RenoidPlayer is an Online Synthesizer created by g200kg. It has a built-in sequencer, unlike Sinsy. However this Editor can be a little confusing to new users, but for those experienced, there is MML available for use. Currently, there are only 8 voicebanks available to use, many of which are UTAU voicebanks which the author got permission from their creators to make RenoidPlayer compatible voice libaries for.

Functions & ParametersEdit

RenoidPlayer is compatible with the web browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. RenoidPlayer also works on the iPad and iPhone as long as they run iOS 6.


Volume Output volume control.
Transpose Output pitch control, semi-note step.
Portamento Pitch change smoothness control.
FormantCorrection Keep formant independently of output pitch.
Formant Formant control.
Humanize Add some fluctuation to pitch and dynamics.
VibratoDepth Amount of vibrato. Note that the vibrato has the delay time to start by 'VibratoDelay' parameter.
VibratoRate Vibrato speed control.
VibratoDelay Delay time to start vibrato.

Data import

RenoidPlayer can accept file-drop as a sequence data. (Note infomation and basic lyric informations only. Pitch-bends and other additional informations are ignored.)

  • VOCALOID: VOCALOID Sequence files (.VSQ/.VSQx)
  • UTAU: UTAU Script files (.UST)
  • CeVIO: CeVIO Creative Studio files (.CCS)
  • MusicXML (.XML)

RenoidPlayer is similar to AquesTone in the fact that pitchbends and other flags and tunings are ignored. This applies to all voices. 

  • Note: Safari running on Mac OS X cannot export the final product. Use Chrome/Firefox when exporting.


  1. RenoidPlayer
  2. Renoise Gate
  3. Renoid


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