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Sapporo has been the main target of sponsorship and in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with Crypton Future Media sponsoring the winter festivals. The image of Hatsune Miku would appear around the town on the public transport system around. The image portrayal of Miku that is used is "Snow Miku" (雪ミク/スノーミク), which has had a number of related merchandise released in conjunction with this version of Miku.

On February 10, 2012, Miku performed at the Snow Festival from Sapporo with a secret mini-concert that was not announced nor broadcasted. This performance was the first time that she appeared singing outside.

Snow Miku Designs[]

"Snow Miku" are the derivative forms of Miku used for the Festival.


The 2012 design was chosen via a contest. The winning entry was referred to as "Fluffy Coat Snow Miku" (ふわふわコートの雪ミク).[1]

The 2013 design was called "Strawberry Daifuku Shiromuku Miku" (いちご大福白無垢ミク).[2][3]

The 2014 design was based on a Magical Girl design the design was by dera_fury who was the winner of the 2014 Snow Miku contest. The illustration was nekosumi. the design also featured a pet called "Rabbit Yukine".[4]

The 2015 design was illustrated by Nardack.[5]

In 2012, several ice sculptures of the Character Vocal series and several snow sculptures of Miku were produced for the event. However, February 7, 2012, one of the Snow Miku sculptures later collapsed and had to be rebuilt elsewhere with better support. The collapsed figure also hit a woman in her early 60's on the back of the head, no serious injuries were sustained in the process.[6][7]


Several figurines have been released alongside this from the Good Smile company. These figurines are usually exclusives to the festival event.

  • The first Yuki, or, "Snow", Miku was released in 2010. Though almost identical to the original figurine, the colors and new additions that came with it were done by Nendoron in 2010. It was only made for sale at the Sapporo Winter Festival/Wonder Festival 2010 events and was a limited edition.[8]
  • An updated version of the Yuki Miku model was sold in 2011 and crafted by Takano Meishi. This one had articulated parts and was sold at the Wonder Festival 2011 (Winter)& GSC Online Shop.[9]
  • A fluffy coat version of Yuki Miku was released in 2012 modeled by Takano Meishi. It was Sapporo Snow Festival 2012, Wonder Festival 2012 [Winter], and GSC web shop exclusive. It had a LED light up stage.[10]

A Yuki Miku Pullip doll was also released by Groove Inc.

Dollfie Dream dolls by Volks M.O.E. also have a variant of their "Hatsune Miku" doll based on Snow Miku, they continue to make outfits for the doll.


Project Diva/Mirai[]


Snow Miku also featured in a golf game.[11]

Hello Kitty[]

A Yuki Miku × Hello Kitty promotion was also done during the 2012 event.[12]