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Album title
  • "SV01 SeeU's Compilation Album"
Published October 19, 2012 (Korea); October 29, 2012 (Japan), for ₩15,700 (Korea); ¥1,000 (Japan) for Physical
  • GaGain, Dr. Yun, seibin, Tan N Sonny, kimpaksa, Indigo Aria, Anglers (music)
  • GaGain, Dr. Yun, seibin, Tan N Sonny, 45º, Indigo Aria, Anglers (lyrics)
  • KKUEM (album art)

Background[edit | edit source]

SV01 SeeU's Compilation Album is the first full length album featuring only SeeU by SBS Artech and Big Hit Entertainment. Two versions of this album were released: one in Korean and the other in Japanese. A Chinese version of the album was produced and features Luo Tianyi's vocals. This was called Mèng de Qī Cìfāng.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."아리랑 (Arirang)"GaGainGaGain3:35
2."Burn"Dr. YunDr. Yun4:09
3."CONNECTION ~두 세계 사이에서~ (CONNECTION ~Du Segye Saieseo~)" (CONNECTION ~Between the Two Worlds~)seibinseibin4:00
4."See u Tomorrow"Tan N SonnyTan N Sonny2:51
6."매화꽃 필 적에 (Maehwakkot Pil Jeoge)" (When Apricot Flowers Bloom)Indigo AriaIndigo Aria3:07
7."각개전투 (Gakgaejeontu)" (Individual Battle)AnglersAnglers4:21

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