Rosary, also known as Renxing Tu (人形兔; Rénxíng Tù) and his real name, Jian Pan (潘建; Pān Jiàn), is a Chinese producer from Shanghai, China. Prior to using VOCALOID, he was a visual metal bass player. As a producer, he specializes in Japanese-styled metal rock. In 2013, he became the music director of Shanghai HENIAN Information Technology Co. Ltd. and writes original songs for the Vsinger cast. He also the current voicebank developer for Vsinger. The first VOCALOID he developed was Yuezheng Ling and he worked on all Shanghai HENIAN vocals after her. This included Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd.'s Xingchen.

His most notable works are "Scarlet Drop" and "Mèng Yǔ".

His birthday is November 2, 1991. He is married to the bilibili gezi known as Miao☆Jiang.

Works[edit | edit source]

Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[bb] "梦想世界" Luo Tianyi January 17, 2015 lyrics
[bb][nn][yt][yt][yt] "Scarlet Drop" Yuezheng Ling June 12, 2015 compose, arrange, lyrics
[bb][yt] "梦语" Yuezheng Ling July 4, 2015 compose, arrange
[bb][yt] "星愿" Xingchen February 26, 2016 special thanks
[bb][yt] "时一现耳三千岁" Xingchen April 1, 2016 tuning
[bb][yt] "为你而来" Xingchen April 15, 2016 tuning
[bb][yt] "In Your Breath" Yuezheng Longya March 31, 2017 compose, arrange, lyrics
[yt] "月狐物语" Yuezheng Longya Ya May 10, 2017 mixing
[bb] "Daybreak" Yuezheng Ling April 21, 2018 music, guitar
[bb] "Bloom" Yuezheng Longya August 18, 2018 music, harmony composition, mixing
[bb] "亲爱的安徒生" Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling November 1, 2018 compose, arrange
[bb] "Hear me!" Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, Zhiyu Moke, Mo Qingxian, Yuezheng Longya February 3, 2019 compose, arrange, bass
[bb] "我在" Yuezheng Ling April 12, 2019 compose
[bb] "蝶恋花·何处谣" Yuezheng Ling April 12, 2019 arrange, mixing
[bb] "关于你" Mo Qingxian May 20, 2019 compose
[bb] "Attack!" Luo Tianyi V4 Ning, YANHE, Yuezheng Ling, Yuezheng Longya, Zhiyu Moke, Mo Qingxian June 6, 2019 compose, arrange, mixing, production
[bb] "Rainy Bunny" Luo Tianyi June 14, 2019 compose, arrange
[bb] "自我主张崇拜" YANHE July 11, 2019 supervision
[bb][yt] "初心依然" Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese, Luo Tianyi July 14, 2019 bass
[bb] "穿越黑夜" Yuezheng Longya October 2, 2019 supervision
[bb] "Follow me" Zhiyu Moke May 10, 2019 lyrics, compose, arrange
[bb] "万圣街" Luo Tianyi, YANHE, Yuezheng Ling, Mo Qingxian March 14, 2020 mixing
[bb] "" Yuezheng Ling V5 April 12, 2020 lyrics, music, bass, producer, director
[bb] "失眠少女" Mo Qingxian May 20, 2020 production
[bb] "山遥路远" Yuezheng Ling V5 May 22, 2020 special thanks
[bb] "甜度71.1%" YANHE V5 Sweet July 11, 2020 production, producer
[bb] "万分之一的光" Luo Tianyi July 12, 2020 production
[bb] "异见者" Yuezheng Longya October 2, 2020 production

Albums[edit | edit source]

Compilations[edit | edit source]

Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
YANHE PROJECT "The Stage 2" YANHE November 25, 2013 compose, lyrics
CrossOz "第二页" Luo Tianyi, YANHE June 1, 2014 lyrics
Quadimension "平行四界 3" Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, Yuzuki Yukari July 15, 2015 compose, arrange, lyrics
Quadimension "平行四界 4" Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling December 12, 2015 compose, arrange, tuning
Quadimension "星愿" Xingchen April 5, 2016 tuning
Vsinger "Lost in Tianyi" Luo Tianyi March 1, 2019 compose, arrange
KuroNya "唯Yi" Luo Tianyi May 4, 2019 compose, arrange
Vsinger "告白诗" Yuezheng Ling April 12, 2020 compose, lyrics, bass
Vsinger "Side B" Mo Qingxian May 20, 2020 production
Vsinger "白日梦" YANHE July 11, 2020 production, producer
Vsinger "Moments" Luo Tianyi July 12, 2020 compose, arrange, lyrics, producer, production
Vsinger "夜游会" Yuezheng Longya October 2, 2020 production, chief producer
Vsinger "Message" Zhiyu Moke December 10, 2020 production, chief producer
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