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Sachiko is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by YAMAHA Corporation in collaboration with Sachiko Promotion Inc., and was released in July 2015 for the VOCALOID4 engine. She was voiced by Japanese voice actress, actress, and one of the leading enka singers in Japan, Sachiko Kobayashi.

Concept[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Her name, "Sachiko", was taken from her voice provider, Sachiko Kobayashi.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Her design was done in collaboration with YAMAHA and Sachiko Kobayashi to create a singer who represents Japan.[1]

The calligraphy kanji 幸 (sachi) on the fan was written by Sachiko Kobayashi herself.

Her Obi is worn backwards. This was a style of clothing made popular with the Oiran courtesans.

According to her product page on the VOCALOID Shop, Midori Fuu said that Sachiko's kimono and headdress is based off the Yukitsubaki (snow camellia): the official flower of Niigata Prefecture which is Sachiko Kobayashi's hometown. It also references the title of one of Sachiko Kobayashi's hit songs.

History[edit | edit source]

Marketing[edit | edit source]

Two interviews with Sachiko's voice provider were uploaded on the YAMAHA's VOCALOID channel to promote her launch.[2][3]

A campaign between VOCALOID NET and YAMAHA called "Let's share your Sachiko song!" (あなたのSachiko楽曲をシェアしよう!) was published on VOCALOID NET's website to promote works with Sachiko via twitter.[4]

Her vocal also was exhibited at Hamamatsu Junior High School in its exhibition space.[5]

Voicebanks[edit | edit source]

Sachiko is a voicebank designed for enka. It is a professional and specialized tool and was an example of YAMAHA's ability to capture the traits of a vocalist. It was able to take jerky vibrato results and is able to pitchbend easy, a trait not all VOCALOIDs can handle so easily for the same genre of music. She was intended to be a professional vocal for professional producers.

Music featuring Sachiko[edit | edit source]

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咲花 -Saki Hana-
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Translation 咲花 -Saki Hana-
Categories Original song
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Translation 夕陽ケ丘に咲いた花は (Yuuhigaoka ni Saita Hana wa)
Categories Original song
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Translation Reflection
Categories Cover song
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Translation 雪花繚乱 (Sekka Ryouran)
Categories Self-cover
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Due to the popularity and fame of Sachiko Kobayashi in the Japanese culture and music industry, the VOCALOID was met with much excitement among Japanese fans. At the time, Kobayashi's profile as a singer was considered as one of the highest among the VOCALOID singers sampled for the software.

  • First new Japanese VOCALOID4

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