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Series title
  • "Royal Scandal'"
Published January 31, 2014


The series is the main project of the similarly named Royal Scandal doujin circle, with luz as the circle's primary vocalist, and sponsored by the XYZ Project. Each installment of the song series (excluding Royal Flash and Cherry Hunt) is simultaneously released with a Luka version and a luz version.

The series breaks into episodes, starting from episode 0 to episode 9. The first season of songs was eventually compiled into the album Q&A ~Queen & Alice~ and the mini album REVOLVER, but both albums only feature the luz versions of the tracks.


  • Chelsea, a singer of Bar Masquerade.
  • Lewis, a bartender of Bar Masquerade.
  • Rosetta, a worker of Bar Masquerade.
  • Albert, a prince who desires Chelsea no matter what.
  • Alam, a poor merchant who fell in love with an aristocrat girl and ends up possessed by the Ring of Spades.
  • Olivia, a rich girl who was betrayed by the possessed Alam and assassinates him.


All tracks written by KANON69.
1."チェリーハント" (Cherry Hunt)Luz3:47
2."クイーンオブハート" (Queen of Hearts)Megurine Luka3:48
3."REVOLVER"Megurine Luka V4X4:42
4."ビーストインザビューティ" (Beast in the Beauty)Megurine Luka V4X4:33
5."" (Hikari / Light)Megurine Luka V4X5:15
6."ビタースウィート" (Bitter Sweet)Megurine Luka V4X, KANON694:25
7."ファントムペイン" (Phantom Pain)Megurine Luka V4X3:45
8."チェルシー" (Chelsea)Megurine Luka V4X5:16
9."ロイヤルフラッシュ" (Royal Flash)Luz4:11
10."マジックリングナイト" (Magic Ring Night)Megurine Luka V4X4:04
Total length:43:46


  • While Cherry Hunt was uploaded on December 05, 2010, the playlists and albums acknowledge only Luz's version as part of the series, making the series' starting point January 31, 2014.

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