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VFS-01R Ring Suzune (リング・スズネ) is a Japanese VOCALOID whose current development status is unknown. Her voice is provided by MiKA of the band Daisy x Daisy.


In 2011 the "Everyone's Vocaloid project" (みんなのボカロ計画 / Minna no Bokaro Keikaku) contest was held. Entries from within Japan and overseas were allowed. In late May 2011, the winning contestants were picked out of the thousands of entries. This was one of two designs selected, which were announced at Vocaloid Festa 02.

Ring was originally set to be released in Fall/Winter 2011.[1] She is confirmed VOCALOID3, so this meant she would not be released before late September; this is when the VOCALOID3 engine is released. A demo has been uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga and on Youtube alongside Miku.

A release date of December 12th, 2011 was initially confirmed, but Ring has not yet been released. It is now unknown when she will be released.[2] In 2012, VocaNext picked up her voicebank to continue development.

In February 2012, a beta version of Ring Suzune's voicebank was offered to the participants of "Vocaloid Network", a small-scale fan event scheduled on March 11, 2012. As the number of fan groups which participated the event was only 19, it is considered that only a small number of people received the beta copy, though it was sent to all those interested. Trial use of the beta version was limited to a month.


ヤキモチときどき晴れ / Yakimochi Tokidoki Hare (Jealousy, Partly Clear)
Sweet Pain (short ver)
Sweet Pain (full ver)
ハンドル握って / Handoru Nigitte (Holding the Handlebars)
少女とメフィスト / Shoujo to Mefisuto (Girl and Mephistopheles)
少女とメフィスト / Shoujo to Mefisuto (Girl and Mephistopheles)(Full version)
走り出す! Happy Day / Hashiridasu! Happy Day (Start Running! Happy Day)
友情センチメンタル/ Yujo Senchimentaru (Sentimental Friendship)

Songs by the Users of the Beta Voicebank;


夢みるむら娘 / Yume Miru Mura Musume (Village Girl Dreaming) - A Ring cover of the original version of Kagamine Rin (Act 1)
氷の世界 / Koori no Sekai (The Frozen World) - A Ring cover of the original version of Nekomura Iroha
深海 / Shinkai (Deep Sea) - A Ring cover of the original version of Hatsune Miku


The idea of Ring and Lui was to improve the Vocaloid culture by bridging the gap between fan concept and offical products. Therefore, both were intended to be fan made designs for original Vocaloids that became official ones.


She has a "Ring" gimmick, hence her name, in the original artwork she had rings all over her body. Ring's outfit is based on a maid's outfit. The design of her headset is based on a piano. It is also meant to be reminder of a memory plug.

Character Traits

She was described as "Light-hearted, doesn’t have high aspirations, but she’s hard-working."


Her official name is in the western order. Her original name in the contest was called "Ring Suzunone" (鈴音リング / Suzunone Ringu; "Bell-Sound Ring").



Ring featured on a VOCALOID3 guidebook with Gumi and Aoki Lapis

Both Ring and Lui are market as fan-based Vocaloids having had their mascots designed by fans in a competition. The image was then refined into the final look by a professional artist. Since she was originally expected as one of the VOCALOID3 early releases, she featured in a number of the merchandise released for the engine.


Details remain unknown, but Ring Suzune is to appear in a game. The game is a rhythm game, claims to incorporate VOCALOID3 technology and uses the network. A trial version was released for March 11, 2012. It is unsure whether it will be released for future audiences later in time.[3]

Voicebank Libraries


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Ring's design was chosen from a selection of many other female Vocaloids on Pixiv submitted for the contest and was the most popular design amongst the choices given.


  • Ring was drawn originally by Muraichi (むらいち).
  • Like the Kagamines, she and Lui are based on "R and L".
    • Note; "R" and "L" mean "Right and Left", they are the letters you find on a set of headphones (and sometimes other equipment such as speakers). "R"and "L" refer to the right and left ear.
  • Due to an image showing headphones, paired with legs, being used as a place holder for VOCALOID3 demos and announcements, it has been mistaken that she and Lapis were the Korean Vocaloids.[4] The artist of the image tags it as Ring Suzune, so it is assumed the legs are meant to be hers.
  • Ring is the first female Vocaloid to be delayed due to development.




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