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  • "SHaDoW PeoPLe"
Published September 31, 2014 (deleted)
Re-upload: October 08, 2015, with 150+ YouTube views

Background[edit | edit source]

This is one of my favorite songs off of Clockwork Nightmares. It's clever (or I think) and I love it soooooo much. (Also I like KAITO and should use him more often I think...)
—author's comment

SHaDoW PeoPLe is an original song sung by OLIVER and KAITO by ClockworkSinger.

Succeeding versions[edit | edit source]

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This version is featured on ClockworkSinger's album Clockwork Nightmares.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Shifting through the darkness
I can feel some pressure
What is there? Who is there?
I don't understand?

Looking out right at you
But you do not see me
I am here! I am here!
Don't you understand?

Where are you? (Be afraid)
What are you? (Harbinger)
A shadow? (Your demise!)
A dream or a nightmare?
I don't know (I miss home)
I can't see (Want freedom)
But you're here (You feel fear)
That I can tell!

My chest is now seizing
I can't hear my breathing
Who are you? What are you?
I am so afraid!

Raven, coal, and sable
I'm under the table
Just look down, look at me
You can see my eyes

What are you? (I am here.)
I am scared (You should be!)
Please help me! (Coming near.)
Run so far away!
You follow (I'll catch up)
Leave me be! (Cry harder!)
You monster! (Yes, panic!)
I can't escape!


Finally I am free
Although I am not me
I can breathe, I can live
I am now human!

I am suff'ring greatly
What have I become now?
I'm formless, intangible
Why did you chose me?

Lucid dreams (I am scared)
Night terrors (What am I?)
Paralyzed (So alone)
That is how they hunt
I am free (Please help me!)
Flesh and blood (I'm afraid!)
Once again (A demon)
No longer cursed!

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