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The original version of the song, sung by Megurine Luka in English, was uploaded to YouTube on September 3, 2011. After the original version proved successful, a full version in Japanese was later uploaded on October 31, 2011 using Kaai Yuki. The cumulative views of the full version have reached over one million.

The song was based on a theory of the cartoon "Rugrats". The original theory can be read here. The song became popular and was the subject of much fanart, in addition to Vocaloid and UTAU covers.

Succeeding versions[]

Japanese Version (short)
Niconico logo
Megurine Luka
Categories Alternative Language
Megurine Luka's original song with translated lyrics.
Full Version
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Kaai Yuki
Categories Full Version
The full version of the original song.


I think the world is so wonderful
(The world is so wonderful)
And we only have one chance to be here
So tell me why you're hurting yourself

I guess I just do not understand
(What's the meaning of life?)
Everything I've been told I believe
And yet people that I love just leave

Is something bothering you a lot?
(Bothering you a lot?)
I think I'm old enough to understand
So there's no reason to hide from me

I know you said that you're not lying
(And well maybe that's true)
So I'll push away any doubt I have
Because I Know you will tell the truth

(Right, Cynthia?)

Welcome to my perfect world, according to Angelica
It's my turn to run the show
Next to Cynthia
With Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil,
I'll never feel alone
So we can play games all day long,
While the earth is spinning
Round and round and round and round and round and
While the earth is spinning

Welcome to my wonderland with new adventures everywhere
As long everything's the same,
I will be okay
With Spike, Grandpa, and baby Dil,
The world will be alright,
They just have to listen to me and do what I tell them,
Why why why why why why?
Why won't they listen?
Why why why why why why?
Why won't they listen?

Everyone's whispering about me
(What are they talking about?)
Do you think I did something wrong again?
Well I promise you, it wasn't me

Why does everyone think that I'm blind?
(I can see perfectly fine)
The truth is that I've ignored the bad things
I guess it's too late to do that now...

Where did you go? When I needed you? (I needed you)
I'm left all alone
and I need to start it over now
Can't you hear me scream?
I can't hold it in. (Not anymore)
Who am I again?
A princess? or psychopath?

Welcome to my Paradise, that's slowly crumbling away,
Now I've chosen to open my eyes,
Will you go away?
It's getting hard for me to breathe,
My tears choke me to death,
Maybe I should have never been brought to this earth at all,
Dying, dying, dying, dying, dying, dying,
Never brought here at all,

Welcome to my broken heart, according to a little girl,
Will this nightmare ever end? Will I be set free?
The pain is eating me alive,
It's so hard to admit,
But there's no point in talking at all, if no-one hears me
Screaming, crying, hurting, dying, suffering, wishing
I could just rewind it,
Backwards, backwards, backwards, backwards, backwards
Now that it's rewinded
Laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing,

Now, my world is perfect.
Now, my world is perfect.
Now, my world is perfect.
Now, my world is perfect.
Now, my world is perfect.

Below is an official Japanese translation: via Producer. Amendments may have been made to the original translation.
Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
世界は刺激です sekai wa shigeki desu
(刺激です) (shigeku desu)
人生は一度きり jinsei wa ichido kiri
しかし誰もが悲しい shikashi daremo ga kanashii

あたしが知らないは atashi ga shiranai wa
(人生の意味) (jinsei no imi)
信じてすべてのもの shinjite subete no mono
人々はまだ残す hitobito wa mada nokosu

大丈夫ですか daijoubu desuka
(大丈夫ですか?) (daijobu desuka?)
あたしは子供ないよ atashi wa kodomo naiyo
何も隠さないで nanimo kakusanaide

嘘をついていない uso wo tsuiteinai
(本当にですか?) (honto ni desuka?)
あたしは信じている atashi wa shinjiteiru
つめに真実だよ tsumeni shinjitsudayo

(そうか、シンシア?) (souka, Cynthia?)

歓迎さアンジェリカの世界 kangeisa Angelica no sekai
今はあたしの時間だ ima wa atashi no jikanda
シンシア持つ Cynthia motsu
あたしの友人と atashi no yuujin to
孤独ではない kodoku de wa nai
終日遊ぶ shuujitsu asobu
地球は回る chikyuu wa mawaru
ぐるぐるぐるぐるぐるぐる... guru guru guru guru guru guru...
地球は回る chikyuu wa mawaru

歓迎さ幻の国 kangeisa maboroshi no kuni
すべてが同じだ subete ga onaji da
大丈夫だ daijoubu da
あたしと皆さん atashi to minna-san
世界がいい sekai ga ii
彼らがあたしを聞くするでも karera ga atashi o kiku suru demo
なぜなぜなぜなぜなぜなぜ... naze naze naze naze naze naze...
彼らが聞くしない karera ga kikushinai
なぜなぜなぜなぜなぜなぜ... naze naze naze naze naze naze...
彼らが聞くしない karera ga kikushinai

何をいいつてるの nani wo iitsu teru no
(ひそひそ話) (hisohisobanashi)
可笑しいをしたですか okashii o shitadesuka
それはあたしではない sore wa atashi de wa nai

盲目だと思う moumokuda to omou
(わかります) (wakarimasu)
悪いことを無視する warui koto o mushisuru
それがもうそいよ sore ga mousoiyo

あなたは今どこへ anata wa ima dokoe
あたしは一人でです atashi wa hitoride desu
あたしの叫び聞くですか atashi no sakebi kiku desuka
あたし誰? atashi dare?
王女? 狂人? oujo? kyoujin?

歓迎さ壊れたの楽園 kangeisa kowareta no rakuen
今目を閉じています ima me wo tojiteimasu
どこかいけ doko ka ike
息をできないは iki o dekinai wa
あたしの涙 atashi no namida
あたしが生まれたでないはず atashi ga umareta de nai hazu
死ぬ死ぬ死ぬ死ぬ死ぬ死ぬ... shinu shinu shinu shinu shinu shinu...
たでないはず、 ta de nai hazu,

歓迎さアンジェリカの心 kangeisa Angelica no kokoro
終わらない悪夢のようあたし解放 owaranai akumu no you atashi kaiho
痛みが溶融 itami ga youyuu
あたしを死んで atashi wo shinde
けど誰もあたしを聞くでない kedo daremo atashi o kiku de nai
自傷泣く症死ぬ苦願う jisho naku shou shinu kuru negau
それを巻いけ sore o maike
後方後方後方後方後方後方 koho koho koho koho koho koho...
巻き戻して maki modoshite
笑み笑み笑み笑み笑み笑み emi emi emi emi emi emi...

Now, my world is perfect.
Now, my world is perfect.
Now, my world is perfect.
Now, my world is perfect.
Now, my world is perfect.


Danvers10's Spanish cover ft. MAIKA
YouTube logo
Categories VOCALOID Cover; Alternative Language
LucasJayLikes Gaming's cover ft. OLIVER
YouTube logo
LucasJayLikes Gaming
Categories VOCALOID Cover
OLIVER's cover of the song in English; using the Japanese full version by Kaai Yuki.
Hermpable's cover ft. VY1
YouTube logo
Categories VOCALOID Cover
HurpTheDerp's PV
YouTube logo
Kaai Yuki
Categories Fanmade PV
Toeto's Theorum
YouTube logo
Megurine Luka
Categories VOCALOID Cover; Fanmade PV
A cover of the song by a child-like sounding Luka. According to it's author, the story is as follows:

Toeto lives alone with her mother, Luka, and is a shy and timid girl who can't reach out and become friends with anyone. Her mother is her only friend and the two are very close.
However, Luka unexpectedly dies in a car accident and Toeto is sent to live with her distant family and withdraws into herself completely and creates imaginary friends to play with rather than her family and fools herself into believing that her mother is still alive.

On the anniversary of her mother's death, she breaks down and almost comes back to reality but eventually rejects it, as it's too painful to accept and retreats to her fantasy world once again.
Vecindad Theory
YouTube logo
VSQX and Remake PV: Luis Basilio/FD VOCALOID Illustrator: La Dibujante Noob
Categories VOCALOID Cover; Parody
A Parody of the song based on El Chavo

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  • Mediafire - MP3, Lyrics, VSQ, Instrumental for both versions.