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This article is about the cancelled VOCALOID3 software known as a voicebank. If you are looking for the VOCALOID character then click here.


Throughout pre-VOCALOID3 release promotions, SBS stood by a claim that you can recreate English with SeeU's Korean voicebank, and in Dec 2011 even went so far to say SeeU is actually "trilingual", although the comment seemed odd as SeeU had only two voicebanks.[1][2] Since her release, producers working with her had discovered a number of unlisted phonetics that had been included in her Korean voicebank by SBS for English recreation. Such Phonetics were unneeded for reproducing the Korean language, and the claim became a controversial issue. Some producers questioned the need for the phonetics at all, implying they were wasted space.

Finally, after a fan asked SBS about it, they explained that English samples were included in SeeU's Korean library and that they did not have time to make the full English voicebank required for high quality English results.

In Feb 2012 they stated that they were working on a full English voicebank[3] On August 2012, SBS reported that the recordings for the voicebank had been completed and was now going through a tuning process. Her English VB will be similar to an append and her design slightly adjusted.[4]

On February 4, 2013, in response to a Korean fan's question about the progress of English voicebank, SBS posted a reply that the development of English Voicebank is on hold. Reasons for this are currently unknown.[5]

On December 18, 2013, in a response to an email, SBS said that the English voicebank has been put on "suspended production", mainly because of how they were unsure how the fans would react, and also because of the need to heighten SeeU's popularity. SBS sent a second response, saying that SeeU is "good for the library, whether or not, we'll see." SBS will be carefully considering the production once again.[6][7]

Product Information


This voicebank would have allowed users to create better English results than using either the Korean or Japanese voicebanks for the same purpose.