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Ryuuuu is a producer that uses Megurine Luka. Most of Ryuuuu's videos have less than five thousand hits, with the exceptions of a few of his works.
STATUS:N/A → Assumed active
URL(s)Niconico, Twitter
PLAYLIST(s):My List 1, My List 2
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Before I Die" (Apr.30.2007)
  2. "secret" (Aug.12.2009)
  3. "fantasy" (Aug.17.2009)
  4. "Dream 1 MORE" (Aug.31.2009)
  5. "KISS the disco" (Sep.05.2009)
  6. "Shooting☆Star" (Sep.21.2009)
  7. "Killing Me" (Oct.09.2009)
  8. "Luv2Luv" (Oct.11.2009)
  9. "S P A N G L E D" (Oct.24.2009)
  10. "Wizout U" (Nov.08.2009)
  11. "observers" (Nov.08.2009)
  12. "Oups! Perhaps...!!! (Dec.15.2009)
  13. "moment linux" (Dec.15.2009)
  14. "HARRRRD RASPBERRY" (Dec.29.2009)
  15. "DREAMIN' ON" (Jan.26.2010)
  16. "Togiretahikari" (Aug.20.2010)
  17. "a sweet song" (Oct.07.2011)
  18. "LOVELESS" (Oct.07.2011)
  19. "a ray of light" (Oct.29.2011)
  20. "side effect" (Nov.20.2011)
  21. "UPDATED" (Feb.22.2012)
  22. "Luv Ride" (Mar.19.2012)
  23. "Heaven Below Hell" (Apr.15.2012)
  24. "Bad Habit" (Jun.3.2012)
  25. "Shadow, It's Me" (Jul.31.2012)
  26. "HEARTBREAKER" (Jul.31.2012)
  27. "LOVE LETTER" (Jan.5.2013)
  28. "Tears" (Jan.5.2013)
  29. "Supernatural" (Mar.24.2013)
  30. "How Fantastic" (Sep.16.2013)

Songs / Featured Works[edit | edit source]

a sweet song

Uploaded Oct.06.2011 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music Ryuuuu Main article a sweet song
Video Ryuuuu
One of Ryuuuu's most popular works with over 60,000 hits.


Uploaded Oct.06.2011 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music Ryuuuu Main article Secret
Video Ryuuuu
Ryuuuu's most popular work with over 100,000 hits.
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