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Series title
  • "先生と少女騒動"
  • Romaji: Sensei to Shoujo Soudou
  • English: Uproar Between the Teacher and the Girl
Published Oct 07, 2012


Originally debuting as a single exclusive, the series eventually were released in W☆O's Niconico and Youtube channels, actually with two songs that composes it.

The series shows the strange and twisted relationship between a teacher (Len) and his student (Tojo). Although it appears that the teacher is taking advantage of an emotionally vulnerable girl, the reality may not be as it seems.

Later it was revealed that a novel would be released on December 28, 2013; written by Miyuki with illustrations by domco., published by Kadokawa Shoten, under the Kadokawa Beans Bunko label.

Main article: 先生と少女騒動 (Sensei to Shoujo Soudou) (novel)


先生と少女騒動-第一審公判- (Sensei to Shoujo Soudou -Daiisshinkouhan- / Uproar Between the Teacher and the Girl -First trial- )

Uploaded Oct 07, 2012 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music Minus-P
Lyrics Minus-P
Video domco. (illust), Wonderful☆Opportunity (video)
Determined to have her for himself, a teacher targets one of his students and begins to envelop her, eventually leaving her no option. Although at first it seems he simply was enjoying take advantage of the girl, the situation changes as his obsession grows and eventually he begins to fall into despair as the girl doesn't "understand him" nor reciprocate his feelings. Believing the girl is toying with him, and seeing she is more and more unreachable, he declares that they both have the same sadistic nature. At the end of the song, the teacher is judged for his crimes, while the confused man wonders why she put him in this situation.

先生と少女騒動 第二審「被害者の日記」(Sensei to Shoujo Soudou -Dainishin-「Higaisha no Nikki」 / Uproar Between the Teacher and the Girl -Second Trial- 'Diary of the Victim)

Uploaded Aug 26, 2013 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Minus-P
Lyrics Minus-P
Video domco. (illust), Wonderful☆Opportunity (video)
The second song of the series, it tells the events of the first song from the point of view of the girl. The song reveals the girl was the one who looked for the her teacher's help, who after seeing her vulnerable decided make his move. Seeing no meaning in her life, scared of her "inner demons", tired of being ignored and bullied, and believing the teacher to be the only one that could help her, the girl succumbs completely to his sadist nature, seeking the masochist comfort this brings her. However as the twisted relationship progresses, eventually the roles are inverted and the girl begins to take pleasure from her teacher's despair. As a final act of cruelty and in an attempt of free herself, the girl commits suicide, possibly hoping to take the teacher with her.
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