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This article is about the VOCALOID4 software known as a voicebank. If you are looking for the VOCALOID character then click here.


Sachiko was revealed on the VOCALOID website on July 23, 2015 along with a design and her voice provider, Sachiko Kobayashi. In addition, a job plugin called "Sachikobushi" would be available for her, which aimed to facilitate realistic reproduction of Kobayashi's voice. It would also include ExVoice for sounds such as shouting. Her first demo and a digital download of her voicebank were both released on July 27. Preorders for her physical box and trial versions were also available for her. Her boxed version would be sold in August.[1]

Product Information[]



星に抱かれて (Hoshi ni Dakarete) NicoNico YouTube

System Requirements[]

  • OS:
    • Windows: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1(32/64bit)
    • Mac: OS X 10.10 (except those using Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7), 10.9 OS X 10.8 (except those using Cubase 8 Series) (32/64bit)
  • CPU: Intel Dual Core CPU
  • RAM: more than 8GB (minimum 4GB)
  • Hard Disk Capacity:
    • More than 3GB (using VOCALOID4 Editor)
    • More than 11GB (using VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase + Cubase 7)
    • More than 18GB (using VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase + Cubase 8 Series)
  • Internet connection.


Product Information
  Genre: Enka, R&B, Soul, Blues, Ballad  Optimum Range: D2 ~ B3  Optimum Tempo: 60 ~ 175 BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 115 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 13, B ~ 9, Total ~ 22
  Trial/Demo Vers?: Yes  Starter Available?: No  App vers.?: Yes
Package details as noted:

Sachiko's voicebank is designed to be faithful to that of her voice provider, the professional enka singer, Sachiko Kobayashi. This makes her a specialized product designed to give professional results.

Comes with its own Plug-in called "Sachikobushi". This adjusts VSQx files to make her sing like her provider. While this only works with her software, the created VSQx files can be used on other VOCALOIDs, though the results may not be satisfactory.

In addition, the package comes with over 400 additional voice samples.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Offers a vivid, natural, and realistic singing voice in both a treble and bass range with a wide vocal range.
  • Being voiced by a professional enka singer, her voice is deep and mature with a more delicate timbre on higher notes.
  • The voice can produce much expression and emotion.
  • Has a particular pronunciation in the performance.
  • Both Sachiko and Fukase demonstrate successful attempts by Yamaha to capture the characteristics of famous singers.[2]
  • Sachiko is one of two Vocal package recommended to go with Fukase, the other being Gackpoid V4.[3]
  • Sachiko was highlighted as an example of a Vocal which shows superior and unique singing talent in her jerkiness handling. She was among 5 recommended vocalsby the Vocaloid staff out of the 50 vocals they sold for this reason.[4]
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • Users have reported that she has strong consonants, especially the [k'] phoneme, and her voice pitchbends very easily.
  • Short combinations with the [M] phoneme tend to produce a slight glottal stop between the consonant and the vowel (i.e. "ku" sounds like "k-hoo")
Software issues as noted:
  • Being a specialized voicebank, her voice is grounded to more traditional, slow genres.
  • Her vocals are considered "complex" to handle and is not recommended for those who are new to the software.
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