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Ryuu is a Chinese producer who made her debut in July 2012. She has a high level of professionalism in the use of musical instruments. She specializes in world music and often uses chants within her songs.

Her most notable works are "Sì Yǔ Shī Lù" and "Zìrán Wùyǔ". The latter was a demo song written for Luo Tianyi. She also wrote "Yuè Hú Wùyǔ", a demo for Yuezheng Longya.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
None "自然物语" Luo Tianyi none compose, arrange, tuning
[bb][5s] "归去来兮" Luo Tianyi July 4, 2013 arrange, mixing
[bb] "天空物语" Luo Tianyi September 12, 2013 compose, arrange, lyrics
[bb][yt] "莎图温的裙摆" Luo Tianyi July 10, 2015 special thanks
[bb][yt][nn] "祀雨师录" YANHE August 19, 2015 compose, arrange, lyrics
[yt] "月狐物语" Yuezheng Longya Ya May 10, 2017 music



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
VOCALOID CHINA "SingSingSing" Luo Tianyi July 1, 2012 compose, arrange
CrossOz "第一步" Luo Tianyi June 11, 2013 compose, arrange, lyrics, mixing
YANHE PROJECT "The Stage 2" YANHE November 25, 2013 compose, arrange
CrossOz "遇定调和" YANHE July 11, 2018 compose, arrange, lyrics