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  • "Revolution of Gods"
Published August 21, 2018, with 230+ YouTube views 160+ SoundCloud views

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"Revolution of Gods" is a song featuring Chris and Amy by Kotoba Project and is part of the "Subliminal series". No further details about this song were given.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Singer + Color

Can't Scape from Him

Look at the tower you'll see a woman
Dancing in the night and singing
a song that tells the truth

little woman that can't scape from a sad life
you can not say no truth
no one can help her
everybody waits her song

a revolution only for gods
now hear her song
she don't knows that
she'll goin to die

She must to dance

listen all the truth about the world

the scenario are fulfilled with
a one million of poor people thinking 'bout you
in the top there is the king looking with fear
her own daughter now tells to the world his darkest secrets

crying for something that everyone knows
the fear are invading the Kotoba's Heart
The people has open their eyes again

The revolution of gods

Fade that Horrible scars
Just erase them all
fight with me for ah a future
where nobody will cry
there will be just smiles

come with me
the revolution
Gods will be upon us
they light we'll feel

come here
the revolution of Gods

Scaping the girl will lead us to the great glory
But alone no one can do anything
she must find a Partner
Knowing the consequences

Varoon will give her a hand
Hear this story
Two brothers are
fighting them dad

trying to make him
release them all
a glorious
story of a Revenge of Gods

His sword will now
defend her voice
He knows her voice
will lead the kingdom to the end

in the center of the scenario
a traitor will give us the main word
and his sword will cut an ah
horrible past

a hole family now defends
ah different causes
we can't just give up
or retreat

while he fight
our momma still crying with tears
our future will now get speared in two
the least I've heard from her was a love message

She said that She still Love Us...

Are you ready to listen our story
The fate has united us to make the difference
and the world now is here to (see you fight -Amy- / Hear your voice -Chris-)
our message will travel thru the whole continent and the world will fight for us

are you ready to listen all of our tears
a hole world will open your eyes and see for us
when the people open their eyes again
The Revolution Of Gods...

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