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SSS LLC. (SSS合同会社) is an entertainment company based in Chūō, Tokyo, Japan. They have previously collaborated with AH-Software Co. Ltd. to create their first VOICEROID & VOCALOID products, Tohoku Zunko, Tohoku Kiritan and Tohoku Itako as well as vocals for the UTAU, NEUTRINO and CeVIO AI voice synthesizers. Their focus is to design and promote Moe characters.


Their first VOICEROID+ vocal Tohoku Zunko was created to help revitalize the Tohoku region of Japan following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and assisted in raising funds for her creation via crowdfunding which released on September 28, 2012.[1][2] SSS LLC. would later hold another crowdfunding fundraiser for production of Tohoku Zunko's VOCALOID3 voicebank which released on September 28, 2012.[3]. An update of Tohoku Zunko for VOICEROID+ EX was released on October 30, 2014.[4]

SSS LLC. would have another crowdfunding event to go on to produce UTAU singing libraries for Tohoku Zunko's two sisters Tohoku Kiritan and Tohoku Itako.[5] In 2016, SSS. LLC would once again collaborate with AH-Software Ltd. to crowdfund a speaking VOICEROID+ EX library for Tohoku Kiritan[6] and would release an upgrade for Tohoku Zunko to the VOCALOID4 engine on October 27, 2016.[7]

Starting June 12, 2017 a new crowdfunder was announced to raise funds for the production of the Tohoku Zunko animation Zunda Horizon (ずんだホライずん)[8]. After surpassing 226% of it's initial ¥8,000,000 goal, new UTAU libraries for various Zunda Horizon characters were released including the following:

  • Zundamon (ずんだもん)[9]
  • Shikoku Metan (四国めたん), Kyushu Sora mk=II (九州そらmk=II) & Chugoku Usagi (中国うさぎ)[10]
  • Oedo Chanko (大江戸ちゃんこ), Chubu Tsurugi (中部つるぎ) & Kansai Shinobi (関西しのび)[11]
  • Hokkaido Melon (北海道めろん) & Okinawa Awamo (沖縄あわも)[12]

Later on in December 2017, a VOICEROID2 library for Tohoku Itako was also crowdfunded and released November 8th, 2018.[13] Following the success of the VOICEROID libraries, SSS LLC. collaborated with SHACHI to produce a new AI singing voice for Tohoku Kiritan for the NEUTRINO AI neural network voice synthesizer on February 22, 2020[14]. Later that year on May 7, 2020, Tohoku Itako was once again crowdfunded for a new singing library for NEUTRINO as well [15].

On Feburary 12, 2021, SSS LLC. would once again collaborate with AH-Software Co. Ltd. to create their first CeVIO AI library for Tohoku Kiritan. In May 2021, a new crowdfunder was launched for Tohoku Zunko to produce a new singing library also for the NEUTRINO voice synthesizer. [16]


All of these banks were developed in collaboration with AH-Software Co. Ltd.



Promotional involvement[]

In 2021, SSS LLC. assisted with providing the GREEN FUNDING crowdfunding platform to raise funds for Tsuina-chan, Koharu Rikka, and ROSA's voice libraries.[17]

Social Media[]

An official account for Tohoku Zunko and co was created: https://twitter.com/t_zunko (@t_zunko). Various PR for other SSS LLC. products and affiliates are featured as well.


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