🖒 This producer is retired. Additional reasons: While the usage of VOCALOID has ceased, music production continues.
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SeriousMF (also known as Serious M*ther F*cker and beartowitness) debuted February 2010, he was a producer who started using YouTube and VOCALOID to showcase his original music. His primary VOCALOID was SONiKA, although he made songs using Sweet ANN and Tonio. Many of his works contained themes such as a mechanical beings that are infatuated with humans and clever lyrics using technology terms. However he is not strictly a VOCALOID producer, as he writes, sings, and produces a number of his own original music without the program.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[yt] "Machine In Love" Sweet ANN February 26, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "eMancipation" SONiKA April 6, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "USBmine" SONiKA April 11, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "Baby Come On" SONiKA April 17, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "My Mechanical Heart" SONiKA June 7, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "Erosynthesis" SONiKA June 16, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "So Serious" SeriousMF and SONiKA (back vocal) July 1, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "Artificial Love" SONiKA July 11, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "Not Like U" SONiKA July 15, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "Power Supply" SONiKA July 21, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "mech.amore" SONiKA July 23, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "Character Select" SONiKA August 07, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "410n3+10n31y" SONiKA August 18, 2010 music, lyrics, video
[yt] "Boy Toy" SONiKA September 04, 2010 music, lyrics
[yt] "Human" Tonio May 22, 2011 music, lyrics
[yt] "Our Luv" SONiKA and Tonio June 13, 2011 music, lyrics
[yt] "Earth Map Editor" Tonio September 25, 2011 music, lyrics


Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
Indie "The Sonika Album" SONiKA September 2010 music, lyrics
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