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Image of "Robot Daydream"
Song title
  • "Robot Daydream"
Published Jun 11, 2014, with 21,000+ SoundCloud views
  • SOLSTIS (music, lyrics)
  • ODDEEO (album art)
  • MiroJohannes (video art)

Background[edit | edit source]

A collaborative work with inspirations from Porter Robinson's "Sad Machine".

Succeeding versions[edit | edit source]

Acoustic Daydream
Categories Succeeding version
This was a test of Avanna's versatility in other genres of music.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

If I am capable of dreaming all the time, I would
Always dream about you when the world itself is fine
but based off my calculations, my processor will fry
But I can still pretend…..pretend to dream about…
there’s this old proverb stating we were built for two but we
get placed into this world without a compass or a clue but when I
looked in my heart l I knew I found the missing part and it is...you…
..I can’t stop dreaming ‘bout you..

(♬ Drop)

somedays I like to read about the human mind and there is
this thing called love that I can’t seem to understand but when I
look in your eyes I get this oddening sensation and
I overheat from overthought and overanalyzation. Is there
something I’m not getting right or are my processes too simple there’s too
much things to think about when all I can remember is ...you…
Is this love?...am I still dreaming bout you?…
(♬ Drop)

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