it.

はじまりだね! [Hajimari da ne!] - It's the Start!

Uploaded Mar.21.2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Abe-san
Music Putin-P
Video Putin-P
Rin and Len walk from Shibuya train station. They were scolded by Putin because they both got arrested in the previous song Gimme the Handcuffs! but, thankfully, juvenile laws prevented them from getting sent to prison.

Unfortunately, Len was still a fan of Miku's, so Rin threatens him with a knife. Regardless Rin says she wants to go to Russia with Len someday. Finally, Rin thanks their Juvenile probation officer before walking out on the last song in Part 1.


  • The songs title relates to:"It's the End!"
  • The line "It'll be nice if I can go to Russia with you someday" states that Rin wanted to go to Russia, an opposite sentiment from Irina's.
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