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Image of "Putin-P Series (Part 3)"
Series title
  • "Putin-P Series Part 3"
Published Nov.29.2008

Part 3 of the Putin-P series, is the beginning of the second half of the series and also the longest part, with 13 songs.


Timeline[edit | edit source]

2008 Part 3 begins
2008 Rin sang at a concert.
2009 Camui's first appearance in the series; Camui confronts Rin.
2009 Luka's first appearance in the series, along with Teppannov who made a cameo appearance.
2009 Len and Camui's first fight; Rin ran away.
2009 Elena's tracked down by Teppannov
2010 Rin entered the Data world. Red!Rin's first physical appearance in the series
2010 Miku shot a USB into Len's headphones.
2010 Elena commits suicide
2010 Miku and Len have their final "Chat"
2010 End of Part 3

Songs[edit | edit source]

あんさつしゃ! [Ansatsusha!] - Assassin!

Uploaded Nov.29.2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Otaku
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
On Christmas eve, Rin sung at a concert which aired on TV. She sang about how she wanted Len to say "I love you" because to Rin, on Christmas night, Len is the only Santa for her. She wore a pretty costume and thought Len must be astonished at seeing her performance on TV.

Rin couldn't wait for Christmas. In the end of the video, it shows Miku and Len watching TV and Miku getting a nosebleed over Rin.

This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The phrases "Everyone turns red" and "everyone's breath stops" are in red, meaning Red!Rin is also singing to Len. It also makes a darker meaning to the words evident, as people can turn red from being bloodspattered as much as from blushing, and people may stop breathing because they're dead.
  • The phrase "I won't leave you alone" is a reference to "Don't leave me alone"

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

Rin is singing at a concert and was wearing a new costume, one with cat ears and tail, a really cute cat costume and was saying nya many times. Which may represent Len and Rin - Dog chasing Cat.

When Len was watching Rin on TV, he had a flashback of him as a dog running into Irina's arms.

Tashiro can be seen in the background on the top left corner of the image.

Finally, Miku (with a nosebleed) and Len are seen watching Rin's concert on TV.

なにもないもの。 [Nanimonaimono.] - The One Who's Nothing.

Uploaded Dec.25.2008 Featuring Hatsune MikuLen
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
Miku was miserable after she gave up being an idol, Len even said that he had to go looking for Miku when her disappearance grew serious (after "The Eyes that Don't Vanish"). When they saw Rin on TV singing "Assassin", Miku said that Rin was finally free and must be happy. She then spoke cryptically about her past in Russia. Len said he was disappointed at seeing his favorite singer give up on singing and tried to cheer her up, only to be rebuked.

Later Rin is seen having left the concert making a phone call.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Len is now aware that Miku knew who they were in their past lives.
  • In this song, when Miku said "The one who destroys" she meant Rin and when she said "the one who steals" she meant Len; additonally, by "the one who reports" she likely meant Camui, and finally applied the title "The one who's nothing" to herself in mirror of those nicknames.
  • The line "The songs you sing, me and Rin together in Russia, we enjoyed it" refers to a time when Rin and Len listened to Miku's music on a radio in the Russian Era.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

In the first illustration, Miku and Len are in Miku's room, not too long before they were watching Rin's sing in Assassin!. Miku got a nosebleed as seen here, still wearing her costume from The Eyes that Don't Vanish. There is junk- all around the floor and In the background, there was a poster of Ronald on the top left Next, take a better look at Len's costume. A thick auburn jacket (it's winter), and a shirt and a tie underneath it. It looks like his school uniform.

The last illustration shows Rin, using her cellphone. While wearing her Russian outfit. She appears to be in JR Sugamo station after coming back from the concert studio. She is apparently calling Len or Miku.

またあえたね☆ [Mata Aeta ne☆] - We Met Again, eh?☆

Uploaded Feb.11.2009 Featuring Hatsune MikuGackpo
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
In the beginning of the song, Rin listened to the final song Miku sang on her iPod. After that, Camui Gackpo was introduced. He met Rin and said she was the only one happy. He knew Rin had her memories, but said this wouldn't help her.

He called Rin a "liar" but said that excited him and that he wanted to erase her. He then pointed a gun directly at Rin. For a split second Miku sings: "If we meet again, surely we'd be happy" and then somebody is heard running while two gunshots are fired.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The songs name relates to: "If We Meet Again☆"
  • Putin-P writes the title as only "Camui" and not "Camui Gackpo", making it unsure if the Vocaloid's surname applies. The final video in the series, "In Your Eyes.", finally shows it as Camui Gackpo.
  • This is Camui's first physical appearance in the series. He also uses the phrase "This face is pretty handsome too" as if that body is just a container, foreshadowing the reveal of his "past life".
  • The title "The last song" refers to the last time Miku will sing out on the radio and quit being a diva because of how depressed she is over the lose of Ronald; it is also the literal title of the song.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

The first illustration shows an iPod nano, it looks like Rin owned it and Hatsune Miku is the singer of the song. At the same time, it shows an illustration of Miku singing, on the radio. She is wearing the same thing from "If We Meet Again". After her song, Camui could be seen with black hair, dressed completely in black with red headphones.

Next, Rin saw Camui, Rin is wearing a medical mask but her eyes widened in surprise. She was a bit focused on her phone, though her attention was completely on Camui once he 'greeted' her. While Camui had a sadistic smile on his face. Finally, Miku sings back in her room, while Camui gets ready to shoot Rin with a handgun. It is likely an M1911 pistol.

ねむりたいのに! [Nemuritai no ni!] - Although I Want to Sleep!

Uploaded Mar.06.2009 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
This is where Elena appears in the series. Elena seemed to know a few things about Rin, including her memories in the Russian Era. She's attempting to stir the people and make up for serving Putin's regime by broadcasting the story of Irina's death. She's unable to sleep because she needs to upload and transmit the data. Eventually she falls asleep, but keeps typing.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is Elena and Teppannov's first appearance in the series.
  • What Elena is wearing is a Russian female military uniform.
  • The line "I too was just a child" marks how Elena had a similar beginning as Irina and was indoctrinated at a young age.
  • Elena in this is shown betraying Putin and making it impossible for him to hide "that girl's death," i.e Irina's suicide.
  • A later video clarifies that Teppannov came to kill Elena because of her betrayal, but she escapes.
  • Numtack05 specifies on his blog that Elena's story depicted here is before the Vocaloid era.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

This is Elena's first appearance. She wears glasses, along with a hat with a star badge and an overall female Russian Military outfit, meaning she works under Putin. Judging by the badge, she seemed to be a high ranking officer. Looking at how many cigarettes Elena had smoked in front of her, she seemed to be a heavy smoker. There is also a wine bottle on the right.

Next, a picture of Irina; pointing a gun at herself, smiling. She has green eyes due to the lighting, but it's supposed to be blue. She also has freckles. The background shows a blizzard, presumably in Russia. A picture is shown similar to the illustration shown before, except that Elena finally fell asleep. Something red is shown around her lips, possibly blood or wine.

Finally, it ends with internet-cyber like animation (a scene similar to this happened in With the You that Can't Be Seen.), perhaps showing the Irina data file making its way through the web. Teppannov made his first appearance, ready with his gun at a back entrance.

ゆめにさよなら☆ [Yume ni Sayonara☆] - Farewell to the Dream☆

Uploaded May.15.2009 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Mister, Nagasuryoku, Abe-san
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
Two songs before, Camui was about to shoot Rin with his gun. Fortunately, Len came just in time and saved Rin. While Len, (who was wearing a Santa Claus costume) dealt with Camui, Rin ran away.

She sings of being shocked and touched by Len coming to save her, even though worried over his facing Camui and the fact that she herself was damaged. Wanting Len to say he loved her, Rin acknowledged that her time was coming to an end but hoped that they could make at least a last memory together soon.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The songs title possibly relates to "Let's Dream." and Rin's overall denial of her problems and past to chase dreams, instead.
  • SECOM is the largest security company in Japan.
  • Rin is shown in Who's the Liar? to be headed towards hers and Len's dorm, Maison Aa.
  • The line "I don't need a backup anymore" means Rin is alright with disappearing and won't try to fix herself (which she is unable to do anyway.)
  • The reason Len is wearing a Santa costume is because that's what Rin wanted in "Assassin!" and he hoped to impress her.
  • The line "The last day is near...This is the beginning" means the end, for Rin, is beginning.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

The first illustration shows Camui about to shoot Rin in the previous song. Len came in with a Santa Claus suit just in the nick of time. Rin was obviously surprised, and notice how Rin was covering her headphones there, they were broken from Camui's shot. Afterwards Rin ran away. Running with her bag, still in her Russian clothes and skirt, the picture shows a better look at Rin's broken headphones. Rin is also crying in the PV, touched by Len's heroism.

Next, Len, who's still in his Santa costume, is seen smiling at Rin who was about to run and leave; Len was somehow relaxed despite the fact he was up against Camui.

Near to the ending, a string of people came in: First, the SECOM person. The first SECOM asked "Do you have SECOM, or don't you?". Next someone yelling "Hey you, bring the octopus here." Then Abe's "yaranaika" pose, asking "shall we do it?". Finally, Riki Choshu, a Korean-Japanese professional wrestler, saying "Do not swallow the words you've said."

かがみのむこう> [Kagami no Mukou>] - The Other Side of the Mirror>

Uploaded Jul.05.2009 Featuring Kagamine LenGackpo
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
Camui and Len start to fight. They talk for a while, Camui monologuing on his programmed "past" as Irina's former comrade and how he had lost his heart, with Len understanding little of it as he fights with just a pike. Camui soon after realized that Len was the "dog" in the story and took a swing at him with his katana.

Len then then knocked out Camui and stole his wallet. He said he could run faster than anyone else and would accept the wallet as his "trophy" while he was at it. In the end of the video, Miku came in and took Camui.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There are many references from the song Stealing is Wrong?, such as:
    1. The one who steals (meaning Len, for stealing in his previous life)
    2. Scarf (what was stolen)
    3. Pike
    4. Run faster than anyone (Dog Len was very proud of his running skills)
  • Ali refers to Muhammad Ali, a famous boxer.
  • Camui lost his wig/hair in this song and will remain bald for the rest of the series.
  • It's hinted that Camui is Rin's comrade in the Russian Era from this song and The Broken Mirror. In the next song it's showed that Camui has a Soviet Union mark on his forehead, meaning that his body was there during the time of the Soviet Union.
  • The reason Len's subtitles changed from yellow to green at the mention of Misawa is because the wrestler Misawa's iconic color is green, making it a shout-out.
  • The reason Len carried a pike in his Santa bag was possibly because he may have wanted Rin to feed it to him like Irina did for her dog.
  • The title of the song has a ">" symbol. In mathematics it means "greater than". It could be read as "The Other side of the Mirror is Greater Than [blank]". This is connected to the line "The me in the other side of the mirror is more happy" said by Camui.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

The first illustration shows Camui on his knees, he held his head which probably still hurt from Len's kick earlier in the previous song Farewell to the Dream. Next, it shows Camui pulling out a sword. The gun Camui had in the previous song may have been kicked out of his reach by Len.

Next, Len stands before Camui with his Santa suit and bag, sweatdrops on his face from nervousness. There was also a Pike shown, lying in the snow after he threw it. Afterwards, Len did an elbow strike to Camui's headphones and ran away, stealing his wallet. Nonetheless, it started snowing, and standing by Camui was none other than Miku.

たびにでよう! [Tabi ni Deyou!] - Let's Take a Trip!

Uploaded Oct.09.2009 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
Elena fled from Teppannov in "Although I Want to Sleep!" and went to the beach. She changed her image entirely. Then, she noticed that someone was stalking her. Elena ran, and went as far as pulling out her gun, the man who was stalking her ran to catch up with her as well. Unfortunately, the video ends with a cliffhanger as the man points a gun directly at Elena's face.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The man with the handgun is "Teppannov" who was first seen in Although I want to Sleep.
  • The girl with the fishing pole is from Utakata-P's song "Hajimete no Koi ga Tsureta toki" (The first time I caught a koi fish).
  • At the end of the video, it can be seen that Elena has a tattoo on the inside of her left leg. It's the Soviet Union's flag from 1922-1991. Interestingly, Camui also has a Soviet Union symbol on his forehead.
  • Elena, similar to Rin, was once extremely loyal to Putin and even now loved him.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

Elena is using a disguise; completely tanned, blonde hair, no one could tell it was her at first sight. Let's take a look at the background; a beach, unlikely Russia. Teppannov is in the background, looking directly at Elena who didn't seem too worried about anything. Her PC monitor was opened and in the background,

Next, Teppannov was about to corner Elena, and in the background, the girl caught some koi fish. Like the previous songs; Teppannov and Elena ran with the same pose as Rin in Farewell to the Dream, and Len in Another Side of the Mirror.

Elena pulled out a gun from her bust and was surprised that someone can see through her disguise. And finally, Teppannov pointed a gun at Elena's face. Taking a quick look at Elena's left leg, a tattoo in the shape of a Soviet Union flag can be seen.

きみに、わたしに。 [Kimi ni, Watashi ni.] - To You, to Me.

Uploaded Nov.21.2009 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
Miku sits at her laptop, reflecting her relationship with Ronald and her empty role as a Vocaloid. She then moves on to how she's found a fragment of Ronald on a USB port. As this is her last chance to see him again, Miku wishes to act for herself alone. Miku also plans to look over Rin's own past as "Irina".

She begins to research, looking over Elena's files and using Tashiro's information, and learns the full story of Elena and the data files she distributed. Gathering her resolve, she makes a cryptic comment on how the uploader doesn't know her previous owner's feelings and returns to work. Behind her, Camui regains consciousness.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Camui's eyes glowing red at the end of the video indicate that he's regained consciousness from where Len knocked him out.
  • Miku was depressed for the past few songs, ever since The Eyes that Don't Vanish. Though at the end of the song, she seems to have regained her confidence.
  • Miku calls Rin "pig" similar to how Rin calls Miku "pig".
  • The line "the last chance" means the last chance to see Ronald; by installing the USB with his memories into Rin's interior, she would finally reunite with Ronald.
  • This is the only title in Part 3 where it's written "Hatsune Miku" (name of singer) -title- "Original". Everything else in Part 3 is written in the opposite way. It's unsure why.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

Miku, still wearing the same clothes from The Eyes that Don't Vanish; was in an unknown room. A PC shines bright, a picture of her and Ronald , the room was too dark to see anything.

The video opens with Miku in her room, which is still dimly lit and sparsely furnished, while wearing her winter outfit; she's shown checking something behind her, later shown to be Camui. On the table in front of her is her laptop, a picture of Ronald and her, a USB port, and a gun. This is likely the same gun that Miku will use to link herself and Len into the data world later on, firing USB drives rather than bullets. The next image has her turned back around in a closeup on her face.

The next image provides a closeup of the USB containing a fragment of Ronald, which Miku hopes to meet inside the data world. The next closeup shows the picture of Ronald and Miku; looking closely, green foliage can be seen in the background. Due to this and Miku's outfit, it can be guessed the picture was taken during their date from In the Night That Can't Be Seen. from some photographer.

The next image shows behind Miku, where it's revealed she has taken Camui Gackpo to her home after finding him in The Other Side of the Mirror>, stripped him, and laid him under a sheet. With his wig gone, a Soviet Union symbol is visible on his bald head that resembles Elena's. This indicates that, at least at one point, Camui was affiliated with the Soviet Union. The floor is also scattered with french fries and in the back is a mysterious striped cloth much like on Ronald's clothes.

Aside from a closeup of Miku's face, the final image is of Camui, his eyes open and glowing as he has regained consciousness. This would likely lead to him becoming dressed and able to gain a USB port to link himself into Rin's interior, as shown in A Place to Chat!. Behind him, the striped cloth is also shown missing; it is unknown where it went or what it represented in the first place.

うそつきはだれ? [Usotsuki wa Dare?] - Who's the Liar?

Uploaded Feb.06.2010 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Ronald McDonald
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
After Rin ran away from Camui, she passed out. When she woke up she was in her interior, and encountered Red!Rin who was wearing Rin's Vocaloid clothes and Ronald's shoes, while Rin was wearing her Russian clothes. Rin said she was Kagamine Rin and for the "impostor" to disappear. Red!Rin told her that she was Irina, not 'Kagamine Rin'. Irina is supposed to be a virus, and that she has overstayed her visit and she will now leave to finish her work.

Irina called Red!Rin a liar because she didn't want to go, before conceding she would and remembered the times she spent with Len. Feeling tired, Irina made up her mind and decided to say "Farewell" to this world. In the end of the video, Rin disappeared, leaving only her clothes on the floor.

Then there was a Skype chat between Miku and Len, where Len explains Rin left. Miku said she had to go to where Ronald's fragment was, and Len decided he wanted to join her, hoping Miku could explain a few things for him. Before doing so, Miku made Len promise her that he wouldn't "interfere".

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The story happened inside the "data world" or "Rin's interior". 
  • The Rin with the Russian clothes and freckles is "Irina", the program carrying the memories of Irina from the Russian Era that had entered Rin prior to the story.
  • The Rin with the red eyes and Ronald McDonald shoes is Red!Rin, who was a virus sent to destroy Irina so she wouldn't undermine the Russian regime, her story exposing them s using child soldiers.
  • Irina commented, as soon as she woke up, that she didn't like the scenery, likely because it reminded her of the "cold world" or Russia.
  • Red!Rin had red subtitles while Irina had white. Throughout the series, red subtitles show the "Russian side" of a Vocaloid was speaking, while white seemed to represent the data file in Rin.
  • There are comments in Nico Nico Douga saying the origin of the name "Irina" is Rin + Ai (A<-->I) ("ai" is Japanese for "love"). On YouTube however, there are interpretations saying Irina refers to Irina Khakamada, a part Japanese, Russian politician. On June 2006, Khakamada received a "threat" from Putin, to keep quiet about the Russian apartment bombing on 1999.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

The first illustration shows Rin; who passed out somewhere near the front of her house. Rin's house was dark, and there was only light from the outside judging by the picture. She was still dressed in her costume when she was in Farewell to the Dream.

The next one shows Red!Rin. Red!Rin looked like Vocaloid Rin, however was wearing Ronald's shoes. The scenery looks just like Russia. This is Rin's "interior", or inside Rin's "mind". Notice the other Rin's freckles, hat, uniform, and scarf, all details shared with the girl from Russia, Irina. This symbolizes that this Rin is actually the data file of Irina and not simply Rin.

Finally you can see Rin's clothes scattered on the floor; all that's left are Rin's hat, skirt, shirt, shoes, and scarf. As Len explains, her "clothes" are there, but her "underwear," her Vocaloid outfit, is not.

じゃましないでね☆ [Jama Shinaide ne☆] - Don't Interfere☆

Uploaded Apr.26.2010 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
Miku's hair was cut short and she sounded outgoing and energetic. Miku sing of wanting to act quickly and show Len and Rin what she had learned in To You, To Me. Later Len is seen running towards Rin but gets shot by Miku (later revealed to be her shooting a USB at him), and he immediately collapses before he can reach her.

Miku then spots Rin and speaks about a "last song" while also musing she would sing the words of her former owner like she used to in the past. Rin stood in her Vocaloid uniform, smiling and had one red eye, while pointing a gun to her head, (just like Irina) a second gunshot is fired.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In this song Miku had cut her hair short.
  • Rin is in her Vocaloid clothes because in the last song "Who is the Liar" she took off the extra clothes over it.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]


Like the previous songs it shows a character running to the left (an exception for Rin who ran towards the right). The background is similar as the one in Farewell to the Dream, however; notice the man on the top right wearing glasses. That is most likely Tashiro.

Next, Len ran towards the left, however in a completely different snowy background. Notice the red scarf he was wearing, taken from Camui previously. The background looks somewhat similar to Rin in Who is the Liar?, in the previous song Miku told Len to meet up with her in order to discuss Rin's case.

The next illustrations shows Miku, who shot Len in front of a red and blue-eyed Rin, the disparity in her eyes symbolizing her split between the "Irina" file and "Red!Rin" who were components of the normal Rin. Then a gunshot is fired. The last scene was completely black, only showing a smiling face in a white outline.

こころにこえを。 [Kokoro ni Koe wo.] - The Voice in My Heart.

Uploaded May.23.2010 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
At the beginning of the video, it was shown that what Miku shot at Len in Don't Interfere, Okay? was a USB. After that, Elena is shown on a train preparing to escape with Teppannov and wearing her usual uniform, reminiscing about her history in Russia and the "children" working there. She talked about the past, and felt nostalgic about how she was an orphan.

Elena then said goodbye, dying of a drug overdose as she sung "LaLaLaLa Happy". Putin then came out and said his only line in the entire series; "I don't care ☆".

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Elena states that Teppannov is Japanese, meaning his previous family must have been immigrants.
  • Elena is confirmed to have committed suicide by Numtack05; given the lack of external injuries, she likely died from a drug overdose.
  • This entire sequence is a flashback being played to Len with the USB, similar to No Need to Worryy!! and Stealing is Wrong?.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

The video begins with an illustration of Len, still passed out in the snowy area from "Don't Interfere, Okay?☆"; the closeup of the illustration reveals that Miku had shot a USB into his headphones. As the camera zooms into the headphones in a way that will be mimicked in Part 4's data world experiences, it can be inferred the next scenes are playing out in Len's interior. The next illustration shows Elena, changed back to her regular outfit. She appears to be sitting in a train. On the seat across from her is Teppannov.

The next illustration reveals the reason for their close proximity; Teppannov, after cornering Elena in "Let's Go on a Trip!", had fired the gun only for a rose to pop out as he revealed his true intentions to escape with her. From here, as Elena discusses her story, multiple flashbacks are shown, such as shots of Irina and the young Elena as she compared herself to the child-soldier.

An illustration is then shown of Teppannov in tears; this would be explained in the next song as Teppannov recognizing Elena when he hears her music. Given the motion lines at his head, he likely jumped out of his seat. Elena's full flashback from when she was a child is also shown with her and Teppannov both young and crowding around a radio. The next illustration shows Elena slumped over as though passed out; Teppannov is noticeably not visible in this shot. Given that he is unaware of Elena's suicide initially, he may have left the room after he started crying.

In this illustration, Elena has no external injuries and her cause of death isn't clear; as she sings Lalalala happy, however, in the darkened illustration she appears to be bleeding from the mouth. Given the Lalalala happy theme along with her earlier talk of drugs to escape, she likely died of a drug overdose.

こころにこえを ○ [Kokoro ni Koe wo ○] - The Voice in My Heart ○

Uploaded May.23.2010 Featuring Miku
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
In this song, a mirror perspective of the previous one, Teppannov sang about the "data" uploaded by Elena and putting a virus inside of it, originally "living like a machine" before deciding to stop. He then sang about his past with Elena, the two of them separating before reuniting after Teppannov, a killer, was sent to kill Elena. Tepannov plans to run away with Elena, not knowing she's killed herself.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The title relates to: "The Voice in My Heart", both uploaded on the same day.
  • Numtack05 confirms on his blog that Miku is the singer because she's merely imagining and singing aloud the kind of things Teppannov would say while his story is conveyed to Len.
  • Putin-P's described this song as the "climax" of Part 3.
  • The melody in the end is the same as Not Together.

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

The movie is almost similar with the previous song, but full of far more flashbacks of almost all the previous songs throughout the series to illustrate Teppannov's deep involvement with everything that happened.

Also, a surprise appearance from Tetsufu-P playing the guitar. (Read more on producers)

幻覚カタストロフィー [Genkaku Katasuterofi] - Illusion Catastrophe

Uploaded Sep.25.2010 Featuring Hatsune MikuKagamine Len
Music Putin-P
Video Shiuka
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Illusion Catastrophe

75PAGES ON THIS WIKI Edit Comments0 A Place to Chat Song title Original title:【初音ミク・鏡音レン】幻覚カタストロフィー【オリジナルPV】 Romaji: Genkaku Katasuterofi English: Illusion Catastrophe Also known as: しゃべりば! Romaji: Shaberiba! English: A Place to Chat!

Singer Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len Producer(s) numtack05 (music, lyrics) Shiuka (illust, video)

NND / YT Links Nicovideo broadcast / YouTube broadcast (with subtitles)

Contents[hide] Summary Lyrics Keywords Illustration Analysis Sound Effect Analysis Trivia Notes Curiosities SummaryEdit Illusion Catastrophe, a video created by the Uploader , is interrupted by Miku for A Place to Chat!, instead. Having finished seeing Elena and Teppannov's respective stories, Miku and Len discuss Rin's current state and the story Len just witnessed while inside a manufactured data world. While "the viewers" watch, Len and Miku communicate at hyper speed as the latter explains to Len how Elena constructed the memories of Irina, the dog, and Irina's comrade as data files that entered in Rin, Len, and Camui, respectively, as well as noting how Len retained his current appearance due to Rin's own wish for him.

She explains how they came from this to their present circumstances, Rin in particular with the help of the uploader, until Len disrupted everything by giving Rin back the memories she'd intentionally erased. Noting that Rin would destroy herself soon, the two discuss that, while Len can't help her, he could show her a final happiness instead.

As Miku plans to link herself, Len, and Camui together in Rin's interior, she encourages the reluctant Len to go to Rin while she plans to look for the fragment of Ronald. The two bid each other farewell and Miku shoots the USB into her headphones.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The soccer player Didier Drogba, shown in the beginning of the video, symbolizes "speed."
  • From this installation, it's proven true that the characters in the series are aware that they're being watched by "viewers", with Len making mention of them.
  • Miku mentions that Rin's uploader rewrote her memories twice; this is possibly referenced in "Goodbye to You".
  • Miku said "your eyes are trash" which is what Rin called Len in The Eyes that Don't Vanish.
  • The picture that faded out is from Genjitsutoushi-P's song: "World's End Dancehall".

Illustration Analysis[edit | edit source]

The PV started out beautifully; with gears. Unlike other single-illust PVs, it's style is somewhat similar to The Unvanishing Eyes, where the movie is much more complex (the first few seconds at least). There were gears, and Miku wore a special outfit and held a clock in her hand. Then, it shows the soccer player Drogba, in a photo frame breaking out the screen, showing numerous Vocaloid video images.

Afterwards, single illust PVs come into play. Miku was in the same room she was in For you, For Me. If one looks closer on the shelf to Miku's left, one can see syringes, probably used for drugs. They probably belong to Miku / Ronald.

Next came a Miku doodle. A-somewhat smiley face on her hair and on the bottom right side of the black background are two green fish, they may be Pike. Next, comes Len. The background is exactly the same as Miku's, only he was using a chair.

Another doodle shows two people, both drawn in red. The one the right has a face, somewhat similar to a clock pointing 3:00. Just like in The Servant of evil or the time Jesus died. So it could symbolize death. The one on the left has a similar clock face but is pointing at about 5:55. On the bottom right was some... Ghost? or a shapeless form with eyes and a mouth hanging wide open.

Next, another doodle. It shows Len (with his blonde hair and blue eyes) there was a red smiley face on the left, while a blue serious face on the right which may be Miku and Ronald. A colorful fish was on his left shoulder, with a sign pointing "youkai" / "monster / spirit".

The last doodle was a reference to World's End Dancehall. It slowly blurs and later on, turns into Miku smiling somewhat devillishly. Next, an image of both Rin and Camui "sleeping" facing opposite directions is shown as Miku asks Len if he will enter Rin's interior.

And the final illustration shows Miku pointing a gun at herself.

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