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Sync Live Japan Inc. is a sound production company based in Japan.

They have produced sound for nearly every official Hatsune Miku concert since 2011.


Founded by Kei Suzuki in 2009, Sync Live Japan Inc. started doing sound production for multiple concerts and tours a year.

In late 2010, they were hired to produce sound for the concert Hatsune Miku Live Party in Tokyo 2011. Kei Suzuki, along side the vice president of the company, Kouji Kinoshita, Yuuhei Matsuoka and Toshiaki Monma performed as band for the event. The band would later be called MKP39.

Since then, Sync Live has produced sound for every MikuPa, Miku Expo, and almost every Magical Mirai concert. They've become one of the most known sound production companies in Japan.

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