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Seiko-P' is good at producing fantasy-like music. She also draws the art for her own songs. Her first work was uploaded in March 2009. Her 3rd work became a hit video which got more than 70,000 view counts. This producer has released work in the VOCALOID-P data series.

She has earned the title "Legendary Luka Master" in several of her works such as "Crystalline" and "Queen Nereid"; also the title "Legendary VY1 Master" in her songs "Tsuki Hane" and "Hari no Umi".

STATUS:March 2009 → Present
Seiko-P avatar.png
GENRE:Techno, classical
OFFICIAL:Blog: Sei-peri
URL(s)Channel: Nico Nico, piapro, SoundCloud, Youtube, Booth
Twitter, Facebook
Gallery: Pixiv
PLAYLIST(s):(Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Rousalka" (Luka) (Mar.11.2009)
  2. "Amazing Grace" (Luka) (Song of John Newton) (May.08.2009)
  3. "Crystalline" (Luka) (Jun.01.2009)
  4. "XII Totem" (Luka) (Jul.11.2009)
  5. "Funiculì, funiculà" (Luka) (Song of Giuseppe Turco) (Jul.27.2009)
  6. "Kaze no Shishi" (Luka) (Sep.11.2009)
  7. "Esmeralda" (Luka) (Oct.19.2009)
  8. "Queen Nereid" (Luka) (Nov.19.2009)
  9. "Oto no Butsurigaku" (Luka) (Dec.15.2009)
  10. "Leyenda de Melodia" (Luka) (Dec.29.2009)
  11. "Granada" (Luka) (Song of Agustín Lara) (Jan.10.2010)
  12. "Dryas (Part Ⅰ)" (Luka) (Feb.17.2010)
  13. "Caoin" (Luka) (Mar.18.2010)
  14. "Blue Amber" (Luka) (May.19.2010)
  15. "Ancient Ring" (Luka) (Jun.14.2010)
  16. "Damsel Jade" (Luka) (Aug.13.2010)
  17. "Tsukihane" (VY1) (Sep.16.2010)
  18. "Hari no Umi" (VY1) (Oct.27.2010)
  19. "Snow Quartz" (Dec.16.2010)
  20. "Glacier" (Luka) (Jan.15.2011)
  21. "Asteria" (Luka) (Apr.7.2011)
  22. "Etrian Odyssey Level 3" (Luka) (May.15.2011)
  23. "Dryad" (Luka) (Jun.05.2011)
  24. "Creatura/Sei-Peridot" (Luka) (Jul.18.2011)
  25. "Paidir/Sei-Peridot" (Luka) (Jul.26.2011)
  26. "Asupida" (VY1) (Aug.25.2011)
  27. "Purification" (VY1) (Oct.06.2011)
  28. "Lunes" (Luka) (Oct.22.2011)
  29. "White Poem" (GUMI) (Oct.22.2011)
  30. "Deify" (VY1v3) (Jan.08.2012)
  31. "Ennoia" (GUMI, Luka) (Feb.09.2013)
  32. "Kasumu Mori" (Miku) (Apr.30.2013)
  33. "Aletheia" (Luka) (Oct.14.2013)
  34. "Almas Leyenda" (Luka) (Dec.13.2013)
  35. "Affectio Deorum" (GUMI) (Apr.12.2014)

Songs / Featured Works[]

Crystalline (Seiko-P song)

Uploaded 2009.06.01 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music Seiko-P Main article Crystalline (Seiko-P song)
Lyrics Seiko-P
Video Seiko-P
Seiko-P's second Luka song. It has reached over 120,000 views.

月翅 (Tsukihane)

Uploaded 2010.09.16 Featuring VY1
Music Seiko-P Main article 月翅 (Tsukihane)
Lyrics Seiko-P
Video Seiko-P
Seiko-P's first VY1 song. It has reached over 100,000 views.


Seiko-P 1st Album.png
Title Leyenda
Seiko-P 2nd Album.png
Trees of Origin
Producer Seiko-P Seiko-P
Release Date January 30th 2010 June 20th 2010
Seiko-P 3rd Album.png
Title An'ya Gessou
Seiko-P 4th Album.png
Snow Quartz
Producer Seiko-P Seiko-P
Release Date November 14th 2010 December 31st 2010
Seiko-P 5th Album.jpg
Title Harmony Esmeralda
Seiko-P 6th Album.jpg
Producer Seiko-P Seiko-P
Release Date May 11th 2011 September 14th 2011

Compilation Albums[]

  • Neiro feat.VY1 -Released: November 14, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: Tsukihane)
  • Vocalo-Classica Omnibus ルカの巡音書 ~Mors et Renascentia~ -The Symphonic Pilgrimage of Luka- -Released: December 31, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: 「The Water is Wide」(アイルランド民謡))
  • The VOCALOID -Released: September 14, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: Tsukihane)
  • VOCALOID Minzokucho Kyokushu -Released: September 28, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: Queen Nereid (Nereides mix))
  • Setouchi Compi 2 -Released: March 02, 2014
    (Song(s) featured: Meguru Michi)