Qingfeng zhi Lian (Simplified: 清风之恋; Traditional: 清風之戀; Qīngfēng zhī Liàn), is a Chinese producer from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. She made her debut in July 2012 and is most known for tuning VOCALOIDs in Cantonese Chinese.

Her most notable works are her covers of "Shànghǎi Tān" and "Tào Mǎ Gān", both featuring Hatsune Miku.

Her birthday is September 25, 1993.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[bb] "古浪客栈魔法幻想曲" Luo Tianyi May 30, 2013 tuning
[bb] "曼陀罗的秋天" Luo Tianyi July 4, 2013 tuning
[bb][yt] "余音" Luo Tianyi March 14, 2014 mastering
[bb][bc] "相見歡" Luo Tianyi, YANHE April 30, 2014 tuning
[bb] "圆桌骑士" Luo Tianyi, YANHE, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, GUMI, Hatsune Miku, KAITO, IA May 31, 2014 tuning
[bb] "青春可乐" Luo Tianyi June 30, 2015 tuning
[bb] "落日余歌-启程之诗" Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling August 1, 2015 tuning
[bb] "利刃繁花" Yuezheng Ling September 4, 2015 tuning
[bb] "冬夜" Hatsune Miku January 28, 2017 tuning
[bb] "春意红包" Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, Xin Hua February 11, 2017 Tianyi tuning
[bb][yt][5s][nn] "時扣" Hatsune Miku November 3, 2017 tuning



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
Independent "重力幻想曲" Luo Tianyi, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, GUMI, Hatsune Miku, Ruan Xiaoqi May 26, 2013 tuning
DAYS "憶香" Luo Tianyi, YANHE July 31, 2013 tuning, mastering
DAYS "失落的机械城II" Ling Yuan Yousa, Luo Tianyi, QI Inory, Xiguo no Haiyou, Guahaojun, Hatsune Miku, Shan Xin, hanser, Yunyanguoyu April 30, 2014 tuning
Independent "放学后的文学部" Luo Tianyi, YANHE, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, GUMI, IA, KAITO May 10, 2014 tuning
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