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  • "Re:MIKUS"
Published March 25, 2009, for ¥1,995


"Re:MIKUS" is livetune's second album. Like their previous album, it too was re-released as a Super High Material CD in 2010. It is a remix album of "Re:package", featuring many diferent producers. The last two tracks are remixes by kz. It features only Miku, except for track 7, which features Rapbeat.

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1."ファインダー (finder)" (kz’s DSLR remix)kzkzHatsune Miku5:48
2."Packaged" (kisk baker’s yogamix)kzbakerHatsune Miku4:38
3."Light Song" (Hiroyuki ODA remix)kzHanasoumen-PHatsune Miku8:09
4."椛 (Momiji)" (Autumn Leaves (The Standard Club PIANO DANCE REMIX))yaeThe Standard ClubHatsune Miku5:18
5."虹色 (Nijiiro)" (Rainbow-Colored (Version by ryo from supercell))kzryoHatsune Miku6:11
6."ファインダー (finder)" (imoutoid's "Finder Is Not Desktop Experience Remix")kzimoutoidHatsune Miku6:02
7."Last Night, Good Night" (Mixbeat remix feat. Rapbeat)kzMixbeatHatsune Miku, Rapbeat5:32
8."リラホルン (Lilachorn)" (kz's Drillhole In My Brain remix)Eilna, yaekzHatsune Miku4:50
9."ストロボナイツ (Strobe Nights)" (RAM RIDER remix)kz, yaeRAM RIDERHatsune Miku6:05
10."our music" (kz's The Beginning of The End remix)kzkzHatsune Miku7:49
11."D.E.N.P.A." (DENPA -Power Blade- Official Title Song)kzkzHatsune Miku4:53
12."Heart Beat"kzkzHatsune Miku5:29
13."carol" (kz remix)mogerakzHatsune Miku5:12
14."サイハテ (Saihate)" (The Farthest Ends (kz remix))Kobayashi OnyxkzHatsune Miku4:44
Total length:1:20:40

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