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this song happened on accident whoops

welp here's something different for a change I really half-assed the lyrics though hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaah they suck

side note which is sorta kinda in a way related to said song, one of my dream jobs is to work in a crematorium

I'm not sure if I'll ever get that job, but I'd love to work in one
—author's comment

Remains is a song featuring OLIVER by GHOST. No further details about this song were given.


Some people say
Our bodies live forever

So what remains
of me?

Something falls
out of my head

The sound it makes
melts my eyes

And sobs
escape from my mouth

Oh, bones of mine
are left behind

And my ashes
smell of woe

All forgotten,
all alone

What remains are
empty holes

Falling like the snow,
there is never an end

I let it land
on my tongue

While smoke gets
trapped inside my lungs

Whispers come
from the holes in the earth

My skin grows cold,
I fall apart

The world burns

I coincide with
bodies made of snowfall

A gun rings out,

Some people say
our bodies live forever

So what remains
of me?

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